Getting to the Heart of Strep Throat

Ask Dr. Matt: Addressing the malady early can stop further complications
Streptococcus is a name that describes many different round bacteria that cause human disease (I'll just call it "strep" from here on out). It's like calling a vehicle "truck" when there are dump trucks, fire trucks, taco trucks, etc. Moms are checked for Group B strep before delivering a baby; strep pneumonia is a type of bacteria that can cause sinusitis, ear infections, pneumonia, and some skin infections.

Fishing for Compliments

Superfood: Trout is much more than a great sport fish
ATTRIBUTES: Rainbow trout's flaky, mild meat makes it a palatable fish for kids and adults alike, even for those who might not ordinarily like fish. SUPERPOWERS: Rainbow trout is a boon for protein seekers, containing 21 grams of protein in a serving, along with sky-high levels of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, and no calories from carbohydrates.

Tricky Ticks

Forum: Lyme Disease is no stranger in the Inland Northwest
Here in the Northwest, we all like to spend time in the great outdoors. Yet with any outside activity comes some risk, including being bit by a pesky tick that could be carrying something nasty.

Fitness in the Palm of Your Hand

100% Local: An all-purpose app from two Mt. Spokane grads
Ever wanted a progressive, personal-trainer-style workout that you could just do in your own space, when you felt like it? The Workout Anywhere app, created by Spokane's own Justin and Jessica Rundle, offers the opportunity to do just that.

The End of an Era

Milestone: The Spokane AIDS Network closes its doors
After 31 years of serving HIV/AIDS clients, the Spokane AIDS Network (SAN) is no longer providing HIV care and prevention services due to loss of funding. The Spokane Regional Health Department will be the new care provider to more than 200 former SAN clients, and HIV prevention and case management services will move there by March 31.

Let It Go!

Life Coach: Emotions affect our heart health
We all know that the heart is a muscle, and that muscles require exercise. It is also an organ, so good nutrition is essential.

Cold Hard Facts

Pill Box: Antibiotics aren't always the answer
I went to my doctor last week with a cough and runny nose that had been going on for about a week. I was hoping to get some antibiotics, but the doctor only gave me a recommendation for some OTC cough medicine and a decongestant.

Warming the Heart

From the Editor: Share in the goodness
Police officers clearly have dangerous jobs. But did you know that the most violent job in the state is being a nurse's aide?


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