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  • Jun 23-29, 2005
  • Vol. 12, No. 36

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  • Parting Words

    You think maybe The Inlander's editorial staffers have changed since they were in high school? You don't know the half of it. At high school graduation, Michael was still strapping himself into fluorescent, double-knit bel
  • Summer Movie Preview

    We have a reader -- an online reader whose name we don't know. But this reader flips out every time we do one of our semi-annual seasonal movie previews. The last time we did one (Winter Movie Preview, 2004), our reader lambasted us for s
  • Ladies' Man

    Gonzaga's basketball team is nationally ranked and drawing record crowds. They've won the West Coast Conference regular-season championship and appear primed for a run at the NCAA tournament. The Gonzaga men's team is pretty good, too.
  • Plaintiffs Speak

    For many, the current hearings in the Washington Supreme Court regarding marriage equality are interesting side notes in the ongoing battle over the right of homosexuals to marry legally. But for Marge Ballack and Diane Lantz, two plaintif
  • What's Your Poison

    When did the art start bleeding out of rock music? When did showmanship and concept get stuffed in the trunk so that the steering wheel could be locked in one direction and the cruise control could be set at 110 mph? (
  • Lucille's Lyricist

    Ask anybody, anywhere in the country, to name one living blues musician. Chances are pretty good they'll say "B.B. King." Ask them to name another and watch them get flustered. More than just a singer or a gu
  • Yo Mama!

    There's really only one thing that can be recommended in this new comedy from first-time writer Anya Kochoff and director Robert Luketic (who brought us Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!) No, it's neither one of their talents. No, it's not the "b
  • New, New Mustang

    It may seem like Ford just released a new Mustang a few years ago, but that previous "New" Mustang doesn't come anywhere near the 2005 model the manufacturer rolled out recently. An impressively redesigned body style and more bells and wh
  • Ready or Not

    More than any other war in U.S. history, the conflict in Iraq has provoked a surge of concern for soldiers returning home bearing the psychological burdens of battle. From the war's first days, veterans' groups, mental-health organizations a
  • Buzz Bin

    Our Horns Are Self-Tooting -- We hope you enjoyed our Happy Camper approach to Summer Guide. But last year's Summer Guide? Merely the best in the nation. And that's not just according to us -- that's according to the Association of Altern
  • Nightlife- Coffeehouses

    The Spike 122 S. Monroe St. * 838-1614 That stuff you're buying over at Starbucks -- that ain't the real thing, Patrick Walsh, the spirited owner of the Spike Coffeehouse, will tell you. He's fashioned the Spike to be everything that Sta
  • She's Still Crowin'

    They're doing that old warhorse Hello, Dolly! at Spokane Civic Theatre (through June 11). But why spend the time and money when you could just pop the Barbra Streisand-Walter Matthau movie into the VCR? Several reasons: most of Michael
  • Greener Cleaners

    It's time for spring cleaning. Break out those heavy-duty household cleaning products and get ready to become squeaky clean. But wait ... Did you know that the Spokane Regional Solid Waste System considers household cleaning products hazar
  • Take Two

    Billy Crystal. In a name, this is what's wrong with Howl's Moving Castle -- an anime/Disney hybrid that I was hoping would be a lot more fun. I confess to being a grownup who became a fan of Hayao Miyazaki's animation when my daughters pes
  • Not Your Mom's Volvo

    I have vivid memories of my family's white Volvo station wagon from back in the '80s. We took some very long drives in that car. Then, later in my childhood, my father drove a navy blue Volvo sedan. These cars are now obsolete and my memo
  • Some Uneven Evening

    Musical revues make for good concerts and bad plays. They're more like under-produced Las Vegas floor shows than genuine theater. Songs get wrenched out of context; listeners get whipsawed from romance to comedy to poignant loss. Singers
  • Inland NW Crossroads - Hope

    In a burg calling itself Hope, you'd expect to find sunny, cheerful people with their eyes fixed on the horizon of the future. A life in Hope should be propelled by the prevailing winds of optimism; the city charter should outlaw d
  • Picabu, Crowds See You

