Friday, November 19, 2010

MORNING HEADLINES: Barefoot justice

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Nomobiling: Inland Empire Paper Company destroys trees, as paper companies are wont to do. That's cool. But snowmobilers destroying trees through their reckless shenanigans? That's not cool. They've inflicted too much damage, and as a result, have found themselves banned from 38 miles of Mt. Spokane trails. The snowmobilers that stay on the trails are fine. The problem is the many taking the roads less traveled, and that has made all the difference. (SR)

Just when we were worried Four Loko was leaving the news cycle:  A former sheriff's deputy was arrested after passing out and running into a woman's car. An open can of Four Loko, bro, was totally found in his front seat. Why is he a former sheriff's deputy? The answer has a considerable possibility of not surprising you. (KREM)

Awesome thief pleads not-as-awesome-as-prosecutors-believe: The "Barefoot Bandit" — the 19-year-old accused of stealing planes, cars, and boats, possessing a firearm, breaking into homes, grocery stores and ATMs, and, worst of all, stealing America's heart with his roguish charm — has pleaded not guilty to federal charges. By now, he may regret taken dozens of photos of him in these places and drawing chalk outlines of his feet in grocery stores. 'Twas hubris, Colton. 'Twas hubris. (KXLY)

If there's one thing Idaho voters love, it's raising taxes: Wait, what? Is that bolded hyperlink serious? In a way, yes. According to a recent poll, 73 percent of Idaho residents support adding a $1.50-per-pack tax on cigarettes to pay for Medicaid funding and programs to help smokers quit. One of the most persuasive programs. of course, is the "cigarettes cost an extra buck-fifty" program. (CdA Press)

Standoff: The Cold War continues, with itchy trigger fingers, century-old grudges and the very real possibility one side or the other may go nuclear and destroy us all. Yeah, things are tense — as always — between the Republicans and Democrats. President Obama wants to pass an arms-control treaty, while Republicans want to wait until the lame duck session is over. Administration officials worry that, if it doesn't pass soon, Russia won't help the United States challenge Iran's nuclear program. And then, the high school policy debater says with a theatrical sweep of his arms, nuclear war.  (NYT)

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