Creative License

Creative License

Get Lit!: Artists interpret two of the fest's featured authors in Spokane storefronts
It looks as if someone has just stepped away from this cozy-looking antique wingback chair with pink quatrefoil upholstery. A copy of The Sasquatch Hunter's Almanac by Sharma Shields rests on the seat cushion, awaiting the return of its reader.

Give and Take

Get Lit!: Artists, writers team up to see old places in new ways; plus Alice, podcasts and poets
Get Lit! and Spokane Arts' collaborative exhibition during the literary festival is a community event, from start to finish.

Taken in Sufficient Quantities

Distilled: A shot of life
In a way, it's not unlike some tented church revival in the backcountry. A place for thick-waisted believers and drunks to find a moment of refuge and awaken their spirits with the fervent worship of words.

Harsh Truths

Get Lit!: A chat with Blood Will Out author Walter Kirn
Walter Kirn has penned countless essays, memoirs and novels. It's safe to say the strangest story he's ever written — truth or fiction — is Blood Will Out: The True Story of a Murder, a Mystery, and a Masquerade, where he delves into his relationship with a man he knew as wealthy East Coast elitist Clark Rockefeller, who turned out to be an imposter and murderer.

Not Just Mommy Porn

Get Lit!: Why three local romance novelists say their genre is for feminists; plus, up-and-coming authors
Rebecca Zanetti doesn't consider Fifty Shades of Grey a true romance novel. "That book is a small subgenre called erotica BDSM, and most romance books are nothing like that," says the author at the Spokane Valley Barnes & Noble last week, sitting not too far from the store's romance section, full of prominently displayed illustrations of bare backs, eight-pack abs and heaving bosoms.

ODDITY | Giant Nerd Books

Culture Digest
Giant Nerd Books isn't your mom's bookstore. Walking through the door, the rich, musty scent of the piles upon piles of books hits like a ton of bricks.

For Your Consideration

Post-apocalyptic read, hardball doc and GOP LOLs
BOOK | Few authors can take genre fiction and spin it into literary gold quite like Oregon-raised Benjamin Percy. His debut novel, The Wilding, was a psychologically terrifying rehashing of Deliverance; he followed that up with Red Moon, an allegory of post-9/11 America that replaced Muslims with werewolves.

Snakes in the Class

Lewis and Clark High School drama students are staging a world premiere of a sci-fi rock musical based on real-world issues
It's Friday afternoon, the start of spring break, and the cast of Kelly the Destroyer versus the Springfield Cobras is squeezing in a pre-weekend rehearsal. Barely three weeks from now they'll perform the world premiere of this original musical, which has been exclusively written for and developed by the Tiger Drama program at Lewis and Clark High School.

"Local" News

Is that sensational TV news story happening in Spokane or New Jersey? Click the link to find out
In January, @KHQlocalnews blasted out a story across Twitter and Facebook: "#Schoolbus overturns with 40 children on board. READ MORE HERE: #WatchKHQ"

TV | The End of Mad Men

Culture Digest
I've always assumed that Mad Men (AMC, Sundays at 10 pm) would end with Don Draper's death. I'm not the only one who held this belief.

For Your Consideration

Death Cab is back, Netflix laughs and a tasty treat
ALBUM | I love a good melancholic record. When a long-loved band like Death Cab For Cutie releases a new album, I develop an anxious skepticism, praying they stay true to their musical identity.

A Spirited Kickoff to Election Season

Distilled: A shot of life
Election season has begun and it's a time of glad hands. Hands that are clasped in handshakes.

Horse Sensation

Call it dark, call it controversial or just call Stage Left's production of Equus what it is: great theater
It's tempting to fixate on the "edginess" or "controversy" of Equus, Peter Shaffer's 1973 psychosexual exploration of a boy who deifies horses and yet willfully blinds a half-dozen of them, as if it has to be excused or justified to a public too sheltered to cope with abstract portrayals of animal cruelty or a few fleeting glimpses of nudity. For local perspective, recall that this play was staged in 1989 in the basement of the Civic — the same studio theater where Clue: The Musical is currently enjoying a sold-out run.

Ascending Artist: Frank Knapp

A midlife crisis and tragic loss fueled a new passion for photography
Frank Knapp disembarks from his Starcraft van to stroll along the Spokane River not far from his Hillyard home. While Lycra-clad joggers trot by on this sunny spring afternoon, he sports a camouflage jacket and baseball cap to shield his eyes — better for seeing the changes in the river since his last visit.

Gimme Shelter

The Cold War is long gone, but we can't get over our obsession with the end of the world
In the concrete bowels of Mount St. Michael, a traditionalist Catholic parish in far North Spokane, it's easy to feel disconnected from the world above. Only harsh fluorescent bulbs illuminate the winding, narrow path through the basement — past where the nuns wash and dry their blue-and-white habits, past a pockmarked basalt boulder that wouldn't budge during construction of the five-story, manor-like structure 100 years ago and past where many of the academy's schoolbooks and supplies are stored — into the remnants of the building's designated fallout shelter, first created after World War II.

For Your Consideration

A winning sports app, killer Twitter add-on and epic reads
SPORTS | If you're like me, the next few days, the ones before the Major League Baseball season starts, are the worst kind of anticipatory torture ever conceived. But fear not.


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