Power of Play

Power of Play

The importance of just being a kid goes far beyond having fun
For children, playtime is serious business. It enhances learning and helps shape our brains in ways that have lifelong implications.

Living Section

Living Section

Precious Time

The Young Child Expo Spokane focuses on ways to foster healthy childhoods
As Donald Rumsfeld famously declared, there are things "we don't know we don't know." While the statement has been subject to endless ridicule, it does have an unsettling application to raising and educating children.

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Learning to Learn

Tackling the many variations of ADHD challenges therapists, parents, teachers and kids
Jason has a new backpack, Ashley's signed up for soccer, and Matthew already knows what his science project will be. Soon school corridors will be full of noisy, eager kids ready for a new school year, and parents across the nation will cross their fingers that this will be a year of learning, growing, making friends and fitting in.

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Full Circle

The farm-to-table ethic keeps fresh ingredients on local menus and brings growers together
Whether it's eggs in the Kootenai omelet or ground beef in their Shepherd's Pie, Garnet Cafe chef Joe Zornick can tell you where those ingredients come from: McLane Farms. "Farm to table for me," says Zornick.

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Back to Bras

A good bra can improve myriad health issues — and make you happy
They come in all sizes — miniscule, balloon-shaped or perfectly reconstructed. And while many women would prefer to pop on a comfy old bra and not think another thing about it, an ill-ftting undergarment can lead to poor posture, back and even breathing issues.

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Breaking a Fall

Preventing falls is a mind-body exercise
The sound of thunder rolls across the parquet flooring of the Corbin Senior Center. Stomp!

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Born to Walk

Put one foot in front of the other until you find what you've been missing
We were out of water. Had been for three hours, maybe longer.

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Farming Sense

More than a half-century of collective wisdom helps Tolstoy Farms thrive
Springtime found Stosh Jackowski hard at work shoveling manure from the bed of an old Dodge truck at Tolstoy Farms. At 75, he is both Tolstoy's oldest and longest continuous resident, having arrived in 1965.

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News In Health

The New Fix

Are e-cigarettes harming kids more than they're helping adults?
When electronic cigarettes burst onto the scene a few years ago, they did so with an implicit promise: Finally, an effective way to quit smoking. (For legal reasons, of course, this promise had to remain implicit.)

News In Health

Fertile Strategies

New options for couples having trouble conceiving
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in a baby carriage.

News In Health

Food: Friends or Foes?

Nutritional recommendations may be a lot less certain than we think
The potato industry recently scored a big victory, in what sounds at first like a familiar story of Big Ag winning out over public health. Eight years ago, over allegations of insufficient nutritional value, potatoes were excluded from a government program that helps pregnant women and young children improve their diets.

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Choice Principal

Why Rogers High School's Lori Wyborney was named Washington's 2015 High School Principal of the Year
The chaotic din of hundreds of ninth and 10th graders fills the cafeteria at Rogers High School. Kids gossip back and forth, swipe through the latest social networking apps and chug cartons of chocolate milk.

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Check In

Bittersweet Victory

"There is no good reason to wait," WSU President Elson Floyd told the Inlander in September of last year, outlining his plans to bring a new medical school to Eastern Washington. "We've been waiting for over 100 years.

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Accept No Substitutes

Q: My son takes extended-release methylphenidate once daily for his ADHD. I recently heard that there were concerns about this medication when the generic is used.

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Unplug and Play

Editor's Note
I have to admit a particular fondness for the topic of our cover story—play. In an era when self-worth is often equated with how packed our calendars are, giving in to experiences that may not really accomplish anything can seem rather worthless.

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Learning for Grown-Ups

Life Coaching
What do you remember about riding your bicycle for the first time? Chances are, while the idea may have been very exciting, there was also a little apprehension or perhaps sheer terror, too.

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Healing Our Pets

Good Read
With all the human interest in complementary and alternative medicine, it was only a matter of time before people wondered if animals might benefit from these same treatments. Spokane veterinarian Dennis Thomas says he practiced traditional Western medicine for 30 years but became frustrated by "so many dead ends, so many limited opportunities."

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Sparking Neighborhood Success

100% Local
"Access to resources is often dictated by a person's zip code," says Valerie Nafé. That's about to change for kids and adults in Spokane's West Central neighborhood, one of the region's lowest-income zip codes, through an innovative program called the Spark Center.

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Festival of All Things Green

Living a life without meat seems impossible to some, but for people like Josh Meckel, it's a no-brainer. Co-founder of the Inland Northwest Vegans (INVEG), Meckel has spent 22 years as a vegetarian, the past two-and-a-half years on a plant-based diet.

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In Franklin's Footsteps

From the editor
How many times have you thought you should eat better, should make time for close friendships and date nights, should teach your kids more about community service, should finally make that commitment to forge ahead in your career? All those "shoulds" can add up to one big headache — often making me think I should just forget it and try to get through the day.

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    Are e-cigarettes harming kids more than they're helping adults?
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    New options for couples having trouble conceiving
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