Clinton In Command

Clinton In Command

While Obama and Trump may believe that American global leadership is over, Hillary Clinton sees things differently
Foreign policy issues seldom decide presidential elections. We all should be paying attention this time, however, because the outcome will have a significant impact on America's place in the world, and the world itself.

Debate Decorum

Trail Mix: Trump's weighty attacks and Inslee/Bryant showdown
THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE FAT At the very end of the first presidential debate Monday night, HILLARY CLINTON went in for the kill, unreeling an anecdote that played into the images of DONALD TRUMP as a bully, a racist, and a shallow lech who ranks women's bodies on a scale of one to 10: It was the story of Alicia Machado, who Trump referred to as "Miss Piggy" after she gained weight following her Miss Universe pageant victory in 1996, and "Miss Housekeeping" because she's Latina.

Building on the Past

With dynamic new leadership, Coeur d'Alene is starting to make the dream of a high-tech economy come to life
After lying empty for some 25 years, the elegant-turned-seedy Elks Building in downtown Coeur d'Alene is being reborn as a den for aspiring young entrepreneurs. The transformation is led by energetic human change agent Nick Smoot, who manages to juggle several balls in the air with apparent ease.

Class Act

Seeing through money differences can build relationships focused on fairness
Regardless of where we're at on the wealth spectrum, at some point we've all experienced aversion to the circumstances of people from other socioeconomic classes. Whether it's distaste for someone's front-yard "junk" collection, or the realization that some purchase in America could have paid for a small hospital in a developing country, income and wealth differences are increasingly sore subjects.

Don's Ultimate Con

Trail Mix: Trump's birther problems and Johnson's polls
BIRTHER OF THE NATION No figure has been as prominent in questioning President Barack Obama's nationality as DONALD J. TRUMP.

Transparent Motives

One candidate's an open book; the other is shrouded in secrecy. Guess which one isn't transparent enough
So Donald Trump has finally decreed that Barack Obama actually was born in the United States, not Kenya, and he isn't a Muslim. Boy, am I relieved.

Are You Not Entertained?

We cry for blood in our political fights. But this isn't reality TV — this is a real fight for the presidency
In the movie Gladiator, hero Maximus (Russell Crowe) enters an arena, makes short work of a half dozen or so better armed adversaries and then calls out to a silenced and shocked crowd, "Are you not entertained?" Maximus means, I suspect, for them to realize just how bizarre and inhumane this blood sport is, but instead, a moment later, the crowd is going wild, chanting his name.

Lone Star Blues

Trail Mix: A Texas toss-up and foundation foibles
A TEXAS-SIZE UPSET? In case you need any more proof of how strange and unpredictable this election cycle is, there are now reports that presidential candidates HILLARY CLINTON and DONALD TRUMP are running neck and neck in one of the country's largest and most reliably Republican states.

Murrow's Nightmare

Debate moderators need to be much more than an onstage prop to make our democracy work
With the exception of PBS, the media — both broadcast and print — is profit-motivated, thus tied to ratings and circulation. For this reason, the media views the "news" as a commodity.

To Kill the Black Snake

Historic all-tribes protest at Standing Rock is meant to stop the destruction of the earth for all
There is a Lakota prophecy that says there will be a great black snake that will run through the land and bring destruction to the people and to the earth. And as I write this, there are thousands of Native people from all across the United States gathering peacefully to protect the earth and water from the Dakota Access Pipeline, also known as the black snake.

Pay to Play

Trail Mix: Trump's shady donations and WA guv candidates show taxes
SCAM, PAM, THANK YOU MA'AM Repeatedly, DONALD TRUMP has said that he knows other politicians were corrupt because he'd used his money to bend them to his whims. He argued that only he — a billionaire — was immune from the influence of, well, men like him.

Puppy Love

Burned out by politics? Winston and his kind can help
Here's a surefire way to direct your attention away from the miserable national political scene — get a puppy! So disappointed have we become over this year's presidential choices, that my wife and I have devised a way to forget as much as possible the national political condition and fuss over or laugh at something definitely nonpolitical.

The Blame Game

The public deserves real answers from Mayor Condon, not deflection
P oliticians love publicity. The legendary showman P.T. Barnum once quipped that there's no such thing as bad publicity, but in government the opposite is true.

On Tour

Trail Mix: Trump's tour through WA, and Wikileaks' role in Election 2016
The Adulation of the Masses When you're a typical candidate for political office, polling significantly behind your opponent, you know that one of your most valuable resources is time.

After the Deluge

Cleaning up Trump's hot mess is going to take some heroic leadership
L et's put this election in terms a New Yorker can understand — as a Broadway show. Trump: The Campaign started out in previews, off-off Broadway.

Growing Pains

When the only constant is change itself, we'd best saddle up and make the most of it
At the turn of the previous century, non-native businessmen and people living on the land promoted the Inland Northwest as a unique region to attract the capital and sweat equity of their fellow Americans. With Spokane at its core, people anticipated rapid growth and national prominence.


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  • To Kill the Black Snake

    Historic all-tribes protest at Standing Rock is meant to stop the destruction of the earth for all
    • Sep 8, 2016
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    Debate moderators need to be much more than an onstage prop to make our democracy work
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