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  • Benefits of Uncooked Foods

    Eating more raw foods may aid in weight loss. Some research shows the amount of food we eat is partially regulated by volume — when stretch receptors in the stomach and intestines are activated, we feel full.
  • Res Rx
  • Res Rx

    When the United States was first created, its founders guaranteed the fledgling nation’s citizens the freedom to worship in any way — and to any God — they wanted. But for Native Americans, it took almost 200 years to secure that same right with the American Indian Religious Freedom Act.
  • From the Editor
  • From the Editor

    It’s not easy to talk about the subject of weight. That became clear to me as Lisa Fairbanks-Rossi searched for a parent to interview for her story in our Healthy Kids special section in this issue. Nobody wanted to use their real names.

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