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  • Apr 14-20, 2005
  • Vol. 12, No. 26

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  • Backstage at Clinkerdagger

    Out for a pleasant night of fine dining at Clinkerdagger? Relax. Take your time. No concern of yours that just beyond your gaze, back in the kitchen, there's bowling for humans. The servers are the tenpins, you see -- and the bowling balls
  • An Afternoon at Dick's

    I was raised with burgers and fries. My dad and grandfather built the Steer Inn on North Division in 1957 and worked it together for 15 years. In those days, the big three independent drive-ins were the Steer Inn, Ron's and Dick's Hamburg
  • He Sees Dead People

    The British have all those ghosts in Shakespeare and Dickens; they even have Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit (at Actor's Rep Theatre through April 24), in which the ghost of a man's first wife returns to pester both him and his snippy little
  • The Spirit of the Northwest

    When Get Lit started in 1998, it was a homespun local event designed primarily to promote local writers and publishers. And although the festival has grown to include some pretty big names in recent years (i.e., Kurt Vonnegut, David Sedaris
  • Safe Harbor

    Debut director Shona Auerbach's touching story of a single mother and her hearing-impaired son was a charmer at last year's Cannes Film Festival but got caught in a release date abyss prolonged by the split between Miramax and Disney. The
  • Save the Voting Booth

    Joseph Campbell asserted that "ritual is the enactment of a myth. And through the enactment it brings to mind the implications of the life act that you are engaged in." If that's true, then we all have reason to feel diminished by the sta
  • Call to Komari

    As a Spokane Valley firefighter and EMT, Darrin Coldiron saves lives for a living. Even so, he never could have imagined that he'd help save a village on the other side of the world. Yet when the tsunami struck South Asia on Dec. 26 -- ki
  • Keeping it Simple

    When your customers are rolling up to pick up their takeout orders in Cadillac Escalades and crowding your bite-sized parking lot with luxury sedans, you can be pretty sure that your business is officially booming. For Gordy and Jaymie C
  • Turkish Delight

    Raci Erdem came to the United States from Turkey in 1990, still a teenager, aiming to find out if America looked anything like it did in the TV soap, Dallas. After developing a taste for the restaurant business in New York (where he worked a
  • Recently Reviewed

    Coeur d'Alene Brew Pub -- The dozen (or more) Coeur d'Alene Brewing Company ales are distinctive and clean tasting. To go along with all those cool pints, the comfortable CdA brewpub has a diverse and interesting menu featuring salads, s
  • American Luxury

    Ever since cars were built, it has been the aim of designers to make them better. Often, this translated into their being more luxurious. Here we are in the 21st century, and not much has changed. Auto manufacturers have found new heights
  • Get Lit 2005- Words On Fire

    If you ever find yourself getting down about Spokane's supposed inability to support any event that doesn't involve pavement and athletic shoes, remind yourself of Get Lit. What started seven years ago as a modest local literary festival hi
  • Sweet Sisters

    Eva Roberts and Tracy Hunter, sisters and owners of Just American Desserts, are roosting proudly behind a table of graduation cakes, multi-tiered wedding confections and other cakes commemorating God knows what else. Our photographer quick
  • Opening Films

    The Amityville Horror -- "Gosh... beautiful house, nice neighbor-hood, original woodwork... and you only want $80K for it? We'll take it!" A seeming real estate steal turns into a living nightmare for a young couple (Ryan Reynolds and Meliss
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Gas Prices, Iraq Version -- While you're focused on whether to take out a second mortgage to keep that Hummer on the road, there's another gas controversy brewing. Halliburton is being blamed for overcharging the United States by $212 mi
  • Buzz Bin

    The Other "Ring" -- The Spokane Symphony is tackling an epic. Next fall, they're taking on a dramatic masterpiece with a sweepingly operatic score and a larger-than-life narrative based on themes from Nordic/Germanic mythologies. And we'
  • Just Like the Rest of Us

    If we could ask David Sedaris anything - anything - first and foremost would be "Dude, you live in a village in Normandy. What keeps you coming back to Spokane?" It's not that we don't appreciate Sedaris here; if anything it's exactly the
  • Three Women with a Sweet Tooth

    Mizuna 214 N. Howard St. * 747-2004 Lately it seems like we Inlander folk just can't stray too far away from the brick-walled, white-tableclothed gourmet confines of downtown Spokane's Mizuna. We usually dro
  • Charting a Course for Lunch

    All the excuses I have for why the Globe has never really appeared on my culinary radar screen are lousy ones. It's not as close to the Inlander office as, say, Zip's or the Brooklyn Deli when it comes to a quick working lunch. And something
  • Always Forever

    To some, Love You Forever is the most touching picture book ever written about the love parents harbor for their children. A mother sings the same lullaby (I'll love you forever / I'll like you for always / As long as I'm living / My baby y
  • Flying with Words

