Enough is Enough

Enough is Enough

Too many students are being sexually assaulted on our college campuses
There's a slight chill in the air, night comes quicker and the changing of leaves is almost upon us — the time of the year when students arrive at college, and I'm reminded how the big first steps on campus are an exciting experience. Or it could be a nightmare, when one in five women attending college will be a victim of rape or some form of sexual assault, and 6 percent of men are sexually assaulted during their college years.

Everybody's Business

Publisher's Note
Since our writers are sharing their Labor Day stories this week, I guess I'd better get into the act. One of my first newspaper jobs, out in the Boston 'burbs, was to cover the affluent towns of Dover and Sherborn, Massachusetts, where life was so sleepy that a raccoon getting a peanut butter jar stuck on its head was big news.

Trick or Treaty?

Even Ronald Reagan would sign a treaty with evil empires when it served the cause of peace on earth
Opposition to the Iran nuclear treaty is driven largely by ideologically motivated, anti-Obama Republicans supported by a few pandering Democrats. Their strategy to defeat the president?

Connecting the Dots

How the Washington state budget touches us all in Eastern Washington
The lack of reaction to news about the Washington State Supreme Court fining the legislature $100,000 a day for its failure to fully fund basic education shows just how much we have acquiesced to the dysfunctional politics of our state budget and the revenue system that funds it. Our state's finances can seem irrelevant to daily life here in Spokane, but it is a costly and devastating topic to avoid.

See a Need, Fill It

Publisher's Note
After nearly 30 years, not everyone remembers Vanessa Behan, even though her crisis nursery has become synonymous with a community that cares. She was a beautiful 2-year-old who was killed by a child abuser.

The Clouds Finally Part

A newly protected, 275,000-plus-acre Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness is a monument to working together for Idaho
Deep in the guts of central Idaho stand the White Clouds — a string of picture-perfect peaks and fish-laden lakes situated high above and far away from the political winds that have swirled around them for the past 40 years. On August 7, President Obama's signature on the Sawtooth National Recreation Area and Jerry Peak Wilderness Additions Act stilled those winds.

Trumped-Up Politics

What the Donald is revealing about the Republican Party
Former Maryland governor and Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley recently released 15 policy papers with specific proposals on how to improve our nation.

Out of the Rough?

Why the Indian Canyon Golf Course appears to be on the upswing
The recently formed Friends of Indian Canyon just celebrated the historic course's 80th birthday. "The Canyon," designed by architect Chandler Egan and built by the WPA, opened in August of 1935.

The New Normal?

Publisher's Note
Zero percent contained. During fire season, those are chilling words.

Walk This Earth

To appreciate the cultural differences of our neighbors, we should first reflect on our own experiences
My mother is the strongest person I know. She has been able to live a life fraught with pain, abuse and mental health issues, all while maintaining a sweet smile on her face.

Process of Elimination

A closer look at four more GOP presidential hopefuls
Having already assessed the political fortunes of eight Republican presidential hopefuls ("First Four Out," 7/9/15, and "Corralling the Candidates," 7/16/15), here is my assessment of four more declared candidates. Though I don't pick them to win in 2016, they bring talent, experience and articulation to the race.

The Sanders Surge

Publisher's Note
As the Republican Party seems bent on alienating the final key electoral demographic outside of white men by pledging to cut federal women's health funding and by rewarding the misogynist Donald Trump with surging poll numbers, Hillary Clinton is content to keep quiet. The election is more than a year away, after all, and the GOP is making a great case for her.

When Sharing Isn't Caring

In the world of social media, we all have a responsibility to exercise due diligence
Sharing is everywhere these days.

A Mixed Legacy

A new national historical park must do more than just commemorate the Manhattan Project
Seventy years ago on Aug. 9, the clocks in Nagasaki, Japan, stopped at 11:02 am after a flash brighter than the sun. The United States dropped a bomb that called all life into question, essentially ending World War II.

Smear Tactics

Donald Trump is busy doing what Republicans do best — smearing his opponents
The GOP doesn't know what to do with "The Donald." He says outrageous things about Mexicans, then unabashedly comes right back and claims that they love him.

Stand-Up Warrior

Publisher's Note
The spectacle of a slight New Yorker, with nothing more than a quick wit, taking on all the phonies, night after night — to me, that's America. As Jon Stewart ends his tenure on The Daily Show this week, here are a few random thoughts about his 16-year reign: HE WORE THE MANTLE WELL: Stewart is the latest in a long line of beloved American humorists who have taken aim on the pompous and powerful.


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