Tuesday, May 31, 2011

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Last month in our April 27 issue, we covered the uprising of Spokane’s only all-female tackle football team, the Spokane Scorn. Last we had checked in with them, they were reeling from their first game (a 0-40 loss against the Utah Blitz) and preparing for their first home game, on April 30 against the Portland Fighting Phillies, which they lost 0-12. Following that, another loss to the Phillies, 12-22.

That’s why we were absolutely titillated to hear in a KXLY story last week that our ferocious ladies had finally, in their 4th game, claimed a victory.

But against who? And what was the score?

While the Scorn hadn't officially announced their victory on their Facebook or website, one would assume that if one were reporting on a story and, say, literally standing there talking to players, coaches and fans while filming their victory for television news, one would probably mention the score. Or the other team. How much airtime can that suck up — like, five seconds?

KXLY’s story focused narrowly on the girl-power element. Fair. These girls are kicking ass. But shouldn’t that coverage also include their accomplishments? These women are out there playing football, and they want to be taken seriously.

“This is not a lingerie league. These girls are serious, they’re out there working their butts off,” said team captain Amber Clark in her April interview with The Inlander.

The quest for equality isn’t going to come from patting ladies on the back for tossing a football. It will come from giving their game the same small courtesies given to men’s teams. Like posting that number they earned. Like men’s teams, these scores have real, serious implications for the Scorn’s progression and success, and it’s something fans want to know about, and the women deserve to be proud of.

In any case, the scores are up on the Women’s Football Alliance site, which we located in, like, five seconds.

So, without further, unnecessary adieu: The Spokane Scorn took out the Utah Blitz 26-20. Congrats, ladies. You earned it.

Also, the game took place on May 21. KXLY broke the story May 26.


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Posted on Tue, May 31, 2011 at 8:47 AM

Lewiston man counterfeits money for sex, drugs — A Lewiston man was sentenced to prison for using fake money and drugs to lure underage girls for sex. (KREM)

Idaho intruder shot in crotch — A man from North Idaho was shot in the groin by the owner of a home he had broken into. His friends say he was drunk and thought he was entering his friend's house. (SR) 

Idaho ponders joining rest of nation — Idaho is one of three states without felony penalties for perpetrators of the worst animal cruelty. But maybe not for long: A citizens group is collecting signatures for an initiative that would change that. (AP) 

Locke to China, Bryson in Commerce — With former Washington Gov. Gary Locke heading to China as ambassador, his post of commerce secretary is up for grabs. As such, President Obama has nominated John Bryson, a businessman with "environmental bona fides," to fill the position. (Atlantic Wire) 

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Friday, May 27, 2011

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Surviving spring in Spokane reminds me of skiing fresh powder, down steep and tree-filled terrain. Here are the rules: Always look where you want to go. Keep both eyes on open space. Pick a line and commit. Then proceed to make your way. 

I'm a terrible skier but, suffice it to say, as we finish another week of cloudy weather, my point is this:

Focus on the blue skies, people. Do your best to ignore the gray. 

ABOUT WANDERLUST: The photo series is a 60-day visual story-telling project that explores the seemingly ordinary places, people and things we experience everyday. It's about being curious and asking questions. It's about wanting to know more about the world around you and seeing it from fresh perspectives. If you have ideas on where I should wander, drop me a line: amyh@inlander.com. 

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Allow me to let you in on an embarrassing secret: I think Cougar Town is actually a pretty awesome TV show. From Bill Lawrence, the showrunner behind Scrubs, it has a loose, let's-all-hang-out-with-each-other-and-get-drunk-on-wine-feel. Think about it as if the friends on Friends were in their 40s, and spent time playing a game where they try to throw a penny into a can instead of going on silly romance-swapping drama. It even has Courteney Cox.

One thing it is not about, fortunately, is an older woman trying to hook up with younger guys. (It is also, unfortunately, not about live cougars pursuing Elisha Cuthbert.) 

But the name! That awful, horrible, cringe-worthy name. It's likely there are closet Cougar Town fans among you who don't want to admit their love for the show because the name is so horrifying.

Well, the showrunners behind Cougar Town have known that for some time. For most of their run, they decided to insert little jokey quips mocking the name during the opening credits. But that really doesn't help the show with the number of viewers that already refuse to watch it because of the title.

So last night, late and presumably distraught on Twitter, Bill Lawrence (@VDOOZER) asked how many people had friends that rejected his show based on the title. And the comments came flooding in.

