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  • Oct 15-21, 2009
  • Vol. 17, No. 1

News & Comment

  • The Last Crusaders

    For some, “Crusader” has become a dirty word. When former President George W. Bush called his War on Terror a “crusade,” his aides scrambled to reframe his words. Pope John Paul II apologized — twice — for the misdeeds of the Crusades endorsed by the popes of yesteryear.
  • The King and the Rocket

    It was touch-and-go at about Mile 16. We were in a swarm of cyclists whizzing past Downriver Golf Course, halfway between the second rest stop at Bowl and Pitcher and the grueling climb up Doomsday Hill.
  • Gone to Pot

    Sitting in his office on Monday morning, John Grasso suddenly heard his name hollered over a megaphone outside his window. He shifted uncomfortably in his chair.

Culture & Food

  • Drawing as Ritual
  • Drawing as Ritual

    Peter Cox is an alchemist. He doesn't just draw or paint; he conjures figures out of paper and canvas. Cox has such mastery of technique that whatever he's creating - from a simple figure study for a torso to the nearly 7-foot tall "Atalou," with its androgynous, masked warrior figure - you can easily forget you're looking at a two-dimensional image.
  • Writer’s on Fire
  • Writer’s on Fire

    He did a Joseph Conrad; now he’s done an Elmore Leonard. Denis Johnson — the North Idaho author who will appear Tuesday night at Gonzaga — has followed up his Big Important Vietnam Novel of two years ago (Tree of Smoke, 700 long pages, geographically and chronologically sprawling, National Book Award winner and Pulitzer finalist) with this year’s crime-genre caper
  • Inlander picks
  • Inlander picks

    Tour des Lacs • March 19-20 (preliminary rounds); leaves at 6:30 am or 7:30 am (depending on route) • Spokane Red Lion River Inn • 700 N. Division • Price: $86 (without cruise), $109 (with cruise), adults; $35 (without cruise), $55 (with cruise), kids • Visit: roundandround.

    The Top Notch first opened in 1931 on the corner of Monroe and Mallon, and original art deco touches remain in the renovated space. “Daily people come in with stories from the past,” new owner Don Torbenson says with a grin, “and I just found out that the grandfather of one of our servers used to wash dishes here.

Music & Film

  • Electric Mayhem

    Husband-and-wife duo Jucifer are no Sonny and Cher — they’re nomadic metal barbarians who’ll pillage your feeble eardrums
  • Breaking Through
  • Breaking Through

    Though the title of Colbie Caillat’s sophomore album, Breakthrough, has nothing to do with how her career took off, the word literally defines her path to fame.
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  • Special Sauce
  • Special Sauce

    With its roofs made of pancakes and forts made of Jell-O, here’s an adaptation of a children’s book that will appeal to both kids and adults
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