Walking on Water

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Crossing Over

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Fly the Queasy Skies

A football field’s length above the aquamarine expanse of Lake Coeur d’Alene, nestled among the nylon straps of a harness that is, I hope, reasonably secure, hangs my ass. Exposed to th

Uncharted Territory

IĀ  didn’t ask myself where the cool neighborhoods were upon first glimpsing Spokane recently. Or what downtown was like, or why the sign on the Wells Fargo building downtown read “S F

Lake Swimming

"Just do it." Yes, that’s a 20-year-old advertising slogan and practically a cultural joke now. But that tagline gets startlingly real as my bare toes clasp a gnarly rock ledge and I s


Mike LaScoula drank in the lovely evening hush on this willow-thick reach of river. The last rays of the setting sun igniting a golden gleam upon the placid waters when — WHAP! — a retort


Most of my life has been consumed with avoiding situations where I’m hanging 30 feet in the air. Fingertips lodged in a thin crack of a granite cliff, feet scrambling for a foothold. Yet here


I’ll not be winning the hand of Maid Marian any time soon. Eschewing the technological advances and Blade RunnerĀ­-esque styling of the compound bow (which would probably get me burned at the sta


Stumbling over loose rocks, I nearly pitched myself over the cliff’s edge. I was in search of a parallel coulee, just past the vertical rock wall that looms above the Lake Lenore Caves. Didn&


Just looking at it made me feel dirty. Our camping plans turned to panning plans days before when I learned that Idaho is the only place in the world (other than India) where you can dig up big fat st


The world is a soft purple blur, as my Sector 9 longboard carries me farther and farther up Fish Lake Trail — a picturesque 10-mile path that begins off Sunset Highway and Government Way, just m


Silence screaming into my ears, I have just one thought: I’m on Mars. But since Deep Creek Canyon near Nine Mile Falls is only, like, 20 minutes from downtown Spokane, I’m pretty confid


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