    Who said the restaurant business is tough? And that guy who said it was a bad idea to go into business with family - he had it all wrong, too. They'd obviously never been introduced to Spokane's amorphous, unpredictable culinary scene. Som
  • Update - Fight for Governor

    Chelan County Superior Court Judge John E. Bridges presides over the challenge to the 129-vote election victory of Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire over Republican Dino Rossi, and he sides neither with Gregoire nor Rossi but with Secre
  • Local Music, Demolicious#3118D9

    You sent 'em, and we reviewed 'em -- briefly and honestly. This way, consumers of local music know what they're getting before they buy, and local musicians get tidy little capsule
  • Raise Standards

    I'm mad as hell, and I won't take it any more!" Remember that movie line? It came from the 1976 movie Network. William Holden was the TV news executive who considered journalism a profession of public service. Faye Dunaway was the enterta
  • Wild Kingdom

    The opening strains of the familiar Born Free lead to a joyous sequence of a zebra running through Africa, unencumbered by any restraints, at one with nature. Ah, but it's a dream, and it turns out that Marty the zebra (voice of Chris Rock) i
  • Meet the Folks

    It began innocently enough. I visited MAC history curator Marsha Rooney over coffee last fall to catch up on news both personal and professional. The meeting wasn't unusual; we've known each other for a decade, after all, and worked toge
  • Letters to the Editor

    Who's Behind the Helmets? The Spokane Valley City Council votes Tuesday, June 28, at 6 pm to impose a mandatory bicycle helmet law for adults and children. I am against a helmet law, especially for adults. I'm obviously not saying t
  • Nightlife- Beer Joints

    The Viking 1221 N. Stevens St. * 326-2942 I knew that the Viking was the place for beer in Spokane the moment I stepped into the shack's little foyer. There, on the door leading into the smoky cavernous bar, a smudgy whiteboard announced th
  • Rococo-Era Pizza

    Submitted for your edification: The building at 520 W. Main Ave. that has housed Rocky Rococo for the past 18 years was once an early 20th-century movie theater called the Ritz. Remnants of the old theater's motion picture glory days can
  • Going Out in High Style

    For years, Hunter S. Thompson said he wanted to have his ashes blasted out of a cannon after he died. His wish may come true. His wife and son say they're looking into packing the writer's remains into an artillery shell and firing it into the
  • DVD Review

    Hollywood has finally renewed its love affair with musicals. After the early 1970s, it seemed that directors got tired of adapting musicals to film. But like all good fashion trends, what's old becomes new again, and the result is feel
  • Nightlife- Dance Clubs

    The Big Easy 919 W. Sprague * 244-3279 It's a weird phenomenon, the one R. Kelly describes when he sings, "I don't see nothin' wrong / With a little bump and grind." Bankers by day become "bumpers" by night; college students during the we
  • Silent Session

    Even when Democrats accomplish something positive, they do a poor job of letting the public know. This week, lawmakers wrapped up the first budget writing session since 1993 during which Democrats controlled both chambers of the Legislat
  • Hooked For Life

    It would be easy to blame it on Richard Nixon. He started blathering about "energy independence" shortly after the Arab oil producers raised prices and launched an embargo against the United States in October 1973. Within weeks, oil prices
  • Paddling for Proof

    Where the hell did Kennewick Man come from? That's the question people have been asking since a hydroplane racing reveler literally tripped over his remains in the shallows of the Columbia River back in 1996. While the debate has be
  • Still Closed

    How many cases of bottled water can the average freight train haul to a community where drinking water has been fouled by railroad locomotive fuel? We may never know. A bizarre run of testimony on "fun facts about freight trains" in a Coe
  • Kitty Won

    We think of her, of course, as a teenager. But she would have been 75 by now. Would have been, that is, if the Nazis hadn't shaved her head and left her, shivering and crawling with lice, to die of typhus in Bergen-Belsen. Just weeks late
  • Some Like It Not

    After only a few months of operation, Marilyn's on Monroe has closed its doors, perhaps for good. The downtown Spokane casino, which opened in late March, announced earlier this month that it was closing temporarily to retool its all-digital
  • Pipe Dreams

