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Here we are last winter — me, Anne, Jer and Tamara — standing in what would become our new lobby in Kendall Yards. Business is hard — the hardest thing you’ll ever do — so you need every advantage you can find. We’ve found out that it helps when you have family to rely on. Jer and I learned how to work hard every summer growing up as we worked at Grandpa Joe’s warehouse, Peirone Produce. We also learned how to be leaders from our dad, Ted Sr., who picked up organization from the Navy — and corny jokes from the Internet. Anne and Tamara, lucky for us, both brought media backgrounds to the mix and continue to contribute as editors of our InHealth and Annual Manual publications. And most of all, Jer and I have relied on each other all these years — brothers can be blunt, have it out and still go to Thanksgiving together. Sometimes that’s what it took to keep going. But to pull it all together, it had to be a mission — we had to care. And Spokane and the Inland Northwest brought that out in us — we want the best for this place we love. Yes, it’s been hard, but it’s been worth every minute. Now I’ve got a polo match to play…

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October 22, 2013 Slideshows » Culture & Food

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