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  • Nov 13-19, 2008
  • Vol. 16, No. 5

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  • Borowitz Report

    by ANDY BOROWITZ & r & & r & FAILURE TO BLOW ELECTION STUNS DEMOCRATS & r & & r & & lt;span class="dropcap" & J & lt;/span & ust minutes after their party's longstanding losing tradition lay in tatters on the ground, millions of shell-shocked Democrats stared at their televisio
  • College Hoops Preview

    & & 2007-08 RECORD: & & 25-8 overall, 11-3 West Coast Conference (first); lost in first round of NCAA Tournament & & COACH: & lt;
  • Recently Reviewed

    The Inlander Staff & r & & r & SCRATCH & r & & r & Scratch occupies a sleek narrow space on the main floor of the Montvale Hotel, and there's undeniably a big-city energy to the place. The philosophy is to make as much as possible, well, from scratch. A red-jackete
  • Political Re-Hash

    It surprised no one last week when state Senator Lisa Brown won re-election to Spokane's 3rd Legislative District. The now-four-term senator is the state's majority leader and is rumored to be conside
  • Winter Sports II

    & & by DANIEL WALTERS, JEN FORSYTH, MITCHELL KOHLES, ANN COLFORD, BLAIR TELLERS and BOB LEGASA & r & & r & DOWNHILL DEALS & r & & r & & & Bad news for any rich fat cats hoping the economic crisis will sweep those poor, teeming masses from the ski slopes: It's not go
  • Weird Dreams

    by CARRIE SCOZZARO & r & & r & & lt;span class="dropcap" & I & lt;/span & f Mel McCuddin were a writer -- and not the enduring painter that he is -- he'd likely be a mystery writer. From wryly witty to outright ridiculous, from awkwardly disturbing to alchemical, McCuddin's
  • Now Playing

    by THE INLANDER & r & & r & APPALOOSA & r & & r & The Robert B. Parker book that celebrates loyalty and friendship -- and dangerous good guys versus despicable bad guys -- in the Old West was directed by and stars Ed Harris as a lawman for hire who comes to the town
  • Buzz Bin

    by MICHAEL BOWEN & r & & r & Blast From Our Poetic Past & r & & r & In the 1910s, he was ranked alongside poets like Carl Sandburg and Edgar Lee Masters -- praised by William Butler Yeats and asked to read his poetry to Woodrow Wilson's assembled cabinet. And from 1
  • Fresh & amp;amp; Tasty

    DINING Gallic Memories & r & & r & & lt;span class="dropcap" & L & lt;/span & ocation is the first rule in real estate, which may have been some of the advice Patricia and Laurent Zirotti received from a real estate friend when they opened FLEUR DE SEL in the beautiful Hig
  • The Player

    by MARTY DEMAREST & r & & r & Fallout 3 & r & Rated Mature; 360, PS3, Windows PC & r & 4 Stars & r & & r & & lt;span class="dropcap" & F & lt;/span & allout 3 could have been phenomenal. The designers at Bethesda Softworks have already redefined role-playing games with Oblivion, sett
  • Unnatural Selections

    by LUKE BAUMGARTEN & r & & r & & lt;span class="dropcap" & T & lt;/span & he year's first real cold snap came somewhat unexpectedly, bringing the kind of abrupt change that sends squirrels scurrying for nuts, draws elk into the lower elevations and sends all manner of wild
  • NCAA Division Women's Basketball

    by HOWIE STALWICK & r & & r & GONZAGA & r & & r & The Bulldogs are favorites to repeat as regular-season champions of the West Coast Conference. Gonzaga returns four starters off a 25-9 team (13-1 WCC), including WCC Player of the Year Heather Bowman. The 6-foot-2
  • DVD Review

    Kiss of the Spider Woman & r & & r & by TAMMY MARSHALL & r & & r & & lt;span class="dropcap" & N & lt;/span & ewly restored and distributed by the Independent Cinema Restoration Archive, Kiss of the Spider Woman opens with William Hurt as an effeminate homosexual named Luis Mol
  • Book Review

    by JACOB H. FRIES & r & & r & All the Sad Young Literary Men & r & by Keith Gessen & r & & r & & lt;span class="dropcap" & F & lt;/span & rom the title to the first page to the end of book, it's sometimes hard to tell exactly whether All the Sad Young Literary Men is being ironic
  • Young Blood

