Both Sides of the Lens

Both Sides of the Lens

An exhibit at WSU examines why we take photographs
Vivian Maier was cantankerous and maybe a little hard to deal with, discretely capturing images of her neighbors, public markets and busy sidewalks. Privately hoarding thousands of smiling faces, jovial children, bustling shoppers — images of Americana that could never have seen a dark room.

Peak of Ink

Will the tattoo boom ever slow down?
The squirming snake fills Beth Hill's abdomen, stretching up her ribs through a skull, pulling around her sides and diving below her waist. As she moves or stretches, so does the reptile breathing on her skin.

Protection Against the World

Distilled: A shot of life
Like an old drunk who's forgotten his address, the flask can't stand up without leaning on something. There's a fatal wobble even on a flat surface.

RADIO | Happy Birthday, SPR

Culture Digest
The original KPBX (91.1 FM) was born in the basement of a South Hill home, where it operated throughout much of the 1970s, slowly growing and embedding itself in the Spokane community along the way. But the actual date of birth of Spokane Public Radio is Jan. 20, 1980, when KPBX became a National Public Radio member station.

For Your Consideration

Improved apps, best short stories and "the Google of food"
WEB | If you cook any food and use this thing called the Internet, you will soon swoon over YUMMLY, if you haven't already. It's been dubbed the Google of Food, and for good reason.

Actually: The Movie

Factual-accuracy nitpickers may miss the larger point of movies, but they serve an important purpose
There's one word defining this year's Oscar conversation: "Actually." Sure, numerous critics tell us, Selma was a bracing, inspiring depiction of the courage of civil rights leaders in the lead-up to the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama.

The Ultimate Comeback

Notes from a season with the Seahawks
The collective 12th Man found itself torn between excitement and that familiar you-just-jinxed-it feeling when sports talk guys, bar denizens and overly friendly neighbors speculated that the Seahawks had the tools for a repeat Super Bowl victory. Somehow, they're now one step away from making that happen, but it took a comeback from an early season spent on the ropes, one that was capped by the comeback of all comebacks.

America's Game, Warts and All

Publisher's Note: Super Bowl Special
Once upon a time, it was just a game. You could play anywhere — out in the street dodging cars or just flicking little paper footballs across history class.

The King's Speech

Happy Watkins has delivered King's "I Have a Dream" speech hundreds of times. But at 73, he's finally slowing down
To great applause, Pastor Percy "Happy" Watkins approaches the stage at the Spokane Convention Center in a crisp tan suit. He's "back by popular demand," says Freda Gandy, executive director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Family Outreach Center, standing at the podium to greet him.

Hot Hand

Meet Tyler Harvey, one of the nation's leading scorers
Eastern Washington basketball star Tyler Harvey is challenging for the national scoring title, carries a 3.75 grade point average and seems to impress everyone with his genial personality and humble nature. Eagles coach Jim Hayford can't think of anything negative to say about Harvey.

Old, New and the Commodity of Seattle Cool

Distilled: A shot of life
Booze ain't what it used to be, or maybe it's more what it used to be than ever. And it's everywhere — bottles set out in a Seattle boutique, for example, where you're invited to mix yourself a little something while trying to figure out what this store actually sells.

Comedy On The Bell Curve

Culture Digest
W. Kamau Bell's comedy is meant to make us uncomfortable, but also force us to use our brains. Over the course of a decade, the San Francisco-based comedian has built a career hilariously discussing topics that other comedians (and polite dinner parties) tend to pass on, such as racism, politics and religion.

For Your Consideration

Epic-Fail Edition
FASHION | For years now, the Oregon Ducks have not only blasted opponents on the field, but they've looked way better doing it. Pre-Oregon, uniforms were too stodgy.

A Good Year

Local writer Sarah Hulse releases an emotional first novel examining the path to redemption and forgiveness
A few weeks into the new year, and the Inland Northwest's literary minds are already making it one to remember. This week — and just seven days before fellow Spokane author Sharma Shields' (see page 22) debut novel comes out — 30-year-old Sarah Hulse is releasing her highly praised debut novel, Black River.

Monsters & Demons

The dark, yet oddly lovely world of local author Sharma Shields
Sharma Shields is in a bakery on Spokane's South Hill, bobbing a tea bag in her mug, looking to kill some time before her kids get done with preschool. Behind oval-shaped glasses, her eyes can burn hot, but the heat is offset by a recurring smile and stories that all seem to end in self-effacement and a sharp laugh.

Ascending Artist: Devon Plopper

A young artist pushes the boundaries of detail and time
Her activity in the arts community has been sporadic over the past year or so, causing some to maybe wonder if she's an artist in hiding. Devon Plopper hasn't had a solo show in Spokane since last spring, but the artist's most recent series of ink-on-paper drawings took nearly a year to create.


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