Balancing Life & Fitness

Balancing Life & Fitness

Meet six locals who’ll inspire you to make 2017 your fittest year yet
In end-of-year twinkling lights and parties, it's easy to get caught up in the festivities, feeding off their energy — or stress — and paying little mind to workout routines, food pyramids and regular bedtimes. But come Jan. 1, that perspective will change.

Living Section

Living Section

The Yoga of Yes

At the Ashtanga Yoga School of Spokane, teacher Shelley Enlow leads students toward self-knowledge
It's 6:30 am at the Ashtanga Yoga School of Spokane, and the members of the early morning yoga crew are quietly, purposefully working on their individual practices under the watchful eye of teacher Shelley Enlow. Some are more advanced, doing forearm balances that turn into upside-down lotus postures; others are struggling to balance in tree pose.

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More Than a Story

Just For Kids: Weekly sessions at local libraries have long-term benefits
Sitting on the floor, cross-legged, listening to a friendly librarian read aloud from a picture book has been an element of public libraries since their inception. And with increased focus on the importance of early childhood education and literacy, libraries have adopted new ways to sneak optimal learning experiences into these fun story sessions.

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Grains of Truth

Shaun Thompson Duffy goes from mill to oven
Bread has gotten a bad rap, says Shaun Thompson Duffy, who bakes bread, consults with bakeries, teaches classes and, most recently, mills his own flour. "Gluten-intolerance people have tons of theories about it," says the 36-year-old chef-turned-baker, who has dedicated his career to exploring artisanal breadmaking.

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Play Well

Parenting: A new book about how they parent in Denmark offers lessons for overprogrammed American kids
In Denmark, dating back to 1871, husband and wife Niels and Erna Juel-Hansen came up with the first pedagogy based on educational theory, which incorporated play. They discovered that free play is crucial for a child's development.

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The Arts of Medicine

How music, literature and visual art are humanizing health care
Darryl Potyk, M.D., queues his phone to a song, presses play and deposits the phone in an empty, grande-sized paper coffee cup. He slides the now amplified phone to the center of a table and three people lean forward, intently listening to Neko Case's smoky voice, whisper-singing her cover of Tom Waits' "Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis."

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Secrets to Getting Some Shut-Eye

More and more women are struggling to sleep; here are four ways to drift off to better health
Awakening at 3:30 am is never a welcome event.

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Mystery Solved

How an ovarian disorder may affect fertility and more
When 15-year-old Willow passed out on the bathroom floor, her mother rushed her to the emergency room. Acutely aware that Willow had been experiencing extremely heavy periods, she advised the ER staff.

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News In Health

Choose Wisely

Doctors and patients are teaming up to reduce unnecessary treatments — and to improve outcomes
The congestion, coughing and sore throat just won't go away. You have to stay home from work, and you're losing sleep.

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Doing a Disservice

Bringing pets to public places can have unintended consequences for those who rely on service animals
Chihuahuas in purses, puppies in shopping carts, blue heelers off leash in a home improvement store. Pet dogs seem to be appearing more often in public places — sometimes by owners willfully ignoring no-pets rules, or passed off by their fibbing owners as service animals.

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Are You Ready?

Surgery is a challenge, so prepare yourself
If April Box hadn't insisted on asking questions, she might never have walked again. Box has a congenital disorder that affected her ability to walk, even as a kid.

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Taking a Complement

A group of health care providers in Spokane hopes therapies outside the American norm can enter the mainstream
Growing up in northeast India, Renu Sinha recalls her family using therapies from Western and Eastern traditions to stay healthy. They would meditate and practice yoga, and she recalls getting ayurvedic treatment, an ancient Indian healing system.

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Green Light for WSU

Milestone: A key step for a new medical school in Spokane
Washington State University is ready to accept applications for its new medical school opening in August 2017. In October, the school earned preliminary accreditation from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education.

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Tis the Season...

Life Coach: Small acts of kindness go a long way
The year-end holidays evoke powerful emotions in many of us. They can be a time of great joy and celebration, or may remind us of losses we have experienced.

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Helping Kids Feel Secure

Ask. Dr. Matt: Parents' emotional regulation and control more important than ever
Hopefully, the many who voted for DJT did not do so as an endorsement of crassness, xenophobia or hatred — but rather as an an anti-same ol', same ol' action. It will be interesting to see how things go, once things get real 'round D.C. I expect like many successful business people, our President-elect will carefully choose a team comprised of individuals of high integrity who are experienced and dedicated to the success and future of all.

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Flip the Script on Your 25 Days of Christmas

Charity Corner: Consider a reverse-Advent calendar to give back this season
While you're out shopping for gifts or even groceries in December, don't overlook all the people barely scraping by. A reverse Advent calendar is a fun and interactive way to help others this holiday season.

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Rocket Fuel

Superfood: Arugula is perfect for winter windowsill gardens
ATTRIBUTES: Arugula, with its distinctive peppery-flavor, also goes by the alias "rocket." Requiring just three hours of sunlight a day, arugula is perfect for a winter windowsill garden.

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Alternatives to Ibuprofen?

Pill Box: Options for pain relief
I saw a story on the news that said Celebrex (celecoxib) was safer than either ibuprofen or naproxen. I take over-the-counter ibuprofen once or twice a week for headaches.

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The Reset Button

From the Editor: This season is a good time to look inward
Feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospect of the holidays, a divisive election that just keeps on giving or work responsibilities that never seem to end? Processing all the emotions surrounding life as 2016 ends and 2017 begins will take some work.

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A Toast to the River

Charity Corner: A tasty way to protect the Spokane River
The health of a community is expressly tied to the health of its environment, which makes protecting our regional treasure — the Spokane River — an important priority. For its milestone 10th year, the Spokane Riverkeeper benefit "Dirty Martinis for Clean Water" again seeks to raise funds for projects that keep the river's waters running clear and clean, including efforts to educate all ages on its major ecological role in the region.

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    Ask. Dr. Matt: Parents' emotional regulation and control more important than ever
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  • The Yoga of Yes

    At the Ashtanga Yoga School of Spokane, teacher Shelley Enlow leads students toward self-knowledge
    • Nov 29, 2016
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