    Here's former Eastern Washington University student Brent Johnson's idea of a good time on a Saturday night: A nice dinner, maybe swing by Ace Hardware, pick up some gunpowder and a metal pipe, head back to the dorm, build yourself a bomb an
  • Welcome to Watership Down

    June and Jessie cuddle on most days in their condo, nuzzling and playing. Their living room is spacious, with accents of cranberry and grass green. It appears that they've recently had the place re-roofed. They're best friends, and they sh
  • Lost Colony

    In my lifetime, I've had the misfortune of witnessing the eradication of three of Spokane's vintage bowling alleys -- three Lebowski-worthy, family-friendly fun centers that were unceremoniously leveled, gutted or otherwise erased from his
  • X-treme Success

    Tony Hawk is, by far, the most marketable name in the weird category of sports our national media has dubbed "extreme." Kelly Slater, Parks Bonifay, Dave Mirra -- none of these big-name surfers, snowboarders and BMX riders approaches the
  • Musical Prayers

    As originally planned by former Music Director Fabio Mechetti, Friday night's Spokane Symphony concert included only the two Glorias of Antonio Vivaldi and Francis Poulenc. But Eckart Preu filled out a short program by adding American com
  • Rawlins is Right

    Washington State University and its president, Lane Rawlins, continue to come under fire from Spokane's business and political leadership because the school ranked the anticipated Riverpoint nursing facility down at number 30 on its prior
  • Book Review

    by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner by Ted S. McGregor Jr. Economics is an odd little pursuit. Although it has the patina of a science, it's actually an art. Often invoked by people who want to make taking your money seem like a good id
  • Nightlife- Cocktail Lounges

    Ella's 1017 W. First Ave, third floor * 747-8243 Beer goes with cowboy songs, wine befits classical melodies and mixed drinks blend with jazz. The syncopation of the backbeat, the improvised communication among piano, bass and drums -- w
  • Selling Sizzle

    You are being taken for a ride." As protest signs go, this placard held up by Donna Hollister was hardly a dire pronouncement that the drumming hoofbeats of the apocalypse were just around the corner. And the gates to the BNSF Railway's lo
  • Gourmet Acoustic

    Is there anything to say about yet another acoustic act? Are there any more words worth penciling in to describe another fresh-faced, pink-cheeked acoustic guitar-toting young thing? There's a glut of open-road ballads, a
  • Opening Films

    Americano -- The spirit of Papa Hemingway hangs heavily over Americano, written and directed by originally-from-Spokane Kevin Noland. Three American college graduates navigate the crowded streets and seedy dens of Pamplona - where one (J
  • Nightlife- Jukeboxes of Note

    The Baby Bar 827 W. 1st Ave. * 471-1234 I love the Baby Bar for so many reasons -- the intimacy, the bartenders, the d & eacute;cor... But most of all, I love it for its jukebox. This is no hellhole of Sting/Celine Dion adult contemporary; it's a well
  • Small Victories

    A pall of smoke lingers over the crowd by the time Lt. Col. Bradley Becker takes the stage. It's the morning of March 26 at a U.S. Army base near Qayyarah, Iraq, south of Mosul. More than 300 tribal sheiks, Muslim imams, police officials, Ira
  • Indigenous Cinema

    Blame it on Kevin Costner. While he may have had good intentions with Dances With Wolves, you gotta wonder how many American Indians in the audience were asking themselves, "Why is this guy telling our story?" And while Costner's effort was
  • Personal Metal

    Since its release last year, Otep's second album, House of Secrets, has been painted in the media as a politically charged album, to the considerable dismay of singer Otep Shamaya. Much of that image stems from one scathi
  • Tales from the Kennel

    Contrary to popular belief, Gonzaga basketball fans cannot devote all their spare time to drinking beer at Jack and Dan's. Dave Boling realized that, so he wrote a book that promises to soothe the soul of even the zaniest of Zag fans dur
  • Lies About Libby

    Ray Ring's editorial on the Libby asbestos tragedy ("Failing the Libby Test," 5/5/05) raised the "provocative" point that environmentalists share responsibility for American refusal to protect environmental rights of communities. True, Am
  • Quotes & amp;amp; Notes

    The New "Puff"? -- Richard Cortez, a former DARE officer, decided to try to educate kids about marijuana without using fear or hysterics, so he published a children's book called, It's Just a Plant. The book takes readers along as an 8-y
  • Who'll Decide?

