Mean Streets

Mean Streets

Local small businesses have it hard enough without having to battle overzealous parking patrols
It's New Year's Eve. You're the proprietor of Cassano's, an Italian grocery store that has operated in Spokane since 1922.

The First Seahawk

Publisher's Note
Sometime in the 19th century, on the soggy, green coast of Vancouver Island, an artist sat down with some fresh cedar. She (or he, nobody really knows) crafted a beautiful mask to be used in the potlatch — the traditional dance festival of the Kwakawaka'wakw people.

Moving Forward

The process of self-examination and change inside the Spokane Police Department
This is a challenging time as communities across the nation question the relationship they have with their police departments. It is a time for community, political and police leaders to pause, reflect and define what community-police relationships should look like as we continue to confront the threats of terrorism and crime, as well as the realities of poverty, unemployment, mental illness, chemical dependency, homelessness and other socioeconomic issues.

Winter Scenes

From behind our windows, we watch North Idaho's wildlife in its annual struggle with the cold
When the ice freezes 5 inches thick on Fernan Lake, the large, friendly pond on the edge of Coeur d'Alene, you know winter in North Idaho has settled in for a long winter's stay. Many years ago, Fernan Lake froze solid enough every year for teenage boys or their crazy elders to drive Model T Fords for exhilarating spins out over the ice.

This Must Be The Place

Publisher's Note
There's that moment, when you open the door and step out of the cold and into the bustle. It's steamy warm, plates of food whiz by, every tableful rapt with companionship.

Say 'No' to Fear

Why Spokane ought to embrace its roots as an immigrant-friendly place
My family loves to tell a story about how my Scotch-Irish great-grandfather was abducted by the English navy and shipped off to Canada. After besting the captain in a sword fight, he was ordered into the brig for execution the next morning.

Common Sense

It's time to add civics and history to the other basics being taught in the Common Core curriculum
Nearly 184 months ago, under the leadership of the National Governors Association, teachers, parents and other education experts gathered together to chart a national course for effective student learning. They named it Common Core Education Standards and made it available for states to adopt.

Completing the Comeback

Publisher's Note
Good news: America is hiring! Bad news: For too many jobs, the pay still stinks.

People vs. Machines

It's time to end the war on people
Our transportation system is breaking down. In Idaho, we would need an additional $262 million a year to maintain our existing approach.

All In For 2015

As a mayoral election looms, perplexing details emerge in the Scott Chesney episode
As Mayor David Condon heads into his re-election year, now obviously having gone "all in" with his Girl Friday, Jan Quintrall, he has to know that the Scott Chesney affair of this past November isn't going away. Announcing the firing, the mayor came across as genuinely perplexed, which in and of itself suggests an unsettling detachment.

Tending Our Garden

Publisher's Note
Even as a boy growing up among tenant farmers in the Italian countryside of the late 19th century, young Angelo Roncalli knew he would be giving his life to God. At the age of 8, he pledged himself to the Franciscan order.

Mothers and Leaders

History often overlooks the women who powered the politics of the civil rights movement
They didn't have time for dreams, fame and fancy suits, but the black women of the '50s and '60s should be celebrated with much pomp and circumstance for starting, fueling and finishing the work of the civil rights movement. Later this month, we will welcome one of these civil rights icons, Dr. Angela Davis, to the Inland Northwest.

Webb For President

The nation needs to come together in 2016, and former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb is the best candidate for the job
Dear Senator Webb: Recently you announced the formation of a committee to explore whether you should make a bid for the presidency in 2016. From a small stop on what once was a railroad stop, a now gone town named Medimont, lost away in the Silver Valley of Idaho within a 24-square-mile Superfund site, comes this answer: Run, Jim, run!

Year in Preview: 2015

Publisher's Note
This week in the Inlander, you can look back at the year that was. That's a good thing, since history can tell us where we're heading.

Completely Repellent

How can we expect people to find constructive uses for space that wasn't built for them?
It was one of those idyllic holiday scenes. A Norman Rockwell moment of the sort Spokane loves to conjure around the holidays.

The Gift of Reading

A new program in Coeur d'Alene is getting books into the hands of the kids who need them most
Most 5- and 6-year-olds take to learning to read like the proverbial ducks to water. Other children find the path paved with painful, stumbling learning blocks.


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