Sorry, Senator Risch

Sorry, Senator Risch

But transparency isn't the problem with torture
Earlier this month, the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee released a report about the CIA's enhanced interrogation program. It made clear that the CIA repeatedly tortured prisoners, received little information of value from it and lied to Congress about it.

Women's Movement

The Zags are thrilling their fans and filling the stands in a way few women's programs are anywhere
June Daugherty, Washington State women's basketball coach, put it succinctly: the Gonzaga women's basketball program "has an amazing fan base." She's right, of course, but perhaps it's even hit the level of phenomenon.

Cultural Warrior

Publisher's Note
What's all the ruckus? Last month, the office was abuzz when they called me to the lobby.

A Solid Foundation

Rather than the same old politics, Republicans can start solving immigration issues at the grassroots level
The two biggest stories of the past month — the Ferguson, Missouri, fiasco, and President Obama's unilateral immigration order — have America's attention. Republicans will control Congress in January, but there are ways outside the legislative process to address America's racial divide and its immigration challenge, if only lawmakers — and all Americans — will do so.

Hitting a Nerve

Publisher's Note
There's been quite an uproar over the tiny item in the City of Spokane budget calling for a $7,000 raise for the mayor. David Condon has rejected the raise he never asked for, but not before the flap went into full bloom.

Let Us Breathe

Spokane joins national protests over the failure to indict white officers for killing black civilians
By now, you've probably decided to care, or not care, about the #BlackLivesMatter campaign sweeping America. Translated for black families: You've decided to care or not care about us.

Way Below Average

Presidents from Reagan to FDR make Obama look like a little leaguer when it comes to issuing executive orders
"Lawless." "Czar."

Learning the Handshake

Publisher's Note
It seems like the stories from the old days need to develop a certain patina before we really tune in. Take our World's Fair.

Screw Big Cities

A mid-sized manifesto
Screw big cities. Everybody says big cities are these great, wondrous galaxies that hold together fully formed and diverse constellations of art and culture so broad and deep that one cannot stand at one end and see the other.

Spilled Votes

One last look at the conservative domination of the Idaho elections earlier this month
OUCH! It's hard, very hard, being a Democrat in Idaho.

Making Spokane Pop

Publisher's Note
I found Jerry Schmidt over by the Clock Tower, setting up lights in the near-freezing rain for his latest effort, the Winter Glow Spectacular. Somebody had remarked to him earlier, "Wow, you actually put up the lights, too?"

Size Matters

Class size isn't a silver bullet, but it will help
Earlier this month, Washington voters approved a mandate on smaller class sizes by a tiny margin. When an initiative campaign like this one gathers sufficient interest to reach the ballot, it's safe to say that the public is both interested in the policy and dissatisfied with current representatives' ability to address the issue adequately.

Who's In Charge?

Scott Chesney's removal underlines confusion in our strong mayor system; here's what the city charter says
The curtain opens exposing the Wizard, revealing him as not the "Great and Terrible Oz," but rather just a little old man. Dorothy, dismayed, says: "Oh, you're a very bad man!" To which the Wizard replies, "No, my dear. I'm a very good man. I'm just a very bad wizard."

From Pain To Progress

Publisher's Note
"Empathy." If I boil down, into one word, the past year's worth of journalism we've devoted to our "State of Mind" series, that's it.

Republicans' Last, Best Chance

Will they take the presidency in 2016 or lose it all?
Earlier this month, Republicans swept into office with their largest majorities in Congress since 1928. They have unprecedented power in state legislatures across the country and control most of the nation's governorships.

Exporting Our Values

The next generation of American leaders needs to find common ground with our allies around the world
Florence, Italy, is a magical place with centuries of rich history. It offers foods that delight the soul and vistas that stir emotions.


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