    Chief Justice Gerry ("Gary") Alexander When I interviewed Alexander, he had just been informed how much damage the court's unanimous decision to toss out the state's inheritance tax had cost the state budget. "We knocked over $400 mi
  • Marital Strife

    The United States' first great civil rights struggle of the 21st century has arrived in Washington state. On Tuesday, the Washington State Supreme Court heard oral arguments about legalizing gay marriage. In 1996, in the Defense of
  • Earth to Democrats

    "What Korea was to Truman, and Vietnam was to LBJ, Iraq will be to George W. Bush," Arthur Schlesinger told me last week. In all three cases, the public grew weary of a drawn-out war with no end in sight. History shows that there is
  • Nightlife- Bands to Watch

    Gorilla and Rabbit Aside from the fact that you can't help but watch Gorilla and Rabbit, you really should keep an eye on them. As much of a part of the Spokane scene as the Makers, metal and mullets, these oversized stuffed toys have crank
  • Repossessing the Past

    Too many eviction notices, and your ass is grass. Can't make your payments? You've got a date with the repo man. But imagine if you've lost everything -- that sweet sectional couch, your coveted hot plate, the TiVo. Wouldn't revenge sound g
  • From the Pulpit

    Sunday sermons are possibly the best forum for people to receive powerful messages about their lives. So it's especially troubling to be told that many church leaders resist talking about one of the most troubling and prolific community is
  • Greener Grass

    The first pitch of the Spokane Indians' home opener is scheduled for 6:30 pm Sunday, give or take a final heart attack or two for General Manager Paul Barbeau. For Barbeau, the first of 38 games at Avista Stadium represents the first of
  • Nightlife- Cowboy Bars

    Big Al's 6361 W. Seltice Way, Post Falls, Idaho * (208) 777-8312 Everything I know about cowboy bars I learned from watching The Blues Brothers -- no less than 20 times. So my point of reference here is drawn directly from Bob's Country Bunker
  • Sifting Through the Evidence

    Detectives in Kootenai County have combed through a mountain of interviews, tips and evidence for more than a week but have found few big breaks to solve the sort of crime that rarely happens in North Idaho. On the evening of May 16, poli
  • Hick Chicks' Slick Picks

    If you were to ask the Farm Chicks (aka Teri Edwards and Serena Thompson) what the sweet smell of success might smell like, they'd probably answer, in unison, "Peony." The two friends, who'd previously made a name for themselves with their
  • Recently Reviewed

    Fiesta Charra -- This place offers great service and authentic, tasty Mexican food in an unpretentious, out-of-the-way location (on top of the Sunset Hill next to the Motel 6). The lunch menu is good until 3 pm and features a variety of
  • Of Pinon and Pueblo

    Legend has it that fate -- in the form of a broken wagon wheel -- brought artists Bert Geer Phillips and Ernest Blumenschein to Taos in 1898. On a trip from Denver to Mexico to paint scenes of the American Southwest for Harpers Weekly, the
  • Stern Leadership

    After seeing the young Bruce Springsteen in concert, rock critic Jon Landau famously wrote: "I have seen the future of rock 'n' roll, and its name is Bruce Springsteen." Well, I've just had a Springsteen moment. After spending some
  • Judging the Judges

    President Bush's right-wing nominees ride again. All were blocked in the Senate their first time around, but now they're getting a second chance at lifetime jobs at federal appeals courts, the second highest position in the
  • Pillaging Your Hunger

    The HuHot Mongolian Grill looks a little incongruous on East Sprague. In an area of indistinct little strip malls interspersed with big-box retailers, the HuHot commands a second look. The entry is framed by big, funky stainless steel
  • Weapon of Mass Doubt

