American Fabric

American Fabric

Racism is alive and well in our symbols and society
Last Friday, I stepped out of the patented Atlanta humidity to tour the state capitol building of Georgia. Through the elegant rotunda, a legislator held a press conference challenging Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to eliminate a state license plate for the "Sons Of The Confederacy."

America's Yin and Yang

Publisher's Note
On a summer afternoon in 1826, a great American life came to an end. Surrounded by friends and family at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson — the man who wrote the words we celebrate every Fourth of July — passed away.

After Charleston

Taking down the Confederate flag is a good start, but overcoming centuries of suppression won't be that easy
"Astonishing." That's the word being used to describe how quickly and decisively so many Southern states have acted to remove the Confederate flag from public display after the Charleston massacre.

Healing Forward

Why Spokane shouldn't try to collectively own the Dolezal scandal
I met Rachel Dolezal one year ago at the fabulous, first annual Bazaar art and craft festival in downtown Spokane. I was struck by the gravity of her work and the artist who was frustrated that her racially themed prints weren't selling to a predominantly white audience.

Roll with the Changes

Publisher's Note
Maybe that caveman saw a bolt of lightning ignite a tree and thought, "Oh, now I get it... I can do that!"

A Brokered Convention?

The Republican field for president is a toss-up, which might bring back a familiar face at the very last minute
Here's a prognostication regarding the 2016 presidential sweepstakes: The person taking the oath of office in January of 2017 will not be Hillary Clinton, nor will it be Jeb Bush. It might just be someone who's not even running for president.

The Rachel We Knew

EDITOR'S NOTE: How Rachel Dolezal came to write for the Inlander
The world now knows the name Rachel Dolezal.

Formula For Losing

Take a break from politics to consider the other national pastime — baseball — but think Indians, not Mariners
For our Pacific Northwest "Boys of Summer," it must begin to feel like a long slog home. I refer to the Seattle Mariners, who were predicted to compete for a place in the postseason, but... aren't.Let's start with our "closer," Fernando Rodney.

People-Focused Politics

What I have learned from Senator Cameron
The Joint Finance-Appropriations Committee is by far the most powerful committee in the Idaho Legislature. Made up of 10 state senators and 10 state representatives, it is charged with setting the state's budget each year — subject to a vote by the full bodies of each chamber.

Let the World Slip

Publisher's Note
Wow, you people really like summer. And as our biggest Inlander ever proves, what's not to like?

Forever Free

How 150 years of freedom from slavery affects all Americans
Juneteenth. It's a holiday with a funny name and a serious meaning.

Rebuilding Citizenship

We can attack apathy by teaching young people everything we can about America's amazing story
The word "crisis" is often overused, but the current lack of civic learning is a bona fide crisis to which America — leaders and citizens at all levels — should pay attention. The Pew Center recently published its findings about Americans' lack of knowledge of current political affairs.

Experiments Gone Wrong

The roots of frustration that led to last month's teacher walkouts run much deeper than class sizes
The issues raised by our teachers over the past few weeks actually go beyond their immediate concerns of pay and class sizes. Thus the publication of Diane Ravitch's latest book, Reign of Error, couldn't be timelier.

Be the Left Shark

Publisher's Note
Every year about now, I love checking out the various commencement speeches that send our latest class of college graduates into the world. There's lots of "follow your dreams" stuff, but you can find some deep thoughts in there, too.

Do The Right Thing

Washington state needs to ban the damaging, destructive pseudoscience of gay conversion therapy
So here we are in 2015 and gay conversion therapy is still a real thing in Washington state. It's the outdated idea that homosexuality is a disease that needs curing, using A Clockwork Orange-style aversion tactics — in some cases, exposing LGBTQ youth to damaging stimulus such as ice baths, electric shock and nausea drugs while viewing same-sex pornography.

Put Kids First

Why adults in Olympia must come together to pass the Early Start Act
When people sing Spokane's praises, one of our top truisms is that this is a great place to raise a family. We've got splash pads in our parks, a well-respected public education system (despite unacceptable cuts and test mania), and summer camps abound.


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