Too Early to Tell

Too Early to Tell

What's your opinion of Emily Farris? Hint: You probably shouldn't have one yet
Recent polling shows that Emily Farris has little chance of becoming the next Republican nominee for president of the United States. Seventy-seven percent of Republican primary voters told Public Policy Polling they've never heard of her.

Hiring Among Friends

What's wrong with this picture? Todd Mielke wants the top job in Spokane County and his colleagues get to decide
Sitting Spokane County Commissioner Todd Mielke likely expects to become our next Spokane County Chief Executive. I would vote no.

Walking to Where, Exactly?

Publisher's Note
To walk, or not to walk? That's the question Spokane public schoolteachers have been wrestling with since their union, the Washington Education Association, asked them to make a big, bold statement about education funding.

A Culture of Support

The season is ripe for compassionate change
Nestled between the Rocky Mountains and the Palouse wheatfields, Spokane is charming, scenic and idyllic. With the dawning of warmer weather, our minds shift to hiking trails, fishing expeditions, rock-climbing adventures and biking routes.

The Pines of Home

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Had a great chat with local author Jack Nisbet the other day about his new book (see page 29). For a photo, I told Chris Bovey, our art director, that one idea could be to get Jack's picture in front of his favorite ponderosa pine.

Presidential Litmus Test

With the presidential election upon us, here are some age-old virtues for voters to think about as they consider the candidates
Starting now and running through 2016, Americans will be searching for qualities in candidates that would make for a good president. Serious consequences will follow if voters choose incorrectly.

On a Roll

Just-announced reforms do little to safeguard Spokane against the danger of oil trains
It's a recurring nightmare that plays out like a disaster film, but is all too real: A train slips from its moorings and rolls off the tracks, sparking an explosion that sends massive fireballs hundreds of feet into the sky. That's exactly what happened in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec, on July 6, 2013, when a train carrying extremely volatile Bakken crude oil derailed, killing 47 people.

Time to Join the 21st Century

Publisher's Note
For the past couple of years, I banned myself from talking about it. I'd become a broken record, bringing it up with any public official who'd listen.

It's Showtime

Wall-to-wall Hillary coverage for the next 18 months is not going to be good for anybody
Ido hope that both Elizabeth Warren and James Webb join Bernie Sanders to challenge Hillary Clinton. Why?

Who Decides the News?

Does it have to lead just because it bleeds?
Did you see that latest video of an officer and unarmed civilian that ended tragically? If you missed it at 5 pm, catch it at 6, 10, 11, and on every website at any time.

Kickstarting Charity

Publisher's Note
We've been involved with local charities and nonprofits for years; publishing our Give Guide every year has given us an up-close look at this sector that is so crucial to our quality of life. So I can attest that the Inland Northwest has a big heart; people give here — a lot.

Balance the Books

A rigorous, useful education can feature both the arts and the sciences, as one Utah school proves
I'm old enough to remember Sputnik. Very scary.

Guilty Climate Pleasure

How the Inland Northwest could take the lead in addressing global warming
Spring has sprung early this year, along with a giddy yet uneasy feeling among the supermajority of Spokane County residents who understand that climate change is occurring around us. While I was surprised to be hounded by a swarm of hungry mosquitoes in my garden in early March, we know better than to base our beliefs about the climate on the increasingly unusual weather we are experiencing.

The Great Urban Divide

Publisher's Note
"America's cities are becoming laboratories for progressive policies." So states the recent Spokane County Republican Party video, "The Tyranny of Good Intentions," and as you might have guessed, that's not viewed as a good thing.

Grading the Session

The Idaho Legislature made some wise decisions in Boise, but they still get a "C" for "crazy"
Tired and testy, Idaho legislators worked into the morning hours of Friday, April 10, to finish up the 2015 legislative session sine die. The phrase sine die is Latin for "we're finally getting out of this place as fast as we can and heading home!"

Sharia Law and Deadbeat Dads

When D.C. finally does something right, nine Idaho Representatives stop it
On Sept. 18, 2014, Congress passed a law. In these days of an ever-increasingly dysfunctional D.C., that's news in itself — but even more significant, it was a good, bipartisan law.


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