    Scott Ritter has been called "an honest man lost in Washington" by Forbes and "the most famous renegade Marine officer" by the New York Times. A former marine captain and the former chief weapons inspector for Unscom, the agency in charge
  • Looney Tunes

    After nine hours of Peter Jackson's special-effects-laden, cast-of-thousands extravaganzas of Middle-earth, why bother with a mere stage version of the prequel? For The Hobbit, a children's theater production at Lake City Playhouse in Coe
  • Women's Work

    As an American, a Catholic and a woman of faith, I'm aware that these are not easy days to engage with the Catholic Church. When the news broke about white smoke and ringing bells at the Vatican, I was reading At the Root of This Longing
  • Murder Behind Bars

    What had begun as a perfectly normal summer morning would end as Chris Rentz's last day of freedom, with an unpaid tank of gas landing him in a cell in the Spokane County Jail. Two months later, he would be found there, face down, lying in
  • Raven's Son

    For 100 intermission-less minutes in York (at the Civic's Studio Theater through May 20), David Casteal commands the stage -- clapping, stomping, shouting, whooping, pounding his drums with unbelievable frenzy. It's a loud, energized displ
  • The Borowitz Report

    by Andy Borowitz Former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein startled the international legal community last week by requesting that the jury in the Michael Jackson child molestation trial be empanelled to s
  • Nightlife- Casinos

    Coeur d'Alene Casino Outside Worley, Idaho * (800) 523-2464 Last summer, a Spokane man had a few minutes to kill before his tee time at the Coeur d'Alene Casino's Circling Raven Golf Course. Hmm... what to do... Not surprisingly, since
  • Rural Revolution

    All the farms I remember from growing up in North Idaho and Eastern Washington were not what you'd call stylish. In fact, what I do remember are blocky sofas covered in that ubiquitous mauve upholstery, copper Jell-O molds lining the kitche
  • Gotham of Gore

    Watching movies like Sin City just make things so much easier for film critics. For instance, now there are only nine spots that still have to be filled for that year-end Top-10 list. Based on the mostly black and white series of graphic nove
  • Now Playing

    Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl in 3-D -- Don't be deterred by the kiddie-friendly name. In fact, this new flick is directed by Robert Rodriguez, the man with the plan behind Sin City. Granted, he also did Spy Kids, but unlike a sc
  • Nightlife- Hey, Bartenders!

    Erin Fasbender at the B-Side In my opinion, what makes bartenders great has less to do with how many recipes they can memorize or how sublimely they can blend ingredients and much more to do with how fast they can get the drink I ordered
  • Small Ball Star

    John Stockton ... Ronny Turiaf ... Dan Dickau ... Blake Stepp ... Jeff Culpepper ... Jeff who? Exactly. Such is the fate of a guy who plays baseball at a basketball-crazy school like Gonzaga. But consider this: Gonzaga has compiled top-
  • Idaho Emancipated

    If ever there was an unlikely place for a Juneteenth celebration, which commemorates the end of slavery in the United States, it's North Idaho, former bastion of the Aryan Nations and home to a whole lot of fair-complected European-Am
  • Paving the Future

    With the Rookery Building in peril, Spokane faces the loss of yet another historical building to be replaced by more surface parking. With the destruction of the Spokane Falls Brewery, we're on a roll, so to speak. I drove downtown the ot
  • Sunset Hill Hideout

    Talk about low-key. Fiesta Charra (atop the Sunset Hill next to the Motel 6) is not only located on the western outskirts of town, it's also sort of hunkered down in a hole and partially obscured by a bunch of overgrown flora. Which of co
  • Letting Them Rest

    With rain spitting intermittently from a gray sky, the bone lady spent a chilly Sunday on a downtown Spokane street corner more often haunted by beggars or scam artists who are trying to escape the past, not preserve it. At the corner of
  • Preachin' From the Choir

    You know how sometimes you have an experience that goes beyond words? I'm talking the kind of experience that strips away all powers of articulation and leaves you saying, over and over, "That was so wonderful, so great, it was - You had
  • Where's Betsy?

