A Show About Nothing

A Show About Nothing

Ryan Tucker asked his friends to reenact a sitcom with him, and they said yes
When he shows up, he's already dressed for the part: The dark blue jeans, the tucked-in button-down, the slightly too-white sneakers. And when he sits down at what's filling in for a table at Monk's Diner, across from Jeanette Bocook and her bouffant of brown Elaine Benes hair, Ryan Tucker talks the part, too, with the nasally, sing-songy voice that was the hallmark one of TV's greatest sitcoms.

From Backyard to Center Stage

The backyard brawlers of Spokane Anarchy Wrestling take their show indoors
"Be sure to hold your kids back, because there will be grown men flying over the ropes." What could be heard as a safety warning comes across more like a simple statement of fact from the announcer.

For Your Consideration

A creepy doc, stellar read and melodic indie-rock debut
TV | Maybe Robert Durst is just a hard-luck guy cursed with demonic eyes, but it seems more likely with every episode of THE JINX that his eyes are so creepy because they're those of a stone cold killer. The six-part HBO documentary series tells of how Durst, a mega-millionaire from birth, saw his wife disappear, and then his friend, and the person who probably knew the most about that disappearance murdered before he wound up in Galveston, Texas, dressed as a woman and accused of yet another murder.

Peace, Justice and Fry Sauce

Distilled: A shot of life
It's a half-hour after midnight at Zip's in Cheney, and some Eastern Washington University student is unloading a loud rant of young, inebriated entitlement on the poor late-night fast-food slingers: "Fast food! That I f---in' paid for!

Spokane South

Zag Nation sets up in Las Vegas for this weekend's WCC tournament
No West Coast Conference campus lies as far from Las Vegas as that of Gonzaga. Yet for one week each March, Sin City may as well be Spokane South.

Mind Games

The Inland Northwest is home to a sizable and highly competitive community of Magic: The Gathering players
From a combination of nervousness, too little sleep and perhaps too much caffeine, Josh Mound's right hand trembles as he draws the top card off his deck. Across from him, leaning forward on his elbows, fingers pressed to temples, Mound's opponent bounces his leg restlessly.

Kennel Club Cribs

What it's like to spend a night in the cold just to get a good seat for the Zags game
Scattered across the Gonzaga campus, students stand with their eyes glued to smartphones. Their fingers swipe down repeatedly to refresh their Twitter timelines.

Mosey On In, You're Part of History

Distilled: A shot of life
The Moezy Inn Tavern is the sort of dimly lit hole-in-the-wall joint where people know one another. They're here tonight because they're always here.


A sitcom-like script weakens this production
We in the Inland Northwest are spoiled by the quality of our amateur theater. None of the actors at the Civic (upstairs or down), The Blue Door, Ignite!, The Modern Coeur d'Alene or Stage Left see a cent from their performances, and yet we as audiences are treated time and time again to productions that fulfill, in whole or in part, professional-level expectations.

For Your Consideration

A welcome comeback, card deals and gaming to the beat
MUSIC | The wait is over, and it was definitely worth the nearly eight years between Modest Mouse's last album, 2007's We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank, and the band's new, full-length record, STRANGERS TO OURSELVES, which drops on March 3. Fans of the Issaquah, Wash.-founded rock group fronted by the hollering, guttural vocals of Isaac Brock should already be familiar with the first single, "Lampshades on Fire," which the band performed live during its most recent visit to Spokane in May 2011.

Get Thee to a Nunnery

After more than a decade, the all-male version of the popular musical Nunsense returns to the Civic stage
For hundreds of years after the dawn of theater in ancient Greece, female roles were played by men. It wasn't until opera appeared in the late 17th century that the notion of women on stage became possible, then accepted, then customary.

Bach in Action

The Northwest Bach Festival offers more concerts than ever before
There's a dapper, life-size cardboard cutout of Artistic Director Zuill Bailey floating around Spokane. Wherever the two-dimensional Bailey appears over the course of the two-week Northwest Bach Festival, you can expect an in-the-flesh Bailey "Flash-Bach!" cello performance later that day.

The Taste of Here

Of time and place: An ode to drinking local
When I'm drinking whiskey, I don't think about farmers or tractors or where the booze comes from. But I should, according to Don Poffenroth, co-owner of Spokane's Dry Fly Distilling.

Garland University of the Arts

One small strip of businesses can teach you to sew, quilt, act, paint, weave and play the bass
On a cold January evening, a half-dozen people have gathered for the first time on the stage of the Blue Door Theatre. "Zip!" shouts a blonde woman who introduced herself earlier as Super Sherrie.


Author Cindy Hval finds love in the Greatest Generation
Cindy Hval writes love stories. Not werewolf-and-vampire tales or the stuff of Lifetime movies, but actual love stories.

For Your Consideration

Psychoscience podcast, spring style, and the queen of rap
PODCAST | Hey public radio nerds: Looking for a new podcast to fill the void that Serial left behind? Try INVISIBILIA ("all the invisible things" in Latin), which debuted at the end of January, about the unseen forces affecting human behavior.


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