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CAT FRIDAY: These cats are ready for Halloween. Are you?

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Halloween: the holiday where it's acceptable to impersonate anyone and anything in the sluttiest manner possible; eat candy by the bag full and dress up your pets in humiliating and hilarious little outfits. Okay, so some people do the latter any day of the year, but you get my point.

If this is any indication of American's love of all-things Halloween -- and, dare we say, the long-awaited economic recovery -- the Huff Post reports that people are expected to spend a staggering $370 million this year on costumes for their pets. Yes, your eyes did read that right.

Just take a gander at any pet store and there's costumes for dogs and cats that would put any toddler dressed as a chubby little bumble bee to shame. Spiders, witches, clowns, bikers, pop culture icons (I've seen a lot of the Snooki dog costume circulating Facebook lately) and pretty much anything else you could imagine -- there's some company out there that makes it in dog and cat sizes. If not, you can always rely on my personal favorite go-to, Etsy, or resort to DIY-ing a costume for your furry friend. I've found loads of Etsy shops that sell ridiculously cute and detailed cat hats, costumes, dresses and even hipster hoodies. It's a wonder I'm not flat broke. 

Who wouldn't want to dress up their cute little kitty in any of these outfits? Alas, my dear little Alice won't tolerate donning anything except her own tabby-striped fur. Trust me, I've tried dressing her more than once...

This kitty even has the expression to match his dino get-up. Or maybe he just wants that awful thing off his head...

Happy Meow-loween, everyone! 

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