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TRAILER THURSDAY: Astrologers, MIAs, Gods, Demons and Transvestites edition

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Laid-off, robbed of his car, denuded of his girlfriend, Jake Gibson is a man of many crises. But instead of going all “Michael Douglas in Falling Down,” Jake decides instead to tenderly shank the universe: He will disprove the theory of astrology. To do this, Jake must track down three other people born on the same night in the same hospital as him and compare all their experiences on the same day. At Magic Lantern (JO) Not Rated

An impressionistic and affecting film about the search — after 40 years — for a black soldier who disappeared (or went AWOL) in Vietnam, Richard Corra’s documentary only runs 77 minutes but says a lot about the culture and confusion of the era, and how the reasons we were over there aren’t any clearer now than they were then. It’s a search that yields few answers but asks so many of the right questions that it would be hard to leave the theater unchanged. At Magic Lantern, Saturday 1pm and 3 pm only (LB) Unrated

Mickey Rourke, Henry Cavill and Jon Hurt star in what appears to be yet another ultra-violent clash between grim-faced ancient warriors and the angry gods above. Zeus chooses Theseus (Cavill), a mere human, to fight the ruthless King Hyperion (Rourke, growly as ever), who is rampaging across Greece to find a weapon that can destroy humankind. Lots of serious oaths declared, spears thrown in battle and an angry tidal wave. Directed by Tarsem Singh, who created the visually interesting flick “The Fall.” (JO) Rated R

A skeleton crew is working the final shift at a soon-to-be demolished Rhode Island police station when a man carrying the head of a murdered girl turns himself in. But is he a serial killer thought to be dead who has come back to life after 13 years, or actually a demon called Inkubus who toys with the crew and uses them as pawns in his plans of revenge and mayhem? (There is no third option.) (LZ) Not rated.

Clint Eastwood directs and Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this warts-and-all biopic about the legendary and loutish head man of the FBI, in a story that takes a freewheeling spin through time. It shows what he became in old age — long after he should have retired — then tracks back to the people and incidents that made him what he was. The film is an offbeat character study that looks at Hoover’s positive points, isn’t afraid to show his dark side, but only alludes to most of the controversial stuff about homosexuality and gambling problems that were tied to the mob. DiCaprio is very much at the top of his game. (ES) Rated R

There's always one person in your family who you can't stand. For Jack Sadelstein, it's his identical twin sister, Jill. Jack is used to a tranquil life with his wife and kids. Jill's weekend visit for Thanksgiving is the one time each year that he has to put up with her disruptions, but this year, she doesn't want to leave. Adam Sandler plays both twins, and Katie Holmes and Al Pacino co-star. (LZ) Rated PG

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