Checking In

Checking In

What's driving a hotel-building surge in Spokane?
Work on the skywalk between the Spokane Convention Center and the accompanying Davenport Grand Hotel is wrapping up, and shipments of supplies are being brought in to get the hotel ready to host a convention that would have been unthinkable a few years ago. About a half-mile away on Division Street, hospitality mogul Jerry Dicker is getting ready to unveil his latest project, adding to his portfolio of upscale accommodations, including a hotel that just opened up in 2013.

Why Idaho kids don't go to college

And what that means for the Gem State
The first advertisement a shopper notices when entering Coeur d'Alene's Silver Lake Mall isn't one for spring fashion or Cinnabon. It's the one painted across an entire wall in big, brash deep red, telling shoppers to go to college.


More fall-out for Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell; plus, Washington lawmakers debate voting rights
REMEMBER THIS "MUZLIM"? Last week, the Inlander reported online comments made by Lesley Haskell, wife of Spokane County Prosecutor LARRY HASKELL, which appeared racially and religiously prejudiced.

One Last Hurdle

Developer Ron Wells is waiting on one letter, and then everything should fall into place to resurrect the Ridpath
Developer Ron Wells is ready, set and eagerly waiting the shot of the starting pistol. Over the past week, every 36 hours or so, he's been making phone calls to an investor, asking if there's anything he can do to speed up the process.

Spark of Change

Why Chris Hedges thinks we're ripe for revolution
Can Chris Hedges, the best-selling political author, activist and Pulitzer Prize winner, is visiting Spokane this week for a talk on the "Wages of Rebellion," the name of his forthcoming book examining revolution and its causes. Once a New York Times foreign correspondent, Hedges is now known better for his outspoken criticisms of Israel and the Iraq War and his support of movements like Occupy Wall Street.

Between Love and the Law

He was a criminal. She was a crime fighter. Their relationship would cost them both dearly
"Just two people who happened to live on different sides of the fence? On the wrong sides of the law?

'All Lives Matter'

A deeper look at Pasco as it grapples with the police shooting of a vulnerable man
It was just a rock. That's the rallying cry — and phrase seen on numerous protest signs — in Pasco, Washington, since Feb. 10.

Promise Keepers?

The city of Spokane tries to keep its promise not to raise taxes; plus, the fight against public nudity
Tax Mistake When supporters of the Spokane streets levy were campaigning, one message was hammered home again and again: It would not RAISE TAXES.

'I Do Not Trust Muzlims'

Comments by the wife of Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell have raised questions about his office's impartiality
In the months preceding his successful bid for Spokane County prosecutor, Larry Haskell campaigned as a reformer despite his establishment roots. The longtime former deputy prosecutor touted his integrity and track record of fairness.

Worth a Shot

As preventable disease breaks out, concern for public health reaches a fever pitch
Jess Asien never thought it could happen so fast. She was at the gym when she found out her brother was in a coma.

Taxes, Wages and Pot

Idaho looks to fix its crumbling roads; plus, a trial is set for the Kettle Falls Five
BRIDGE TOLL Idaho's roads and bridges, as anyone who's taken a drive from Coeur d'Alene to Bonners Ferry knows, are awful.

Won't Back Down

Opponents of the state's new gun background check law are still fighting against it
On the fourth day of the legislative session this year, state Rep. Matt Shea, R-Spokane Valley, took to the Capitol steps, flanked by gun activists openly wielding rifles and sidearms, and urged civil disobedience against laws intended to keep dangerous weapons away from dangerous people. "An unconstitutional law is no law at all," he said.

Fagan's World

City councilman Mike Fagan has unconventional views on vaccinations. So, what else does he think?
City council study sessions are usually as dry as they sound. But last week, the small conference room where they are held was electric.

Tax Corrector

Our tax system rewards all the wrong people, says journalist David Cay Johnston — but he has a plan to fix it
Investigative journalist David Cay Johnston has spent so much time diving into the mess of the U.S. tax code, exposing outrageous loopholes, he has a Pulitzer Prize to show for it. But it's one thing, in books like Free Lunch and Perfectly Legal, to prove the system is broken.

Taxes: Idaho vs. Washington

How do the two states stack up?
There's no great mystery why Idaho has trouble funding its schools and fixing its roads: The state has low taxes and low wages. Relative to its income level, Idaho has the 41st lowest tax rate in the nation, according to the Idaho State Tax Commission.

State of Play

Medical education and gun safety get hearings in Olympia
HOUSE CALLS The House Higher Education Committee of the Washington State Legislature, in a 12-1 vote, approved a bill that changes a century-old statute, paving the way for Washington State University to build its own MED SCHOOL in Spokane.


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  • 'I Do Not Trust Muzlims'

    Comments by the wife of Spokane County Prosecutor Larry Haskell have raised questions about his office's impartiality
    • Feb 25, 2015
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    City councilman Mike Fagan has unconventional views on vaccinations. So, what else does he think?
    • Feb 18, 2015
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