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  • Apr 28 - May 4, 2005
  • Vol. 12, No. 28

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  • Walking the Line

    To borrow from David St. Hubbins' trenchant observation in This Is Spinal Tap, "it's such a fine line between stupid and clever." Indeed. And nowhere (aside from mockumentaries perhaps) is that more clear than in the higher conceptual realm
  • New Tastes for a New Neighborhood

    More and more independent restaurants are elbowing their way into Spokane's neighborhoods. Last week, we ventured south of downtown into an area that has been the scene of furious development over the past few years. Houses have appea
  • Some Like It Hot

    The smell of roasting carnitas wafts through the air and you meditatively take a draw on your pineapple Jarritos. What to do next? The rowdy noises of a soccer tournament beckon, but then again, so do booths full of silver jewelry and bits
  • Take Two

    It's disconcerting to watch Bruno Ganz's portrayal of Adolf Hitler, which ricochets from moments of quiet introspection to lunatic flights of paranoiac ranting and back again in the dead space between heartbeats. Ganz is perhaps best known
  • RV Help On the Go

    As the region basks in 70-degree weather, thoughts of summer cross the minds of road-trippers. The serious trip junkies are the dedicated souls who have gone their own way and put the cash up for an RV. While these houses on wheels are th
  • Opening Films

    Downfall -- The Oscar-nominated Downfall, which chronicles the final days of Hitler's Reich, is set almost entirely inside the claustrophobic command bunker below Berlin. It owes much of its creepy verisimilitude to the memories of Hitle
  • Get Ready for YETI

    The educational system teaches kids to add and subtract, to compose essays and dissect frogs. K-12 curriculums do everything from teach students the significance of pi to the value of Shakespeare, and tests students rigorously on what they
  • Now Playing

    A Lot Like Love -- On the whole it's a bit too precious, and there are characters that just aren't needed (wasn't a deaf, signing brother in Four Weddings and a Funeral enough?), but both Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher give winning perfo
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    Turning on a Catholic? --- Did the new Pope actually pick a non-Catholic to be President of the United States over a -- gasp! -- Protestant? That what a lot of people think, as the reviews have been rolling in after the choice of Cardinal
  • DVD Review

    Remember those out-of-date educational films we all had to watch in junior high? The ones with perky, impractical people who tried to convey Reading Rainbow-style lessons using music that was a generation old? Well, either What the #$*! Do
  • Letters to the Editor

    Soda Sins Regarding The Inlander's cover story, "Super-Sized Life," (4/21/05), while I understand that a "sin tax" on soda may negatively impact Washington state workers, some incorrectly place the brunt of the blame for our country's
  • We Talk Pretty One Day

    6:50 pm Leah Happy little bunnies are jumping in my stomach right now; the line to get into to see the master of all things sardonic and pithy, David Sedaris, wraps outside of the Met's door and curls around the corner of L
  • Recently Reviewed

    El Gallo Giro -- Small and family-run, El Gallo Giro is fast food in the only way you want food to be fast -- that is, rapidly prepared. You sacrifice nothing in terms of quality or authenticity. Lots of choices and cheerful service, too.
  • Faces In the Crowd

    When you're chugging up Doomsday or trying to hang on during the homestretch on Broadway, aren't you a little curious about the runner next to you? How much has she trained? Can I put on a surge and drop her, or is she getting ready to pu
  • Overhaul the County

    What we call county government was first established to preside over rural areas. In New England, county government has never amounted to much more than a record-keeping operation. In the South and West, where rural areas were always much
  • War and Peace In Vietnam

    Flying into Vietnam 10 years ago brought back the phone call my family received that my father had been shot by the Viet Cong. That was 1969, and I was a 13-year-old fighting schoolmates because I didn't support the war in Indochina. Even
  • In Brief

    Green Karma? -- PULLMAN, Wash. -- Perhaps in an effort to offset the bad juju settling in around Pullman with the talk of letting Wal-Mart open up shop there, Washington State University announced over the weekend its pl
  • Sound Advice

    Channeling Jimi -- Judging from the high volume of cover bands and classic rock stations, we think this little news nugget will be of interest. Most of you probably think Jimi Hendrix is a god, and when anyone is on the tenu
  • CD Reviews

    Jack Johnson In Between Dreams FOUR STARS Sometimes music is all about doing nothing more than putting a smile on your face. Leave it to a surf dude from Hawaii to provide just that vibe. After an injury forced him t

Music & Film

  • Don't Panic

    Douglas Adams' popular novel comes to filmic life as Earthling Arthur Dent (Martin Freeman) hitches a ride into outer space with his furtively alien pal Ford Prefect (Mos Def of The Italian Job) when Earth is detonated to make way for a hy

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