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MORNING BRIEFING: David Condon's cash, Spokane's Stomach-shaped stream, and the men who love My Little Pony

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Update: Karl Thompson has just been arrested pending sentencing. (SR)


State Republicans say the $25k given to the party by Condon supporters and the $25k the party gave to Condon is a mere coincidence (Inlander). They gave the money so that Condon could take out Verner before she had a chance to run against McMorris-Rogers for congress. (SR)

The conservation site that was once a YMCA had its ribbon cut, but you can't touch it yet. It'll stay fenced through the winter. You can look a map of it. It features a stream in the shape of a human stomach. (SR)

Another cool old Spokane building becomes what developers hope will be a high-tech hub. It's not a surface level parking lot. Just to be clear. (SR)

Edgar Steele, the lawyer who was convicted of trying to kill his wife with a car bomb, gasses off in an interview, calling said conviction "an injustice of the first order." Before the bomb — which was discovered by a Quaker State employee — Steele was (in)famous for representing North Idaho separatists and the Aryan Nation. He could get 50 years. (KXLY)

People are jerks. (KREM) 

Out There

Seattle home prices dip 15% from last year. Experts have no idea why. They also seem to not have television. (SeattleTimes)

Economy adds some jobs. Unemployement rate dips .1 percent, to 9. It will still take you 39.4 weeks to get a job if you lose yours.

You know how the ATF said that higher ups didn't know about that policy of selling guns traffickers and then tracking them? Well Bush's Attorney General knew. Does he not qualify as a "higher up?" (WashPost)

Dudes love My Little Pony (WSJ)

Whale of the Day

This makes us want to write a screenplay "The Birds and the Whale." Surfer coming of age meets wildlife horror. Don't steal that idea, brah.

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