    In its Sunday, May 1, edition, the Spokesman-Review managed quite a feat: It published 2,000 words about River Park Square without once mentioning the name of Betsy Cowles. A visitor to the city who picked up the paper and read the stor
  • Maggie for the Masses

    Maggie's is one of several new little neighborhood restaurants to open on the South Hill's busy 29th Avenue. The concept is designed to fill a unique niche -- good food served quickly, prices kept reasonable by having self-serve seatin
  • From Bribery to Brahms

    If you've ever heard of Musicfest Northwest, you are among the cognoscenti. Festival secretary Shirley Ennis admits, "It's the best-kept secret in Spokane." Chugging along on volunteer power alone, this Spokane event for young musicia
  • Parting Words

    by Leah Sottile and Joel Smith -- You think maybe The Inlander's editorial staffers have changed since they were in high school? You don't know the half of it. At high school graduation, Michael was still strapping himself into fluorescent, double-knit bel
  • Newly Discovered

    Talk about urban serendipity: There I was, walking along First Avenue and stewing about urban culture, when whom should I see heading straight toward me but Jim Kolva, a sort of one-man urban culture. Not only is Kolva a planner and a
  • Reopening Soon?

    We can make it better, stronger, more leakproof. We have the technology. It seems almost mad to think that scientists could build a bionic man for $6 million when Burlington Northern Santa Fe spent seven times that much to construct what i
  • Drop Top Dreamer

    Summer is upon us, and there's nothing like riding in style in a convertible. Soaking up the rays on a warm summer day, feeling the wind whip through your hair, hugging the S-curves and driving off into the sunset -- it's a feeling that's
  • Nightlife- College Hangouts

    The Bulldog Tavern 1305 N. Hamilton St. * 487-6735 I owe a lot to the Bulldog -- as a matter of fact, I should probably hang my good-Catholic-college diploma there, somewhere between the jukebox and where the line for the women's bathroom
  • Short on Cool

    It didn't really matter that Get Shorty, the 1995 spoof of Hollywood based on the Elmore Leonard novel, was a mediocre film. With all the star power, glitz and hipness, the film was a hit, more than doubling its budget in ticket sales. So wha
  • Hairy Mother

    It's become a tradition. Among other things that stir to life when the weather in the Inland Northwest turns from frigid to short sleeves are outdoor concerts and music festivals. And for the past several years, the signp
  • Empyrean Delight

    The word Empyrean is derived from a Greek phrase translated as "in fire," but later it came to mean "heaven." (Yes, I looked it up.) While not exactly a godly abode, there is something sublime about the new caf & eacute; on South Madison that bear
  • Now Playing

    Are We There Yet? -- With one of the most hackneyed expressions in children-based comedies, Are We There Yet? fulfills every low expectation that its urban target audience will bring to the cinema. Nick (Ice Cube) plays a 35-year-old cas
  • Spare Parts

    Such a promising start, such a resulting dud. Much like its predecessor, Ice Age, which was co-directed by the same team, Robots is a visually splendid, wildly designed computer-animated cartoon whose makers are obviously hoping to grab the s
  • Inland NW Crossroads- Wa#276A88

    On my first visit to the Inland Northwest in 1988, I heard tales about the town of Wallace, Idaho, as a place where the raucous Wild West lived on. My Yankee uncle who had visited the old mining town spun stories of saloons on every bloc
  • Pictures of an Expedition

    First things first. Author Claire Rudolf Murphy has it on good authority that "Sacajawea" is pronounced the way we've always done it here in the Inland Northwest. Soft "j" sound, accents on the first and fourth syllables. Of course now, his
  • Vintage Va-Voom

    When you're in the business of dolling up your nipples, there's more to consider than just the color of your tassels. Granted, color and style matter -- but even more important is just how much you're gonna give 'em, how much you'll make 'e
  • Local Music, Sound Advice

    Sure, it's the name of The Inlander's newsy music bits section, but here, in this context, "Sound Advice" represents your key to success in the music business. For as much time and effort as you musicians p
  • Rajah of Blues

