Rats Giggle Too

When the cat’s away, to paraphrase an old cliché, the rats will play. Neuroscientist Jaak Panksepp, working at Washington State University, has devoted a decade to watching that pl

There's Not Enough Poverty In Kids' Books

Mama can’t find a steady job. So Zettie goes to bed every night in a cold, cramped car and wakes up every morning to the peal of police sirens. Daddy forged a check, got caught, and thrown

We Can Make a New Wonder Material From What's in Your Pantry

Hailed as a “wonder material” that could replace plastics, silicon and synthetic diamonds, the scientific community has gone bonkers for graphene, an incredibly light and strong carbon-bas

We Can Turn DNA into Music

If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound? Yes. In fact, Eastern Washington University’s Jonathan Middleton used data and computer science to compose a fu

Hydrogen Can Weaken Steel

In the cars and homes of the future, the substance flowing through our pipes and to our engines, powering our lights and cars, could be hydrogen. Clean and easy to produce, it’s a source many sc

Fix Games, Fix the Gender Gap

Gonzaga University professor Carolyn Cunningham wants to get more girls playing videogames and, eventually, into the tech sector.

We Can See Injuries Before They Happen

Eastern Washington University professor Jeni McNeal uses thermal imaging and compression technology on Olympic athletes.

How Megachurches are Like Wal-Marts

Whitworth University Jason Wollschleger explores the ecology of megachurches

We Can Print You a New Bone

Washington State University biomaterials engineer Susmita Bose and her team develop a way to create new bones using a 3D printer

You Can Track a Tiger By its Turd

University of Idaho geneticist Lisette Waits catches Bengal tigers in Nepal using non-invasive genetic tests.


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