Authority Figures

Those guys who stand out in the sun for 12 hours on Saturday and then come back and do it all over again on Sunday? They’re not getting paid. Oh, sure, they get some swag — shoes, a hat, a pair of shorts. (And a T-shirt that says “Court Monitor.

On the Sidelines

PEOPLE DO IT). If this year’s Hoopfest is typical, downtown Spokane will be claustrophobic — and hotter than Satan’s broom closet. You’ve got players in sweaty jerseys, moms with strollers, toddlers with sticky ice cream fingers, and about an inch of personal space.

Scouting Report

TEAMS Our favorites out of nearly 7,000 Hoopfest team names? Here are 35 matchups we’d like to see MICHAEL BOWEN.

Taking It to the Streets

It didn’t happen automatically. In fact, it was a lengthy step-by-step process. Back in early 2009, Hoopfest’s marketing manager, Kirstin Davis, submitted a request for Guinness headquarters in Britain to judge what Hoopfest already knew — that it was the biggest.

Small Ball

game is nothing without rules. That may sound contradictory, at first. (Games are about play and fun, not bureaucracy.) But the game of tag, without the requirement that players touch each other, would just be a lot of pointless running around. And without a play clock, football would be merely an endless war of attrition.

Work in Progress

Mark Few takes pride in Gonzaga’s strong academic reputation, but when asked if Bulldog coaches have been forced to “dumb it down” in preseason workouts for the team’s 10 newcomers, Few quickly answered in the affi rmative. “Absolutely,” he says. “We’re eons behind where we were last year.

What Else is Out There?

What if a star player for the New York Yankees casually let drop during a press conference that he was gay? What if he were so self-assured (and even arrogant) that he assumed no one would really care? And what if he then became the idol of gay men...

This Changes Everything

Koprivica and Thompson stressed their appreciation for what Bennett brought to the Cougar program. The key component was a gritty defensive style of play (first introduced at WSU by Bennett’s predecessor, father Dick Bennett) that wore down opponents physically and mentally.

Unranked! Unfair?

Kelly Graves is a charming fellow who can “sandbag” with the best of ’em. Sandbagging, of course, is the ancient art practiced by many coaches of downplaying the talent on their team. When the mood strikes, Graves can make his Gonzaga women’s team sound like 20-point underdogs to the fi fth-grade girls team at Little Sisters of the Poor.


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