Reunited We Stand

Reunited We Stand

With major provisions of Trump's executive order put on temporary hold, 11 Iraqi refugees reunite with their families in Spokane
If President Donald Trump had gotten his way, the events at Spokane International Airport on Saturday night would not have taken place. A little more than a week earlier, Trump's executive order would have made it illegal for these three Iraqi families — 11 men, women and children — to even enter the United States.

Working Blue

Spokane police officer under fire for profanity; plus, Tomi Lahren — and her opinions — are coming to town
TOUGH-TALKIN' COP SCOLDED A SPOKANE POLICE officer went on an expletive-laden rant against a domestic violence suspect who was taunting the officer from the back of his patrol car.

'Cautiously Optimistic'

Spokane Public Schools has seen improvement since committing to reducing suspensions, but the hardest part is yet to come
In a fourth-floor room in the Spokane Public Schools district office, the bar graphs and numbers on the projector screen look encouraging. Suspensions have gone down.

Revolution Road

What driverless cars mean for you, the Inland Northwest and beyond
Imagine a future where cars that drive themselves rule the road. Imagine you're heading to your job in downtown Spokane, typing away on your laptop, when your car gets an automated message about a broken water main on Riverside.

Obscene Gestures

Spokane political party leaders hope to harness post-election passion into civil discourse. But so far, there's only been more strife
Two weeks before a group of people simultaneously flipped her off as she blasted the Spokane City Council for barring a hypothetical religious registry, Spokane County GOP chairwoman Stephanie Cates was hopeful about the level of discourse in Spokane politics. In mid-January, as Donald Trump prepared for his inauguration and protesters prepared for the Women's March, Cates congratulated her local counterpart, newly elected Spokane County Democratic chairman Andrew Biviano, on Facebook.

Money For Something

GOP, Democratic plans take different approaches to fulfilling McCleary mandate; plus, a faster, better way to answer questions about Spokane
PAYING FOR SCHOOL For years, state lawmakers have been unable to agree on a plan to provide the MONEY FOR EDUCATION mandated by the state Supreme Court's 2012 McCleary decision.

Finders Keepers?

Efforts at the state and local levels attempt to rein in civil asset forfeiture laws known as "policing for profit"
While Andres Gonzalez was being arrested for driving on a suspended license, one of his two cellphones rang. It was his girlfriend, and he asked Sunnyside Police Sgt. Scott Bailey to answer, according to court documents.

Homeward Bound

The city of Spokane may be on the cusp of solving homelessness — and for those who are still homeless, the solution can't come fast enough
Homelessness is snuggling under a pile of blankets with two other people to stay warm, and it's using meth to stay awake, so you don't freeze to death in your sleep. Homelessness is teasing the downtown cop you know by name, and it's being arrested on a warrant at a substance abuse clinic.

The Next Yards

The gaps continue to be filled in at Kendall Yards
In 2010, Greenstone Homes began to fill in the vast swath of empty space in the center of the maps of Spokane. The Kendall Yards development has taken the 78-acre scar of old railroad land just north of downtown, and slowly began to occupy the gaps.

Suing Trump

Washington's AG pushes back
Earlier this week, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against President Donald Trump over his executive action on immigration. Ferguson, a Democrat, filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Seattle, asking a judge to declare key provisions in Trump's immigration ban unconstitutional.

Global Outreach

Washington State University plans to admit more international students to compete with top schools. But will that hurt in-state students?
It's been said that in order to be successful, one must learn from those who have already achieved success. Apparently, the same goes for Washington State University.

Actions and Accountability

Lawsuit over CIA interrogation tactics moves forward; plus, Idaho video-chat abortion controversy ends up in legislature's lap
TORTURED LOGIC A federal judge in Spokane allowed a lawsuit against two Spokane psychologists to move forward last week, as internal CIA emails reveal concerns over the psychologists put in charge of developing and implementing interrogation tactics, which included WATERBOARDING, sleep deprivation and starvation.

Box Cutter

How Republican state Sen. Michael Baumgartner came to sponsor a bill making it easier for felons to find jobs
For three years, Layne Pavey has been lobbying Washington state Sen. Michael Baumgartner, urging him to "ban the box." As the director of I Did the Time, an organization that helps felons after they've been released from prison, Pavey argues that preventing employers from asking about criminal history up-front will allow former prisoners to once again become productive members of society.

To The Rescue

How Spokane Police Officer Tim Schwering yanked a woman from a locked, burning vehicle
The rookie cop with silver sideburns was about a mile away from the flaming vehicle in North Spokane. The woman inside had called 911 just minutes before.

Rich Man, Poor Men

Can the wealthiest U.S. president ever help the poorest U.S. citizens?
Donald Trump is a very rich man, one who was born to a very rich father and lives in a tower of riches where the furniture is gilded in gold. And yet, he ran a campaign that managed to leverage the fears of the not-so-rich — about job loss, about the dying manufacturing sector, about corrupt elites who rigged the financial system.

La Resistance

Michael Moore, Congressional Democrats and local progressives: How they are resisting Donald Trump's agenda
Michael Moore knew that this was going to happen. Last July, the filmmaker and activist predicted that Donald Trump was going to be the next leader of the free world, and he was right.


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    Spokane political party leaders hope to harness post-election passion into civil discourse. But so far, there's only been more strife
    • Feb 9, 2017
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