Wages or Wellness?

Wages or Wellness?

Why paid sick leave is good for everyone
In a downtown Spokane restaurant kitchen during Hoopfest weekend 2013, Isaiah Kibwe Day naturally struggled to keep up with the biggest rush of the year. He was dicing an avocado when his knife slipped into his palm below the thumb.

Patriot Games

Rudy Giuliani says President Obama is nothing like him; let's all be thankful for that
Paul Kattenburg, a State Department analyst during the summer of 1963, urged that America withdraw from Vietnam. Both Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Defense Secretary Robert McNamara immediately marginalized him.

Raising the Grade

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"Don't fail, Idaho." That's the tough-love message that's been beamed across the Gem State by the Albertson Foundation.

Minding Your Money

Pay close attention: The Idaho Statehouse is delving into the financial details of Medicaid, roads and state taxes
What's brewing in the Idaho legislature — that inscrutable, unpredictable devil's workshop? Are the legislators stirring up a medical health stew by adding millions of federal dollars to the state economy, and incidentally creating jobs and saving Idaho lives?

Something in the Water

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"It surprises you," observes Myron Medcalf in a recent story posted on ESPN.com. "You fly over ragged shacks, spruce trees and barren fields on your way into Spokane...

The Year of the (Mountain) Goat

It's time to protect the Scotchman Peaks Wilderness
Last Thursday, Feb. 19, was Chinese New Year and so began the Year of the Goat. According to my research (i.e., the first couple of websites that showed up on a quick Google search, particularly chinahighlights.com), people born in this year are said to strongly prefer working in groups and is it particularly important for them to "get out among nature and commune with the great outdoors."

Indentured Studenthood?

It takes a decade for students to get out from under their loans; is that any way to build a stronger middle class?
President Obama calls it "Middle Class Economics" — better late than never, I guess. Insofar as higher education is concerned, MCE means free tuition — for community college students, that is. The typical community college student pays about $4,500 in tuition per year.

Failure to Authorize

Publisher's Note
Declaring war has become complicated since World War II. On Dec. 8, 1941, Congress — and America — declared war on Japan.

Accepting Love

How making peace with our besieged sexuality can transform our relationships and sense of self
As another Valentine's Day passes, people ask themselves, "Why are relationships so complicated?"

Where Are The Giants?

As the 2016 race heats up, Americans will be looking for candidates ready to stand tall and unify the nation
The United States is a country divided — by politics, race and economic condition. But that doesn't mean Americans are divided about the kind of future leadership they desire.

Opting Out of Reality

Publisher's Note
Do you have a computer? Can you type the word "Google"?

Trials and Triumphs

Things to remember — and celebrate — during Black History Month
When Marcus Garvey said "A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots," he underscored how history feeds and inspires our future and gives us the medicine of memory to prevent us from repeating the past. With that in mind, here are times of struggle and moments of liberation that are essential to remember during Black History Month and beyond.

Can a Woodchuck Sue?

With unprecedented ecological challenges, wildlife needs its own legal standing
In 1965, the Sierra Club sued to stop a ski development in California's Sequoia National Forest, arguing that Walt Disney Enterprises' proposed resort would constitute an injury to Mineral King Valley. In 1972, the Supreme Court rejected the club's reasoning, unwilling to accept that natural objects had standing to sue in court.

The 30,000-Foot View

Publisher's Note
How do you describe Spokane to someone who's never visited? We've got Hoopfest, you might say.

Chasing Whales

Let's focus less on courting big companies and focus more on nurturing big ideas
Oh, hey guys! Did you hear we might possibly be getting an Anthropologie in Spokane?!

The First Seahawk

Publisher's Note
Sometime in the 19th century, on the soggy, green coast of Vancouver Island, an artist sat down with some fresh cedar. She (or he, nobody really knows) crafted a beautiful mask to be used in the potlatch — the traditional dance festival of the Kwakawaka'wakw people.


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    • Part of it is Hillary Clinton charging universities and colleges $300K for 45 minute speeches.

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    • Past 8 years? The runaway train of higher education tuition started in the mid-1990s and…

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    • I look forward to it, Mariah. :) Personally I'm impressed that you got questions about…

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    • It seems to be a sentinel of our time. People have a lot more technological…

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