Swap Holidays

Swap Holidays

Celebrating Indigenous People's Day instead of Columbus Day would be a great start to better race relations in Spokane and beyond
Sometimes I think about Hitler and the ethnic cleansing that occurred in Europe. It hurts my heart to imagine the pain, suffering, and loss at the hands of such a monster.

Undermining Our Mayors

Publisher's Note
Spokane and its one-term mayors: It's a punch line we love to repeat, but it's not that funny anymore. Recent events have shown there's a reason for our one-term-itis — Spokane mayors live and die by their relationship with the Spokane Police Department.

A Speaker's Calling

It's no coincidence John Boehner announced his resignation just after pope's visit
John Boehner's resignation as Speaker of the House and congressman was as much a surprise to his former colleagues as to his fellow members. His resignation, however, is best described as an act of courage driven by his faith as a devout Catholic — a man who has taken the words of Pope Francis to heart.

I-1366: Just Say 'No!'

Tim Eyman's latest initiative continues his long history of self-serving hyperbole and deception
An old colleague of mine in Olympia loved trivia.

Ye Olde Government

Publisher's Note
Memo to Marshall Farnell: Your plans for retirement have been postponed — indefinitely. Spokane County's CEO, now in his mid-70s, can't quit because the commissioners can't agree on his replacement.

Chief Complaint

What does Frank Straub's resignation tell us about David Condon?
So former Police Chief Frank Straub was considered by senior officers to be insulting and demeaning, and, by golly, Mayor David Condon can't have that. When it comes to charges like these, I'm not the most understanding guy on the block.

We Need a Prophet

Publisher's Note
I loved learning about the prophets during Bible class in high school. A bona fide prophet, we were taught by the Jesuits at Gonzaga Prep, would "comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable."


Shedding the lies we've heard about the state budget will help make a tough problem more solvable
When faced with a challenge, it can be tempting to deny it rather than acknowledge that a difficult solution is needed. People will accept all kinds of untruths in order to cling to the status quo.

Sparking Controversy

No matter how many good deeds you deliver, if you sound anything like government in Idaho, you may land on the hot seat
Matching a name with a mission is not always easy. Or cheap.

Otter Incompetence

Idaho's governor and his staff can't even get the easy things right
Governor Butch Otter's staff's incompetence, too often bordering on corruption, may be the worst-kept secret in Idaho politics. Now it's no longer a secret at all, but a legal fact.

A Slippery Sport

Publisher's Note
If you tuned into America's game Sunday, you may have seen the Seahawks almost pull off an epic comeback. But you couldn't miss ads for DraftKings and FanDuel, two fantasy sports websites that, together, control 90 percent of this emerging marketplace.


Relying too much on clever technologies is making us all dimmer by the day
After 45 years in the classroom, you do learn a thing or two — sometimes too late. I refer to allowing computers in the classroom and the use of PowerPoint; I should have banned both years ago.

Break Free

Reflecting on the blackface incident at Whitworth University can help us change our own role in ending systemic racism
Spokane can't seem to get away from the racism that binds every brick stacked upon brick in this town. It is not unique to Spokane, but we are having a harder time shaking it off.

Seeds of Success

Publisher's Note
When you drive by today, it kind of looks like it's always been there — the brick façade blending with the Flour Mill and the vintage warehouses in the neighborhood. But believe it or not, it's been 20 years since the Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena opened to the public on Sept. 10, 1995.

Fixing on a Frontrunner

A closer look at the four most electable Republican presidential candidates
Fall is upon us, and the political winds of 2016 are swirling. Though 17 qualified Republicans are running, important primaries lie ahead.

Enough is Enough

Too many students are being sexually assaulted on our college campuses
There's a slight chill in the air, night comes quicker and the changing of leaves is almost upon us — the time of the year when students arrive at college, and I'm reminded how the big first steps on campus are an exciting experience.


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