Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Matt Shea campaign doesn't just duck our questions, it deletes them

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Since Rep. Matt Shea won't return our phone calls, emails, messages passed through friends and even let us follow him on Twitter, we took to Facebook to ask the Spokane Valley state legislator a question.

Why? Because Shea, who pulled a gun on another motorist in a road rage incident, posted what he calls a sworn affidavit on his Facebook page from a witness to that night. In a sworn affidavit, the alleged witness says:

Rep. Shea maintained a calm demeanor through the incident. The driver swerving across 4 lanes of traffic toward the front of Mr. Shea's truck was clearly unprovoked. Mr. Norris then stopped in front of Mr. Shea's truck. It was only then that Mr. Shea pulled the gun out of his glove box and set it on the seat. To be honest, I would have done the same thing if I were him, particularly in light of the multiple death threats and harassment I personally know his family experienced over the last several years.

If it's true, we'd like to see it, since this affidavit isn't in our copy of the police report from the incident. 

Unfortunately, Rep. Shea is not a sharing-and-caring kind of guy. Since he'd blocked reporter Daniel Walters from commenting on his Facebook page, I posted myself asking about the affidavit, which you can see above.

But, like a cropped Soviet propaganda photo, Shea deleted our post and questions. Check his Facebook page and see for yourself.

Shea also blocked me from commenting again. But really, does that surprise you?

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