    What is even more amazing, however, is that Ben
  • Take Two

    You have to give them credit, whoever came up with idea of blowing movies up to IMAX size, because it has brought back to theaters the kind of spectacle we simply can't reproduce at home.
  • A Friendly Reminder

    Richard Rush is leading us into the unknowable future. "They won't say paper or plastic anymore. I don't know what they'll say, but they won't say that," Rush says of grocery store baggers. The first
  • Busted Prop

    Amid the honks and cheers of joy in the Castro and West Hollywood, there are quiet signs of anxiety and, as state election results come in, a growing sense of anguish.
  • Mixed Grill

    by CARRIE SCOZZARO & r & & r & & lt;span class="dropcap" & T & lt;/span & he Fisherman's Market and Grill in Coeur d'Alene will have no problem hooking you with their reasonably priced selection of fresh seafood, such as shark, oysters or Alaskan salmon. They also have a m
  • A Farewell to Sarge

    by KEVIN TAYLOR & r & & r & & lt;span class="dropcap" & "O & lt;/span & n behalf of a grateful nation ..." The two young airmen somehow made their way to the front of the pews where they stood in crisp dress blues with an American flag stretched so tightly between them that
  • Winter Sports II

    by DANIEL WALTERS, JEN FORSYTH, MITCHELL KOHLES, ANN COLFORD, BLAIR TELLERS and BOB LEGASA & r & & r & DOWNHILL DEALS & r & & r & Bad news for any rich fat cats hoping the economic crisis will sweep those poor, teeming masses from the ski slopes: It's not going to
  • Remote Possibilities

    by LUKE BAUMGARTEN & r & & r & True Blood & r & & r & (Sundays, 9pm, HBO) & r & & r & & lt;span class="dropcap" & "D & lt;/span & on't you dare get morally superior with me," says Amy Burley (Lizzy Caplan doing a fair-to-middling Zooey Deschanel impression) to a fat, gay, TV-addicte
  • Sound Advice

    Thursday, 11/13 Beverly's (208-765-4000), Robert Vaughn Big Al's, DJ D-Ates Bigfoot, The Big Hair Revolution Bluz at the Bend, Eddie Shaw & amp; the Wolfgang Bottom's Up (
  • Bomb Garden

    by LUKE BAUMGARTEN & r & & r & The Libertarian Web & r & & r & Last Friday, BitTorrent, the company that created the file-sharing software of the same name, announced it would lay off about half its staff, or 18 workers -- including founder/inventor Ashwin Navin. Th
  • Interdependants

    Car sales are bottoming out. New construction is slowing to a crawl. People are bogged down with unprecedented debt. And the rich get richer while the ranks of the poor grow. One expert describes
  • Apocalypse-Ready

    Even Kurt Wilson, owner of the Coeur d'Alene-based Survival Enterprises, feels the pain of a turbulent economy. Repetitively lifting cases of powdered eggs and canned chunks of chicken, beef and turkey h
  • Core Work

    Too bad I wasn't there to see it. But Strength left the town buzzing, and I heard from people who went abou
  • Trail Mix

    by TED S. McGREGOR JR. & r & & r & The Vote: Rocked & r & & r & The 126.5 million to 128.5 million ballots cast in the presidential election last week were the most in American history, but still far from the lofty prediction that 140 million might vote. An analysi

Music & Film

  • Giving It Away

    The only thing more difficult than having a conversation about Pour Soi is having a conversation with Pour Soi. Everything about the band (pronounced "poor swah") seems to clash, from their musical backg
  • Deerhunter - Microcastle

    The Atlanta-based musicians known for their stylish manipulation of shoegazer drone and dissonance make nice this time around. As a whole, the album falls closer to ambient p
  • Soupcon of Sequel

    Yep, there were the requisite car chases and shoot-outs and splendid locales a

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