A Better Way

A Better Way

The best way to overcome trauma? Stop perpetuating it
"There is a better way to be human than what we're doing."

Rethinking Jails

Kootenai County needs more innovation to deal with lawbreakers, not a bigger jail
Kootenai County has a jail problem. Everyone agrees there are currently too many inmates and too few beds for the 27-year-old building to continue to meet the county's need for correctional space.

Med School Shuffle

Publisher's Note
America will be coming up 90,000 doctors short within the decade.

What Obama Didn't Say

Vietnam's shadow looms large as America seems poised to get drawn back into Iraq
Recently, NPR's Terry Gross interviewed Tim Arango on her show Fresh Air. Arango, chief of the New York Times' bureau in Baghdad, is of the opinion that the unraveling of Iraq is entirely the result of George W. Bush's reckless invasion and occupation.

Decoding Fall TV

Publisher's Note
Are we not the most elaborately entertained generation ever? For proof, I give you the annual cornucopia of culture we call Fall TV.

Voting's Not Enough

Marking your ballot once or twice a year is great, but our communities need more out of you than that
There's about six weeks left until this year's general election. It's time for me to fulfill my patriotic duty as a columnist by reminding you to fulfill yours by voting.

Real Solutions

Guest Editorial
In light of a recent opinion piece regarding my priorities as Eastern Washington's representative in Congress ("According to Newt," 9/4/14), which discusses political polarization and goes so far as to describe me as a "loyal spear-carrier," I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight some of the work I'm doing to bring solutions to advance Eastern Washington. If there's one thing I've learned as a legislator, it is that we cannot achieve great things alone.

Land of... Whatever

Our standards are eroding in many ways, large and small, but individuals hold the key to creating a more polite, caring culture
When I observe the latest trends in men's dress — no ties, unshaven faces — I get the sense that America and the world have gotten lazy and uncaring: about appearances, conventions and what others may think. Some might argue that this is only a fashion trend, perhaps even a good thing, with fewer of us hung up on appearances, conventionality and how others may judge us.

National Day of Unity

Publisher's Note
"Time is passing. Yet, for the United States of America, there will be no forgetting September the 11th."

The ABCs of R-A-C-E

A list of privileges white students can count on that their black counterparts cannot
When it comes to the reality of racism, ignorance is only bliss for those who hold the power of majority. As our kids get back into the swing of their scholastics, perhaps a refresher course on where history has brought us — and how it affects our lives in the here and now — would be helpful.

According to Newt

Cathy McMorris Rodgers is cozying up to the architect of American polarization, Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich's visit to Cathy McMorris Rodgers' Aug. 13 fundraiser was quite timely. Twenty years ago this November, the 5th District voted Tom Foley out of office, thus ending our 15 minutes of fame — and influence.

Sculpted By Poverty

Publisher's Note
The American sculptor James Earle Fraser grew up on the Western frontier in the 1880s. His father worked for the railroad, punching a connection to the West Coast.

Culture is Identity

And identity fuels cities. So, what's fueling us?
A geneticist, a health care CEO and a tech entrepreneur all complain about how hard it is to retain talented people. Stop me if you've heard this one.

Clouds Over Paradise

Idaho's experiment with ultra-conservative government is sending the Gem State off the rails
Life is glorious in August in North Idaho.

Making Steve Smile

Publisher's Note
Steve Gleason has become the face of ALS in America, and that face is smiling. Earlier this month, when a friend drenched him in ice water as part of the Ice Bucket Challenge, the few muscles the disease has not taken busted out into a huge grin.

Serve, Protect and Defeat?

Militarized police in Ferguson illuminate the need for accountability at home
Imagine your neighborhood under a heavily policed lockdown with an imposed curfew, dozens of arrests each day made by camouflage-wearing, rifle-toting police, and snipers on the roofs of buildings pointing their weapons at you and your kids.


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    A list of privileges white students can count on that their black counterparts cannot
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