Tuesday, February 22, 2011

MORNING HEADLINES: Black and white and blood-red green

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Tis the Season for Teacher Protests -- School was out for president's day yesterday, meaning the teachers were free to drive to Boise, and march against (or for) Tom Luna's considerable education overhaul. (KREM)

Flab Factor -- One of the biggest things driving up health care costs? Obesity. So it makes sense that the Empire Health Foundation, funded with proceeds from the sale of Deaconess Medical Center and Valley Hospital, would want to donate 800,000 to trim Spokane's fat. (SR)

Don't pretend to tase me, bro -- Shooting may not get police officers fired, and tasering may not get police officers fired, but one thing that will: Pretending to use a taser. A Post Falls police officer was fired for pretending he was going to stun a physical therapy employee.  (KXLY)

Pleasantville Junior High – A school in Yakima, perhaps concerned that bright colors inflame the passions, have ordered their students to only dress in three colors: Black, white, and gray. (KHQ)

Bloody Revolution -- A peaceful revolution against a tyrant like Mubarak is one thing. But Gaddafi, ruler of Libya, has been more than willing to use tanks – and planes, and mortars – against his own citizens. Despite that, Gaddafi has already lost control of the eastern regions of his country. Some of his own troops and local police forces have begun to rebel. Gaddafi vows to "die on Libyan soil." Rebels are more than willing to oblige him. (Reuters)

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