The Inlander's Music Festival for All

Sam Platts & the Kootenai Three

Old-school country sees a new-generation revival in this young Coeur d'Alene group

Mama Doll

They're not about being an all-female act; they just want to make great music

Normal Babies

Screw your iPod, your smartphone, your iTunes account: Normal Babies evokes a time and place when music had a heart

Blackwater Prophet

As the hard-rock trio takes its music more seriously, so do its fans

Bloody Gloves

Spokane's punk scene deserves a band that's not afraid to be edgy

Regional Awareness

Volume features local talent, but also draws some of the hottest up-and-coming bands from the region; here is just a sampling

So You Wanna...

Curated Volume lineups for all musical tastes

Bands to Watch 2013: Lilac Linguistics

How five young men are coining a new genre: Inland Northwest hip-hop

Bands to Watch 2013: Hooves

Instrumental heavyweights Hooves make you feel as much as you hear

Bands to Watch 2013: Ian Miles

Sometimes you choose the music. And sometimes it just chooses you

Bands to Watch 2013: Psychic Rites

Psychic Rites makes it easy to enjoy the terror

Bands to Watch 2013: 66beat

Keep it simple, stupid

Bands to Watch: Thumper

Jordan Magnuson is the heroine and ringmaster of an unimaginable world.

Bands to Watch: Tim Blood and the Gutpanthers

An hour has passed since Tim Blood & the Gutpanthers were supposed to start performing in the dingy living room of a Peaceful Valley house.

Bands to Watch: Mirror Mirror

There are no edges here. There are no hard walls. Nothing should reflect sound, and yet sound seems to reflect.The house Mirror Mirror practices in would have been the home of the future in 1954.

Bands to Watch: BBBBandits

Gawain Fadeley should be more nervous than he’s currently projecting. If not nervous, at least a little on edge.

Bands to Watch: Losing Skin

SOUNDS LIKE: The moment when two armies of blood-thirsty cannibals collide on a battlefield carpeted with rotting corpses.

Bands to Watch: Ocean

Dan Cuccia has always been a behind-the-scenes guy — the guy making the bass-heavy background beats that rappers would flow over.

Bands to Watch: Horse Thieves

In the beginning, the Horse Thieves tried telling other people’s stories. “We went to some dark places with ideas for the sound,” Adam Miller says.

Bands to Watch: K. Clifton

Kay Clifton is a serious man. Onstage — and, today, sitting at his kitchen table, sipping a glass of Minute Maid — his tired face is often obstructed by the deep hood of a sweatshirt.

Bands to Watch: Whiskey Dick Mtn

On the eighth day, God created Whiskey Dick Mountain.

Bands to Watch: Silver Treason

Everyone’s seen it: the first drunk girl at a party who starts dancing — by herself — in the middle of an empty living room.

Where We're At

Man, it’s been a rough year for venues, but we’ve already been over this. But hey, there are still a lot of places making huge contributions to the scene.

Up for Review

Back in the day, a big chunk of The Inlander’s Local Music Issue was comprised of reviews and write-ups of every single band in town. Big undertaking.


For the second year in a row, we’re hosting a show to celebrate our annual Local Music Issue. But this year, it’s more than just a show: we’re calling it an extravaganza.

Bands to Watch: Ze Krau

Somewhere in the world, at some point in history, an artist had a vision of Jesus. And that vision looked like Jon Swanstrom.

Bands to Watch: Space Opera 77

Standing over the crowd, arms spread wide, cymbals poised for crashing, Drake Wilcox chants, “I hear the storm comin’/ I hear the guns, baby!” into the mic again and again.

Bands to Watch: Matthew Winters

He´s jittery, maybe a little drunk. Before he takes the stage with Team Growl at Sunset Junction, he giggles, handing out pink bubblegum “It’s a Girl!” cigars to the audience.

Bands to Watch: Jaeda

"Not knowing what you’re going to say and what’s going to come out of your brain… it’s such a rush. You never feel more alive.”

Peer Review

If you transcribe mint gum, CK One and Starbucks furniture into music, this is the end result.

How We Picked 'Em

To do this, we assembled a committee of some of the most invested individuals in Spokane’s music scene. People who live for shows at Sunset Junction and Empyrean, who are planning, booking, promoting and rocking local musicians on their headphones.

Bands to Watch: FAUS

On a recent Monday night, the Cretin Hop belonged to FAUS. In, like, an Oklahoma land-grab sense. The band laid claim to the entire stage and about half of the floor area.

Local Music: Tour Directory

Local Music: Stop the Press

Before you start assembling your press

Local Music: Post-It Notes

Local Music: Merchenary

Local Music: Making Airwaves

Local Music: Get a Manager

Local Music: Embodying It


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