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Re: “Rushing's Rant

Ah, the infamous anonymous "whocares," demonstrating once again that s/he knows as much about racism as s/he does about most everything else. If you are that clueless about the historical comparisons of blacks and apes, perhaps you should run for mayor of Airway Heights. Or perhaps you already are? ;-)

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Posted by James McPherson on 07/21/2015 at 8:26 PM

Re: “Rushing's Rant

"I don't think he's a racist."

So the mayor is a racist moron, and the deputy mayor is either stupid or a liar. Great representation they've chose over there in Airway Heights.

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Posted by James McPherson on 07/17/2015 at 2:34 PM

Re: “American Fabric

So now you're trying to pretend that your "accomplished nothing" comment was solely about helping blacks, when the very same sentence references the national debt, and before that you "pathetically" talk about terrorism and people supposedly laughing about dead soldiers.
Any thinking person realizes that the Republicans and Democrats of today have virtually nothing in common with those of the Civil War and the formation of the Klan -- if they did, the South wouldn't have switched from a heavy Democratic majority to a heavy Republican one.
And it's equally obvious to anyone who reads that Republicans have been the primary barrier to civil rights since the 1950s. And by the way, I didn't vote for Obama in 2012, either.
You also neglected to address other issues I cited, but considering that you apparently lack the honesty or reading comprehension skills to know even what you wrote, and that you continue to hide behind a pseudonym, I won't bother wasting more time on this comment.

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Posted by James McPherson on 07/06/2015 at 9:28 AM

Re: “American Fabric

Exactly the sort of rant we'd expect from a racist hiding behind a pseudonym -- thanks for helping prove the point of the article.

"No one cares" Actually, Obama has repeatedly addressed that exact issue -- while he was "doing nothing" other than implementing health care, killing Osama bin Laden, granting gays equal rights, and a host of other things that you may agree or disagree with.

"Paul Dillon could care less when muslims kill American soldiers" You probably mean "couldn't care less" -- assuming you knew what you were talking about in the first place.

"he probably sits snickering with his lefty buddies about how servicemen deserve to die" That's just a moronic statement. Outside of the extreme RIGHT-wingers of the Westboro Baptist Church, no one I know thinks servicemen deserve to die.

"from his tone, he feels Mr. Beltran deserved to be murdered by two thugs" Equally moronic. Have someone read and explain it to you.

"That is the single stupidest observation ever made." Congratulations; you've surpassed it repeatedly here. And by the way, the economy is considerably better than when Obama took office.

But when it comes time to whine about virtually anything, gutless anonymous conservatives are first in line. Happy Fourth; don't blow off a limb with your fireworks.

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Posted by James McPherson on 07/04/2015 at 1:45 PM

Re: “A Culture of Support

Well, cowardly anonymous nitwit, if you're asking what I have to say about Dolezal, not much. And probably nothing you'd understand, considering that my original comment was not about her but was about what she said and an idiotic anonymous response to it. My response now would be exactly what it was then -- and I still have enough guts to put my own name on it. Thanks for asking.

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Posted by James McPherson on 06/14/2015 at 2:42 PM

Re: “A Culture of Support

"James would happily put those who disagree with him to death, in a gulag or on the tracks heading for a "re-education camp. He feels anyone who disagrees with him should be persecuted and is not entitled to all the "love and kindness" he professes to spread. A strange world, where kindness is limited to those who tow the party line and never disagree with his ideology."
That's not only dishonest, N_Roening; it's simply moronic. There are plenty of places you can find my views (backed by my actual name). I profess nothing of the sort, of course.
"Nothing is quite a hateful or as intolerant as someone who professes to "love" and "tolerate"."
Also a stupid overgeneralization -- but at least I see you don't profess to do either.

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Posted by James McPherson on 06/11/2015 at 8:26 PM

Re: “Drink beer & watch Vacation with us Wednesday — and share your real-life vacation horror stories

We can't make it tomorrow, but here's a story:
My wife and I were staying in a campground in Wisconsin in August with the heat & humidity both at about 90. A crazed Texan, obviously drunk or high, who was playing loud rock music for the second consecutive night screamed at us for reporting him for being too loud the night before. (We hadn't.) He screamed that he'd kill us with his axe if we came out of the tent, or run over us with his SUV if we didn't. Torn, we stayed where we were, hoping the barrier between our campsite and his would keep out an Isuzu Trooper.
He finally jumped in his rig and took off. We abandoned camp and took off for a motel in town. Ten miles down the road, we realized my wife's purse (and credit cards and most of our money) were still in the tent. We went back to find a police car with lights flashing and a crowd of people pointing at our car. They'd seen us take off and assumed we were the ones playing the music and screaming.
The cops arrested the guy, but couldn't promise he'd be held past morning. We couldn't find a motel with a vacancy and ended up sleeping for what remained of the evening in our 17-year-od Datsun 210.
It wasn't all bad: After we got home, the state of Wisconsin sent us a check reimbursing us for our camp spot.

Posted by James McPherson on 06/09/2015 at 4:42 PM

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