Friday, July 1, 2011

THIS WEEKEND IN MUSIC: Christian Death Metal! French People! Rush!

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We’re gonna go ahead and kick off this weekend of live tunes at A Club with the largest collection of innocuous-sounding band names possibly ever together for a single show. Check it: Becoming the Archtype, Inhale Exhale, To Speak of Wolves, and Smooth Sailing are going to be making music. Headliners Becoming the Archtype are a Christian death metal band from a town named Dracula, in Colorado. Ha! Arrive at 5:15 pm for the 6 pm show. $10 in advance, $13 at the door. All-ages.

Following the death metal/who-knows-what show at A Club there is yet another show. Creech opens for Dinner at the Thompsons, who describe themselves as “Indie Pop Dance From France." Which totally rhymes, and also doesn’t technically make sense, semantically speaking. Show starts at 10 pm, and will set you back $5. 21 and over.

It looks as though there’s another delightful show tonight, and it is located at the Hop! The Drip, The Festering, Ritual Hate, Zingaia, Snakes in the Skay and Stress will play musics for you if you give them $5 at the door, or $7 in advance.


It looks as though Rush is still at it, and they’re gonna be playing the Gorge Amphitheater. Tickets are $60-$140 — but whatever, dude. It’s Rush. The show starts at 7:30 pm and is all-ages. (Although it will mostly be old ages.)

A Club is bringin’ it in two nights in a row, and instead of the innocuous-sounding-band-name lineup of the night before, we now have an intentionally-misspelled-band-name lineup! Regard: Nutt House headlines, preceded by Loss Monstarz, Enfeeble Atazia, M-Dub, Rod Mac and Wildcard. It costs $5, but only if you’re 21. Any younger and you pay $0, because you’re not allowed in. Show up at 8pm.

The Knitting Factory is bringing you bluesy dudes Robert Cray Band and opener Michael Williams. Apparently, it’s said Cray’s career peaked in the '80s, but good news: The 80’s are totally hot right now. In any case, show up at 7:30 pm for some impressive guitar work, and it’ll only cost you $25. All-ages.

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