    Robert Bly, with his wild white hair, solid Norwegian build and piercing gaze, would be an intimidating figure even if you encountered him just on the street. Like a modern-day Walt Whitman, there is something about Bly that's provocative,
  • Right on Target

    Wineries in North Idaho tend to be under most wine lovers' radar, but not any more. Coeur d'Alene Cellars, the new winery in the Lake City, and Pend Oreille Winery in Sandpoint, which has recently moved to new digs, are making waves with
  • Now Playing

    The Aviator -- Scorsese, DiCaprio, Hughes -- as in Howard -- are director, star and subject of this splendid look at three busy decades in the life of the industrialist, filmmaker and airplane nut. The script gives plenty of leeway for DiC
  • Letters to the Editor

    Pro-Smoke Thanks for the informative piece by Kevin Taylor, "Dreaming in Green" (4/7/05). It shows clearly that the war on drugs will never be won; it must stop. Evidence shows marijuana to be perhaps as "harmful" as coffee. It is no
  • Book Review

    by The RZA by Leah Sottile In an interview for The Inlander, I once asked rapper Ludacris what he thought of when he thought of the Northwest. He said he thought of the Dakotas. I choked back laughter, wondering if all rappers could pos
  • High-Impact Writing

    On the 10-year anniversary of the death sentence imposed against him, Salman Rushdie faced a dilemma: "Ignore the politics ... and my silence must look enforced or fearful. Speak and I risk deafening the world to those other utterances, my bo
  • Three Men and Some Barbecue

    CHICKEN-N-MORE 414 W. Sprague Ave. * 838-5071 "This smells just like Memphis," said one of our crew moments after entering Chicken-n-More's new location (just a half-block east of the old one) in the Mootsy's
  • Take Two

    If the filmmakers behind Sahara were hoping to instill in their audiences the same sensations - the blurred vision, the deadening thirst and above all, the fear of never escaping -- that one might experience while trapped in the desert, they
  • Where's the Rain?

    For years, I've hated the winter rains of Oregon's Willamette Valley -- hated the way they start in late October and continue well into April. Soaking the landscape and leaving everything wrinkled and rotted, the rain was something to hide f
  • Codger Dodgers

    On a bench in Central Park sit two old men, both in their 80s. Midge can barely see -- he has cataracts -- and just wants to be left alone. He imagines himself as the Golden Glove boxer he was back in his youth, but the reality is that he's
  • Morning Sedition

    A familiar voice will be heard again in the Spokane region next week. Former National Public Radio star Bob Edwards will speak at Eastern Washington University on Friday, April 22, at 7 pm about his new biography of broadcaster Edward
  • DVD Review

    Taking liberties with the timeline of actual events, Finding Neverland relates the true story of J.M. Barrie (Johnny Depp), the Scottish playwright who was inspired to create Peter Pan in 1903 during a summer spent in the company of a wid
  • CD Reviews

    Moby Hotel TWO STARS It appears that Moby is starting to like the sound of his own voice -- and that's not a good thing for his fans. Notorious for getting people on the dance floor as one of New York's top DJs (and
  • Then There Was One...

    It's oddly fitting that at the end of the decade-long River Park Square saga, the last person being blamed is a lawyer. After all, while the city and the developer have both felt the financial pain of a deal gone horribly wrong, doz
  • A Blast from the Past

    "You have to believe in what is true," says 79-year-old Rita Flynn. "I am learning not to be fooled anymore." One of the original whistle-blowers in Spokane's sex abuse scandal, and the mother of 11 children, Flynn is holding a letter da
  • On America

    Author of Manufacturing Consent, Hegemony and Survival and Understanding Power (among others), Noam Chomsky is a professor of linguistics and modern languages at MIT. Although his work in syntactic theory has revolutionized how languages
  • Sound Advice

    Minor Ka-boom -- We wouldn't exactly say that the local all-ages scene is booming, but it wouldn't be too far off to at least say it's sizzling hotter than it has in quite some time. Lately on weekend nights, there have b
  • In Brief

    Family Leave Bill Falters -- OLYMPIA -- There's a lot of heavy sighing going on over the controversial Paid Family Leave Bill this week -- some are sighs of relief, others of agitation. Many guessed that after several years of
  • Singing Across Boundaries

    I'm sure Sarah McLachlan is usually confronted with passion, tenderness, even the sorrow of her listeners. But my first encounter with Sarah McLachlan was shock -- as in, I was shocked to come across her when I
  • Breaking Point

    Three and a half years have passed since U.S. bombs started falling in Afghanistan, and ever since then, the U.S. military has been engaged in combat overseas. What most Americans are probably unaware of, however, is just how many America

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