Sacrifice and Success

Sacrifice and Success

The realization of Spokane's own medical school
While the Ironman was on the minds of many local sports enthusiasts this summer, Washington State University and Spokane were winning a triathlon of a different kind. The first two legs were permission and funds from the state legislature for WSU to pursue accreditation for a second publicly funded medical school, as is common in most states.

Picking Idaho's Brain

Jeb Bush has already made an Idaho trip; so how's the Gem State leaning?
It says something about the declining interest in politics, as well as the media's declining interest in substance, that the presumptive Republican nominee, Jeb Bush, could fly into Boise in late April, meet with 35 prominent Republican activists and contributors, depart again, and not one media outlet reported on the visit. The long-time alpha wolf of the Idaho press corps, the Idaho Statesman's John Corlett, must have rolled over in his grave.

The Future is Smaller

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"The story of the millennials is still being written," we concluded in our December cover story, "The Selfie Generation." We documented how those born between the 1980s and the early 2000s were carving out a particular space in America — mostly by necessity.

Beware, Be Ready

Simple, sensible precautions can make all the difference when "the big one" hits
Last week, an exceptionally well-written essay in the New Yorker titled "The Really Big One" renewed popular attention in the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a 700-mile coastal stretch from Vancouver, B.C., to northern California that is prone to infrequent, but potentially catastrophic, earthquakes. Geologists tell us there is a one-in-10 chance that such a "megathrust" quake could take place in the next 50 years.

The Trumpenstein Monster

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Commentators have been having a field day with Donald Trump. He's good for at least one fresh controversy a day, along with one shocking insult per week.

Who Do You Trust?

Republicans are howling about the Iran nuclear treaty, but after a century of bad advice, should we even listen?
None other than Republican Sen. Rand Paul stated that, on the foreign policy front, his party hasn't been right about anything for the past 20 years. My only quibble is that the GOP hasn't been on the smart side of a foreign affairs issue for at least a century.

Paradox of the West

There's more to our region's success than just rugged individualism
Earlier this month, New York Times reporter Kirk Johnson penned a story on Sandpoint, Idaho. He wrote about how people there are examples of the grit and individual determination that have shaped the American West for generations.

No Pain, No Gain

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Good things come to those who wait. That's my takeaway from the recently concluded, epic Washington state legislative session.

Corralling the Candidates

Wading through four more hopefuls seeking the GOP nomination
With Gov. Scott Walker's announcement this week, fifteen Republican presidential candidates have declared. Expect more entrants to emerge.

Grit and Will

How we move beyond the Rachel Dolezal sideshow
The Rachel Dolezal scandal starkly brought to light the many issues facing our community: identity development, cultural appropriation, authenticity... the list goes on. I intend to break down those issues one at a time, but first we should honor the work that was overshadowed by top-trending tweets, the jokes on late night TV, and the unapologetic and arcane appearance she made on the Today show.

After the Gold Rush

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What a whirlwind, historic year! From that first local cannabis retailer opening one year ago to news that the state has raked in $70 million in tax revenue...

First Four Out

Our former congressman and D.C. watcher starts his review of the 2016 candidates for President of the United States
No one, especially not Democrats, can say Republicans don't support diversity — just consider the wide array of 2016 Republican presidential candidates! And, no one can say Republicans don't have a sense of humor — just look at Donald Trump's candidacy!

American Fabric

Racism is alive and well in our symbols and society
Last Friday, I stepped out of the patented Atlanta humidity to tour the state capitol building of Georgia. Through the elegant rotunda, a legislator held a press conference challenging Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal to eliminate a state license plate for the "Sons Of The Confederacy."

America's Yin and Yang

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On a summer afternoon in 1826, a great American life came to an end. Surrounded by friends and family at Monticello, Thomas Jefferson — the man who wrote the words we celebrate every Fourth of July — passed away.

After Charleston

Taking down the Confederate flag is a good start, but overcoming centuries of suppression won't be that easy
"Astonishing." That's the word being used to describe how quickly and decisively so many Southern states have acted to remove the Confederate flag from public display after the Charleston massacre.

Healing Forward

Why Spokane shouldn't try to collectively own the Dolezal scandal
I met Rachel Dolezal one year ago at the fabulous, first annual Bazaar art and craft festival in downtown Spokane. I was struck by the gravity of her work and the artist who was frustrated that her racially themed prints weren't selling to a predominantly white audience.


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