Thursday, December 6, 2012

MORNING BRIEFING: Pot and Same-Sex Marriage Legal! And its Microwave Day!

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For now, in Washington, prohibition is over: Marijuana is legal. Seattle cops told not to issue citations to public smokers until further notice. (Spokesman)

Same-sex couples were already lining up at 5 am this morning at the county courthouse to obtain marriage licenses. The mandatory three-day waiting period means marriages can start happening this Sunday. The first couple to get married in Seattle did so at midnight.

Cops finally caught the man who allegedly kidnapped a women in Rathdrum. (SR) 

Liquor sales are up 2.9 percent after privatization. (KXLY)


Things got bloody yesterday in Egypt between revolutionary groups yesterday, leaving 6 dead and more than 400 injured. Tanks and soldiers deployed around the presidential palace. (Washington Post) 

Jazz legend Dave Brubeck dies. (NYT) 

There are zombies in nature. (NYT) 


Dear god, do not do these things today.

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