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MORNING HEADLINES: Turn off the blacklight

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Bails out -- Even if your bail is substantially high, your payment to a bail bond agency, in the state of Washington, is pretty cheap. And after a man who paid only 4 percent of his bail murdered four police officers in Lakewood, legislators debated setting some sort of standard. Even 5 percent, where industry standard is 10 percent. But other legislators pointed out that big bails, by their very nature, hit the poor far harder than the rich. The legislation did not pass. (SR)

Stark mad, raving–  Friday night, a rave – which apparently still happen – was held at the Lincoln Center. One problem: The Lincoln Center only holds 700 people, and there were about 500 more who had purchased tickets. Some ravers didn’t take this too well – some proposed they swap “rave” for “riot” and by 10:40, the cops were called. Crowds inside and outside were sent home, which was lame for everybody involved. (KREM)

Grant this request – Already in Kootenai County, $15 million in the budget come from grants taxpayers don’t have to pay. County commissioners have hired a consultant to figure out how to bump that number even higher. (CDAP)

Border clash -- Soldiers fired upon Palestinian protesters who attacked the border fence near Syria. Protesters say engaging the soldiers is an intentional strategy for “ending the occupation” of Palestine. (NYT)

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