Friday, October 22, 2010

MORNING HEADLINES: Drugs, drugs, water!

Posted on Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 9:21 AM

Drugs! No, not that type, gutter brain. Pharmaceuticals. The WSU School of Pharmacy is going to move all the way to Spokane in 2014. Whereas students spend their first two years in Pullman then come to Spokane for the third year, now they’ll spend their entire academic tenure here. (KXLY)

More drugs! Oh yeah. That type. It turns out the Spokane Police Department does some pretty TV-worthy stuff — working undercover with confidential informants, sometimes dealing with people who don’t even know they’re helping cops score drugs (all in the name of building a case, natch)! (SR)

‘Hang ‘em up’ Remember Adam Morrison? KREM is suggesting the Mead High grad, Gonzaga b-ball star, and No. 3 overall draft pick for the NBA is going to retire. The Washington Wizards released him yesterday, stoking the retirement rumor. (KREM)

Tea on the moon? After bombing the moon, scientists discovered water in a crater there. Which means two things: One, scientists love bombing shit. And two, astronauts could collect up to 13 gallons of water from eight wheelbarrows of lunar soil. That’s right, the moon is wetter than the Sahara. The discovery led to all kinds of interesting questions: What does the moon smell like? Gunpowder, apparently. And, who gets to drink the lunar water? Nobody yet, because, according to a blog on the Wall Street Journal, the moon is lawless. (NYT, NPR, WSJ)

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