Spokane Community Colleges

Spokane Falls Community College Spokane Falls Community College serves both as a stop for transfer students and a new start for those who’ve decided to dive back into that whole education thi

Gonzaga University

Gonzaga University. Turns out it’s more than just a name on a basketball jersey. In fact, this year’s freshman class is the largest (1,120 freshmen), smartest (a mean high school GPA of 3.

Eastern Washington University

Cheney — the city that contains Eastern Washington University — can’t technically be referred to as being in the “middle of nowhere.” More precisely, it’s slightly

North Idaho College

Some people call North Idaho College “Harvard by the Lake.” We think that’s a bit of a stretch, but it is on a lake. And that means there’s plenty to do outside: hiking, swimmi

Whitworth University

So you got into Whitworth. Congrats! You’re about to embark on a journey into a private Presbyterian liberal arts education. That seems confusing, given that “liberal” doesn’t

Washington State University

Suddenly, the green and yellow rolling hills of the Palouse are interrupted by the deep brick-red of Washington State University’s Pullman campus. It’s the quintessential college town &mda

University of Idaho

The rolling hills of the Palouse can feel dry and desolate, but the University of Idaho campus somehow manages to feel like the lush, shade-tree-filled school grounds of the East Coast. The campus (Id

Minding Your Mind

Connor Pomeroy is a 19-year-old Washington State University sophomore, chemistry major, and member of the Cougar Marching Band who boasts a 4.0 GPA. On top of all that, he’s battled an eating

What School Won't Teach You

It didn’t take Skyler Oberst long to decide to skip class last October. He was supposed to be in a classroom in Cheney for an Introduction to Formal Logic lecture. Instead, he was one of 1,20

Big Trouble

College is a very special time for a student. But occasionally, the pure specialness of this time has a disorienting effect. Occasionally, said student may pound four Jager Bombs on an empty stomach a

Over-the-Hill Undergrads

Jessie Hodet, a 34-year-old Spanish enthusiast, had always wanted to be a professor. Now, in classrooms at Whitworth University, Hodet regularly finds herself surrounded by 19- and 20-year-olds, ready

Poor Choices

Moving away from home does more for new students than just freeing them from their parents. It also lets them in — often for the first time — on the whole fun world of “financial res

Spokane Community College

Where truck driver training and cosmetology... collide!

Tuition on a Rampage

State helpless to battle the growing menace!

Washington State University

When drunk happens.

Save the College, Save the World

Finding a battle-worthy campus cause.

Eastern Washington University

The field glows a bright red, like some psycho soaked the whole thing in the blood of the Kool-Aid man. An eagle lets cry an ear-piercing shriek from above — an omen, surely. From the Pence Unio

North Idaho College

The sun, red like a Bloody Mary, squints across Lake Coeur d’Alene to lay bare the sins of the previous night. The just-21 riff-raff horde stumbles down Sherman Avenue. They’re the shambli

The College Utility Belt

1. Flash drive: Every superhero has his lifesaver. This will be yours. Think your lit professor provides deadline elasticity for students who spill lattes all over their keyboards at 2 o’clock i

Gonzaga University

The realization hit me harder than a lacrosse-team hangover. The face with no neck, the hand with no body, the Bing with no pipe — I was in Zags territory now. Where athletic gods bestride the q

Meanwhile, Deep in the Jungles of South America

It’s Friday afternoon and Spain is closed. I stare uncomprehendingly at the man at the ticket counter. There is no way I could have heard him correctly. Spain can’t be closed. It’s

Spokane Falls Community College

Deep in the vast expanse of an asphalt desert, there they sit — neatly-labeled gray buildings, scattered like fleas on an alley cat’s belly. Spokane Falls Community College: a diamond of d

The University of Idaho

An eerie silence seeps through the wheat fields, past the Gothic towers. The quiet is enough to slide your neck hairs into heebie-jeebie mode. Hippies and rednecks stand wordlessly together and look t

Escaping Dire Situations

If someone tells you they made it through college with nary a single monetary or academic difficulty, they are either super-villains or flat-out liars. Unless you’re a trust-funder with an explo

The Riverpoint Campus

I skitter through the maze of Riverpoint, like a rat sniffing out the sort of cheese that smells like a degree … a better job … a new life. Goes great with a good Cabernet. My reflection

Whitworth University

Fog chokes the lamppost lights. I staggered on, past the Frisbee crossfire, past the flocks of proposing boyfriends, past the poor, hoodied souls diving for pinecones like starving men lunging for scr

The Heroes and Villains of College

Sometimes you’re the superhero at college. But other times you’re the damsel — or man-damsel (mamsel?) — in distress. Here are the true heroes of college.


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