Finally, he wrote, "Screw it. I'm changing it (if [producer] Kevin Biegel (@kbiegel) is cool w it. Someone ask him for me). Seriously, we just decided. Will use fans to help w new title."

For now, Biegel is asking fans to tweet their suggestions for a new title by using the hashtag #newtitleforcougartown.

Some of my suggestions include The Cul-De-Sac, The Agony and the Penny Can, Big Carl's World, and Scruburbia, none of which make sense if you haven't seen the show.

And yes, Lawrence says, they'll still make fun of the new title.

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We don't have any official numbers from the Knitting Factory yet, but like billions of people showed up last night for Volume: The Inlander's Local Music Extravaganza. The show featured all five of our 2011 Bands to Watch, plus performances by the PJammers marching band, Pasties and Paddles, and the Tangled Roots dance troupe.

Here are some pics of the affair, in case you missed it.

Also, check out Check It Out Music's awesome review of the big night.

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City hall gets security guard — A guard will patrol Spokane City Hall for 11 hours each day, as the city endeavors to make employees more secure. Councilman Bob Apple calls it "baloney." (SR)

Wife of man who died at sewer plant wins appeal — Mike Cmos drowned in a pool of 100-degree sewage in 2004 after the digester dome he was working on collapsed. Yesterday, the state Supreme Court ruled that engineering firm CH2M Hill was negligent in the death. (KREM)

Big plans for the Ridpath — A developer wants to re-open the downtown hotel, put a restaurant in the shuttered ground floor and re-open the famous roof-top restaurant. But does he have what it takes? (KXLY)

Australian undergrad solves astrophysics puzzle — Amelia Fraser-McKelvie, 22, found the long-lost "missing mass," lodged inside the "filaments of galaxies." (It's always in the last place you look ...) (Yahoo)

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

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The MAC is saved — Spokane's Museum of Arts and Culture received $3 million in the recently (finally) passed state budget, keeping it (barely) afloat. (SR)

Bloem tries to rally the troops — A day after the Coeur d'Alene City Council voted to approve the divisive redevelopment of downtown's McEuen Park, Mayor Sandi Bloem tells KXLY she hopes the community can get behind the decision. (KXLY)

Idaho in the basement — Census data shows that Idaho spent less per student in 2008-2009 ($7,092) than every state but Utah. (CdA Press) Not only that, but Boise Weekly reports Idaho is the fourth most stressed state in the nation. (Boise Weekly)

We got him — No, not bin Laden — Ratko Mladic, an alleged Bosnian war criminal who'd been on the run from the Serbian government for 15 years. (NYT) 

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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U.S. Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, R-Eastern Washington, said today that recent sexual assault charges against International Monetary Fund Managing Director Dominique Strauss-Kahn have "drawn renewed scrutiny to the powerful organization." 

A longtime foe of using American funds to help relieve the European debt crisis, McMorris Rodgers has renewed her call to avoid a TARP-style program in Europe.

"A ‘Euro-TARP’ is the wrong approach because it's creating a ‘moral hazard’ that will lead to larger counties — particularly Spain and Italy — standing in line for U.S. tax dollars tomorrow. America should have no part in it,” she said in a statement. As such, she announced that she's reintroducing legislation to prevent American contributions to the IMF that are intended for "European bailouts," according to The Hill newspaper.

Strauss-Kahn, who many expected would challenge French President Nicolas Sarkozy this year, is charged with assaulting a woman in New York City. He has been released on bail but is under house arrest in Manhattan. 

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Day FIVE in our countdown to VOLUME — which happens tomorrow night!

Today's video features K. Clifton — a local emcee and beatmaker who has played on regional stages for years as Quiz. From lyrics to delivery, Clifton is far from your typical rapper. He'll rap about loneliness and the ways of the universe, and he'll do it in such a way that is dry and blunt, calm and unflappable. He's not just unique for Spokane — he's unique for hip-hop. Read our story about the man behind the mic here, and check out the video below to hear a little more about how he thinks about music. He'll round out the bill tomorrow night — and you'll want to stick around for that. 

TOMORROW — Thursday, May 26 — we'll host Volume: The Inlander's Local Music Extravaganza, featuring our five Bands to Watch, which you can read about in this week's Local Music Issue: Horse Thieves, Silver Treason, Whiskey Dick Mountain, Ocean and K. Clifton. Doors to the show open at 7 pm, and it's FREE to get in. And all-ages. We'll see you there! 

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