Monday, December 3, 2012

MORNING BRIEFING: Same-sex marriage week, more Kokanee!

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It's a big week for a lot of lovebirds out there. After the November passage of Referendum 74, which allows same-sex couples to marry, Washington state will begin performing marriages this week. (KXLY)

A guy who shot at cops and is accused of kidnapping a woman is still at large. (SR) 

Idaho Kokanee numbers are up — the fish, not the beer (though we're sure that number remains stable as well). Turns out this year is the first since 1999 that fisherman will be able to keep some of the landlocked sockeye salmon that they catch this year.  (KHQ)


Remember that story we did about Catholic nuns and women's ordination? Today, the National Catholic Reporter released an editorial endorsing female ordination. Wowie. Get ready for some draaaamaaaa. (NCR)

Nine people were killed in Japan on Sunday after the Sasago Tunnel — 50 miles west of Tokyo — collapsed. (NYT)

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton issued a warning to Syria: "“I'm not going to telegraph in any specifics what we would do in the event of credible evidence that the Assad regime has resorted to using chemical weapons against their own people. But suffice to say we are certainly planning to take action.” (Washington Post)


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