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  • Jan 5-11, 2006
  • Vol. 13, No. 12

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  • Book Review

    by Diane Holleson & r & Teacher Man by Frank McCourt & r & Frank McCourt, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Angela's Ashes and 'Tis, taught high school English in New York City's public school system for 30 years. His latest memoir focuses on a career that b
  • Now Playing

    by Inlander Staff & r & Cheaper by the Dozen 2 -- Now cheaper, with more dozens! You'll cry as you watch another little piece of Steve Martin's (and Eugene Levy's) comedy magic chip off and die in this formulaic sequel filled with kids, physical comedy, kids
  • Track to the Future

    by Paul K. Haeder & r & The railroads were once the veins, arteries and heart of this nation. From the horse-drawn railroad cars of the 1820s to the completion of the first transcontinental railroad at Promontory Point, Utah, in May 1869 -- trains shaped the
  • Homecoming Concert

    by Ann M. Colford & r & Pianist Hsia-Jung Chang lives in New York now and travels the globe, giving concerts and recitals from Sweden to China, but her musical and personal roots always bring her back to Spokane. Born in Taiwan, Chang came to Spokane with he
  • Fresh and Tasty

    & & by Susan Hamilton and Christina Kelly & & & r & & & EURO-SAVORY & & RESTAURANTS & r & There's a decidedly European flavor on downtown Spokane's north bank. When Alpine Bistro and Bakery Company opened earlier this month in the former Genova Bakery on North M
  • DVD Review

    & & by Luke Baumgarten & & & r & & & & lt;i & My Date With Drew & lt;/i & & & & r & Ever have a crush on someone you've never met? Ever have that crush last 16 years? Ever made a film about it? Yes? Then you'll probably feel solidarity with Brian Herzlinger, who has a hella
  • Dreambursts

    by Carrie Scozzaro & r & "Something in between music and painting" -- that's how Marek Zaranski describes his recent photographs. It's an unexpected description for the vibrant 22-inch-by-30-inch Cibachrome abstractions, which at first blush are formal explor
  • Take Two

    by Luke Baumgarten & r & Memoirs of a Geisha & r & In the tradition of Ang Lee (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), Yimou Zhang (Hero and House of Flying Daggers) and other modern Wu Xia revivalists, director Rob Marshall has created a visual banquet in Memoirs of
  • The Borowitz Report

    by Andy Borowitz & r & CIA TO MONITOR NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS & r & In what some are calling a troubling expansion of the controversial practice of domestic spying, the Central Intelligence Agency has announced that it would begin monitoring the New Year's resol
  • New Year, New You

    by Susan Hamilton & r & Ann Louise Gittleman says she can help you take off those extra pounds -- and keep them off. "This year, for a change, we're not counting calories, fat grams and carbohydrates," Gittleman declares. "We're going clean and healthy. It's
  • Recently Reviewed

    by Inlander Staff & r & Liberty Caf & eacute; -- This haven in the Liberty Building fills the bill quite nicely for sustenance when shopping in downtown Spokane. Homemade chicken soup (dumplings and all at $2.50 a cup) is savory and reminiscent of Grandma's with an As
  • Buzz Bin

    by Inlander Staff & r & A Cycling Habitat & r & Starting in late May, Spokane's Jon McClain (St. George's '02, Yale '06) will cycle 4,000 miles (from New Haven to Seattle) to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity. On a typical day, he'll pedal 70 m
  • Opening Films

    by Inlander Staff & r & Brokeback Mountain -- Everybody's talking about "the gay cowboy movie," with Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger as longtime lovers who try to keep the secret from their wives. Most folks are saying good things about Ang Lee's first film
  • Letters to the Editor

    by Inlander Readers & r & Dueling Columnists & r & In his guest commentary about Mayor Hession's new administration and the challenges it faces ("Hession's Turn," 12/22/05), Bob Herold cited numerous instances in which government programs or policies went terri
  • Indoor Campout

    by Alan Kesselheim & r & The first heating bill I got was for October, and it jumped from summer levels right up to what I was paying mid-winter last year. Mind you, I didn't even light the furnace pilot light until Oct.10, and because the weather was nice,
  • Green Roof Specials

    by Joel Smith & r & Where has Molly's been my whole life, besides buried in the dust of last summer's Third Avenue street improvements? How many times I've driven past the little unassuming building with the pitched green roof (it used to be an IHOP) and the
  • CD Reviews

    & & by Carey Murphy and Joel Smith & & & r & & & Bo Bice & & & lt;a href= & quot; & amp;offerid=78941 & amp;type=3 & amp;subid=0 & amp;tmpid=1826 & amp;
  • Track to the Future - Could it Happen Here?

    by Joel Smith & r & All this talk about steam trolleys carrying ladies and gentleman from early 20th-century downtown Spokane up to Manito Park sounds charming. But it might be more than nostalgia. Discussion of light rail in Spokane has been going on for ye
  • What Else Were We Listening To...

    & & by Joel Smith, Carey Murphy and Luke Baumgarten & & & r & Hot damn 2005 was a great year for new releases. We mean it. Great. But as great as it was, our top 10 album lists can't really touch on the reality of what we were listening to most this year. For
  • Testing the Limits

    by Robert Herold & r & When asked prior to the invasion of Iraq by NewsHour anchor Jim Lehrer if he had given any thought to the number of likely American casualties, President George W. Bush responded, in an almost offhand manner, that, no, he hadn't. Lehre
  • Our 59 Favorite Songs of 2005

    & & by Joel Smith, Carey Murphy and Luke Baumgarten & & & r & This isn't a best of list; it's simply a buttload of songs we really, really liked this year. It's in no particular order, because Carey and Joel and I hate each other and we couldn't stand to be i
  • Track to the Future - Book Review

    by Paul K. Haeder & r & Allies of the Earth: Railroads and the Soul of Preservation by Al Runte & r & In this satellite-guided, supersonic age, books about resuscitating the once efficient and broad coverage of America's passenger rail system might seem quaint.
  • Sound Advice

    & & by Inlander Staff & & & r & & & Four Play & & & r & Friday brings the kind of night that local turntable junkies haven't seen in a long while. At the B-Side, back to back to back to back, you'll hear cuts from DJs Brainchild, Breezy Brown, Nealie Neal and Sup
  • Track to the Future

    by Paul K. Haeder & r & The railroads were once the veins, arteries and heart of this nation. From the horse-drawn railroad cars of the 1820s to the completion of the first transcontinental railroad at Promontory Point, Utah, in May 1869 -- trains shaped the
  • Loud and Clear

    by Alan Sculley & r & Judging by a recent article on, one would think Story of the Year would want to apologize for the success of their debut CD, Page Avenue. "Our first record wasn't really... I don't know... us. I mean... it had no feeling at all," s

Music & Film

  • Leather Chaps

    by Ed Symkus & r & Some critics are calling this one of the best films, if not the best film, of the year. Some audience members have been seen and heard crying at the end. Some awards handicappers are predicting that Heath Ledger is a shoo-in for a Best Act

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