Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures

How was a suicidal inmate able to kill himself inside the Spokane County Jail?
The corrections officer walked along the mezzanine of Floor Two West at the Spokane County Jail on May 4, peeking through the window in the cerulean blue door of each cell. Then he saw John Everitt's limp body hanging from the chest-high bunk, a jail-issue bedsheet pulled taut around his throat.

We Can Help Parkinson's Patients Speak Up

WSU Spokane's Mark VanDam is building a device to fight the neurodegenerative disease
The whiteboard in Mark VanDam's office in the Washington State University Spokane Department of Speech and Hearing Sciences bursts with sine waves and strange equations scrawled in bright primary colors. VanDam, gesturing around the room, says he's working on a multitude of projects.

We Can Build a Better Artificial Limb

Modern replacements for lost limbs are far from optimal. A U of Idaho researcher seeks to change that
In 2012, Oscar Pistorius became the first amputee to compete in the Summer Olympics, finishing second in a 400-meter heat. Running with two j-shaped carbon fiber prosthetic limbs, Pistorius bested his more able-bodied competitors, earning him the nickname "Blade Runner."

We Can Resurrect Lost Chinese Characters

An EWU computer-imaging expert is using his expertise to uncover an ancient Chinese artist's work
Kosuke Imamura remembers the prominence of Chinese artist Wang Xizhi, the revered "Calligraphy Saint," when he was a little kid growing up in Japan. Japanese cartoons and comic books told stories about the ancient artist and how he came to create a calligraphy piece called Ji Wang Sheng Jiao Xu — literally translated, "Preface of Sacred Book by Collected Characters."

We Can Learn about Cancer from Fish and Worms

When they lose an important gene, their cells go crazy. What that might tell us about cancer
The creatures are microscopic, in the most literal sense. They can be seen moving through the lenses of microscopes, in a sleek lab at Whitworth University's new science building.

We Can Fix The Wi-Fi Traffic Jam

In a time when everyone has a smartphone, a Gonzaga professor can clear up wireless traffic
You're sitting outside on the patio of your favorite café, surfing the Internet. You catch up on the daily news, watch a few videos, shop for some new hiking boots and tweet a picture of the boots when you're done (#outdoorlyfe).

Caught on Tape

The Spokane Police Department adds more body cameras; plus, the Coeur d'Alene School Board adds more moderates
Action! The SPOKANE POLICE DEPARTMENT will roll out 90 more body cameras on Monday.

Teacher Skip Day

The Washington State Legislature already plans to increase teacher salaries and school funding — but that wasn't enough to stop schools from striking
This is the year the Washington State Legislature finally is ready to give schools a little more of what they're constitutionally guaranteed. Yet dozens of school districts, fed up with those same state lawmakers, have voted for a one-day strike.

The Hunt for Pat and Jason

Two Coeur d'Alene families haven't given up their search, even though local law enforcement did
On a Friday after work, Pat Lusk and his buddy Jason Gritten loaded up Lusk’s truck and camper to spend the weekend on the Salmon River, a routine they’ve gone through many times before. As the two men pulled out of the driveway May 15, looking excited about a weekend of hiking and canoeing, the daughter of Lusk's elderly neighbors was arriving at her parents' house for a visit.


Can robots take over local sports coverage?
Before players in this year's NCAA College World Series clear out of the dugout, the Associated Press will have a game story ready to go on its newswire. The same will go for women's Division I basketball and D-II and D-III basketball and football — all areas the AP hasn't covered in the past.

Dude, Where's My Bike?

A new tool to protect your bicycle; plus, finding a new police ombudsman
REUNITED The city of Spokane has developed a new tool to help reunite citizens with their lost or STOLEN BIKE.

The Contenders

Candidates have filed to run for office in Spokane. Here's what's at stake
A quiet parade of people filed into a county building last week to take the first step in determining the balance of power at City Hall. More than a dozen candidates — some well-funded and well-known, others with little name recognition or funds — turned out for last week's filing deadline for seats on the Spokane City Council and in the mayor's race.


After years of train hopping, Chuck Lawrence wants to go home. It won't be that simple
Chuck Lawrence is breaking Rule No. 1: Don't get too drunk. You can't really blame him.

Hierarchy of Needs

Spokane experiments with Housing First programs
Renee Shelton knows what it's like to be cold, lonely and out of options. She rocks back and forth ever so slightly as she sits at the kitchen table in her one-bedroom apartment at Father Bach Haven Home, her face bathed in the soft glow of an antique lamp.

Good Old Boys?

Allegations swirl around Todd Mielke's county CEO aspirations; plus, fire season kicks off
'Abused his position' On Monday, former Spokane County Commissioner Bonnie Mager sent a letter to the county prosecutor asking the selection process for Spokane County's CEO be investigated for ETHICAL VIOLATIONS and violations of Washington's open meetings act.

Promises and Payments

A deal struck by the mayor and an influential hotelier may come undone after city council raises legal questions
Spokane hotel magnate Walt Worthy thinks it's a good deal, and he'd offer it to just about anybody else. He's spent millions to build the 716-room Davenport Grand Hotel in downtown Spokane, which he says will generate tens of millions of dollars in economic activity and taxes after opening next month.


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