School Do's

School Do's

Parenting: Academic success begins outside the classroom
Ready for school? As the summer winds down, colorful supplies and new clothes may dominate kids' thoughts as they prepare to embark on the school year.

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Health Care You Wear

Technology: Real-time reporting on your health and fitness, 24-7
Eye-popping and potentially lifesaving wearable fitness and health monitoring devices are storming into gyms, hospitals, swimming pools, physical therapy clinics, living rooms, even boxing rings. We're talking contact lenses, shirts, strap-on monitors, tights, shorts, glasses, necklaces, bras and more that will provide real-time feedback and an array of data to help your body become all it can be.

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In Harmony

People: Any show that Last Chance For Gas plays is a donation of their time
Combined, they say they have about 200 years of experience playing music. But that doesn't mean the men of Last Chance for Gas are quitting their band any time soon.

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Blooms of Joy

Charity Corner: Brightening days with flowers
Shawn Chamberlain clearly recalls the first seeds of thought for her now blossoming nonprofit. Three years ago, when the owner of Coeur d'Alene's Flower Bar Co. was volunteering in the gardens of the Hospice House of North Idaho, Chamberlain noticed a patient watching her work, a terminally ill mother whose family's life was about to change.

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Food as Medicine

Cooking: Changing the notion of hospital food
Chef David McCampbell shares a story from his first month at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children's Hospital about a woman's special meal request — biscuits and gravy — for her husband, who had less than a day to live. Later, the woman arrived in his office.

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Not Green Enough?

Healthy Planet: Cannabis is legal in Washington state now; some want to make growing it safer and more sustainable
You might be surprised to learn that producing just over two pounds of marijuana indoors has the same carbon footprint as driving across the country 11 times in a car that gets 44 miles per gallon. "This is clearly a huge unattended problem," says Evan Mills, author of the 2012 Energy Associates study that revealed this comparison.

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Adventures in DIY Shampoo

Healthy Beauty: Can you have a healthier head of hair by skipping off-the-shelf shampoo?
Americans love their hygiene routines; the majority of us shower daily out of habit or in fear of social ostracism. And those who don't engage in this quotidian practice often protect their dirty secret by denying it.

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Travel Aspirations

"Voluntourists" use vacation time to offer assistance around the world and in the United States
Combine a volunteer and a tourist and you get a "voluntourist." Voluntourists provide dental and medical care, mentor young men and women, build houses, clear trails, play with orphans, teach practical skills, monitor sea turtle nesting grounds and much, much more.

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Where There's a Bill...There's a Way

The Empowered Patient: How to make sure your hospital bill is fair and accurate — and avoid overpaying
George Stumph is one of the lucky ones. After surgical procedures to his hip and shoulder last year, he didn't have to worry about checking the hospital bills.

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The Ripple Effect

Education: WSU looks to take full advantage of the new medical school opening in Spokane
The second public medical school in the state of Washington isn't ready for students quite yet, but researchers from across the university's other colleges are already working to build partnerships with the new addition. Washington State University recently announced the allocation of $30 million for joint research initiatives, at least $5 million of which will include contributions for the brand-new Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine in Spokane.

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House Calls

Innovation: Get health care in the comfort of your own home, or practically anywhere else
Let's say you're at home sitting on the couch. You become aware that you've been scratching the same area on your arm.

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Overwhelming Need

Getting help for kids with mental health issues frustrates parents and health care providers
Her son has had many meltdowns. He's put holes in the wall, letting loose the aggression and irritability that mark a child with oppositional defiant disorder.

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Get Empowered!

Editor's Note: Untangling the snarl of modern health care
In this issue, you'll find the first installment of an ongoing series we're calling "The Empowered Patient." Often we hear the term "health care consumer."

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Prepping for Success

Just for Kids: Getting every kid off to a great school-year start
Back-to-school supplies can create a hefty bill for parents, especially for families with multiple children heading back to the classroom. That's why area organizations step up each year to make sure every kid can start the year with fresh supplies.

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Secret to a Longer Life?

Life Coaching: Our relationships mean a lot
We are experts in knowing what food, hydration and exercise will keep us healthy. However, one additional health-promoting behavior is just as essential.

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Herb Searching

E-Health: Online and amazingly comprehensive
The amazingly comprehensive and free "About Herbs" app, developed by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, helps both consumers and professionals decipher the benefits and risks of thousands of "botanicals, supplements, complementary therapies and more." Search a substance or a symptom — it's hard to find something they haven't included.

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Safety Smarts

Ask Dr. Matt: Be savvy about your kids' health
In the previous issue of InHealth, we examined safety issues for kids ages 1 to 5. This time we'll look at the risks for infants and 5-to-19-year-olds.

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Old Glasses, New Life

Charity Corner: Giving clarity to those in need
It may be hard to see, but what is an easily corrected loss of visual acuity in this country can leave people in developing countries almost completely reliant on family assistance just to survive. If you've experienced the delight of replacing old prescription glasses with an updated pair, you can help solve this problem by donating your used specs.

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Heart Saver?

Pill Box: New SGLT-2 inhibitors offer exciting promise
My husband has type 2 diabetes. He and I recently heard about a study which showed that one of the new diabetes medications not only reduced blood sugar but also reduced the rates of death due to heart disease.

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Pomegranate Power

Superfood: Loaded with antioxidants, fiber and more
ATTRIBUTES: Ruby-red pomegranate seeds, called arils, are loaded with antioxidants and fiber, and are a good source of vitamins A, C and E. SUPER POWERS: Pomegranate, or various extracts or concentrated juices created from the fruit, have been implicated in reducing inflammation in people with arthritis and diabetes, and may have beneficial effects on cardiovascular health.

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    Healthy Beauty: Can you have a healthier head of hair by skipping off-the-shelf shampoo?
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