    Those lucky enough to score tickets to see B.B. King at the Spokane Opera House last week got a vivid peek at blues royalty. King was, if nothing else, regal. His band built up his entrance for 15 minutes. Th
  • Wolves Surviving

    In January, Interior Secretary Gale Norton announced that the federal government will give Idaho and Montana more control over threatened gray wolves, declaring that the 10-year-old wolf reintroduction program had been a success that "ex
  • Morally Bankrupt

    Last week, U.S. senators passed a bankruptcy bill so hostile to ordinary American families that it could only have come about in a place as corrupt, cynical and unmoored from reality as Washington, D.C. In a normal world, those elec
  • Look Who's Talking

    The Spokesman-Review is all for openness in government. Now. You can hardly open the paper these days without getting a lecture on how important it is that the public be let in on everything. On the first day of this month, for exampl
  • Nightlife- Bowling Centers

    North Bowl 125 W. Sinto Ave. * 328-7090 The 24 lanes at North Bowl are notable for the wild Day-Glo cubist mosaic on the wall above them. The colors stood out within the brownish, '70s ambiance. I was there on a weeknight, during regular, ope
  • Rossi's End Run

    Justice Stephen Breyer opened his ringing dissent of the Supreme Court's decision to stop the Florida recount in 2000 with the statement: "The Court was wrong to take this case. It was wrong to grant a stay. It should now vacate that stay
  • Good News / Bad News

    GOOD NEWS Barflies statewide cried rummy tears of hope with the word that the governor wants us all to get hammered on Sundays. Kind of. Last week Gregoire signed a bill partially lifting the "blue ban" on Sunday hooch sales, allowing 2
  • Hollywood Magic

    The idea behind what most people are supposing is a movie version of the popular mid-'60s-to-early-'70s sitcom Bewitched is a good one. The story here is about some folks in Hollywood getting the idea that a contemporary remake of the show --
  • Nightlife- Gay Bars

    Dempsey's Brass Rail 909 W. First Ave. * 747-5362 Sometimes stereotypes walk right into view. On a recent visit to Dempsey's, the first person who brushed past me in the entryway was a drag queen in a flimsy silver sequin top, gray minisk
  • Sister Act

    Men are dogs, the sisterhood needs solidarity, it's time for women everywhere to give their sexist-pig companions a good swift kick. These were talking points in 1980, the year that John Ford Noonan's A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around
  • Hoosiers- The Dark Side

    The five men who gather for a reunion in Jason Miller's That Championship Season quickly reveal themselves as foul-mouthed, racist, whining, sexist, drunken, anti-Semitic, pathetic, backstabbing jerks. I wouldn't want to spend five minute
  • The Mystery of Ohio

    May I be the first to say 'Mr. President'?" Bob Shrum, one of the John Kerry's chief campaign advisors, beamed to the senator shortly before the East Coast polls closed on Election Day 2004. Shrum's excitement, if premature, was understan
  • Sound Advice

    Weight of Vapor? -- News flash, kids: Sounds as if two of Spokane's most-yakked about bands (and two of The Inlander's top five Buzzworthy bands) are looking to mix it up. Perhaps capitalizing on the absurd confusion that they are the sa
  • Hip-Hop Revival

    The world of hip-hop has become synonymous with made-for-radio singles that predictably fly up the charts, but Seattle's Boom Bap Project is doing everything they can to change that perception. With their
  • Battered and Pregnant

    Three weeks short of her 20th birthday, Melissa Saldivar died of massive head injuries sustained when she either jumped, or was ejected, from a moving vehicle driven by her fianc & eacute;e -- 21-year-old John E. Lipinski. Saldivar wasn't breath
  • CD Reviews

    THE SPEAKERS Yeats is Greats FOUR STARS Setting the poetry of William Butler Yeats to music could have been a colossal flop if, say, Paula Abdul had done it. Not so with the Speakers, whose cooing, hypnotic melodies seem, s
  • Another Growth Spurt

    Spokane County planners this spring have taken the unusual step of asking people to share their visions of how to handle growth and land use before even having a draft proposal written up for comment. It's a sort of pre-preplanning as the

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