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CAT FRIDAY: The latest, greatest and cutest viral cat videos and photos

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In the online cat-dominated universe known as the Internet, information travels fast and far, so for this week's Cat Friday we've decided to bring readers up to speed with the latest, greatest and most viral cat tidbits circulating the web. Maybe you've seen some of these, maybe you haven't seen any. We've obviously seen them all because how could we call ourselves legitimate cat freaks if we didn't keep ourselves up-to-date on cat-related news on an hourly basis!

VIRAL VIDEOS: These two cats both really love vacuums

This YouTube clip began circulating en masse about two weeks ago, and it's one that you should definitely share with everyone you know. Just watch it, and behold its pure silliness along with the nearly 2 million other people who have.

Chances are likely that you've also seen the next clip, but even if you have it's one that we feel you can watch over and over again and still laugh every time. This orange kitty also seems to have a special appreciation for vacuum cleaners, but in a much different way than our little sharky-cat friend. See for yourself.

VIRAL PHOTOS: Cats posing like sushi and hot male models

The conversation that spurred the next viral idea we're going to share with you, courtesy of some folks in Japan, may have gone something like this:

"Hey guys, I know what we should do. Let's dress some cats up to look like sushi because cats love fish, we love sushi and obviously everyone everywhere loves to look at pictures of cats, especially cats dressed up in costumes!"

Personally, we just hope these modeling felines were rewarded for their efforts. With some kitty-friendly sushi, of course.

The hip cat experts over at Catsparella did a great job explaining the story behind these sushi-cats, since the website for this endeavor is not in English, and sadly Google translates it a little poorly.

If actual sushi was this cute we wouldn't be able to make ourselves want to eat it.

Maybe cats dressed up like sushi rolls isn't really your thing. That's okay, because we're guessing (ahem, cat ladies) that this next viral photo collection is. Next we present to you, "Des Hommes et des Chatons," which most simply translates to English as "men and kittens."

Some of you may have already seen some of these photo pairings, but brace yourselves right meow, because the good news has yet to be announced. The sexy men + cute kitten side-by-side photos are just going to keep coming, because this viral sensation is actually a French Tumblr account that looks to be updated regularly, as its tasteful creators find more pictures of innocent little kittens posing like a male model counterpart. We thank you, awesomely cool French cat people!

And since the above idea is clearly so awesome, there have already been some spin-offs, with the most interesting we've discovered so far being Foreign Policy's "14 Hairless Cats That Look Like Vladimir Putin."

Foreign Policy doesn't seem to let users link directly to this post, so just copy and paste what's in quotes above and enjoy! 

Happy Cat Friday!

UPDATE: We have some breaking news to share with our loyal Cat Friday followers. A close friend of ours is missing her beloved kitty, George, and is making a plea for him to come home (George, if you're reading this get your furry butt home this minute!), and for anyone to please keep an eye out for the chubby tabby. Here's the lost kitty ad she's posted about him on Craigslist. George went missing from his upper South Hill (57th Ave. between Perry and Hatch St.) home on Monday. He's microchipped, but isn't wearing a collar, we've been told. He usually stays near his house and in the yard, so his family is worried that maybe someone unsuspectingly picked him up thinking he was lost or stray. 

For anyone out there who wants to help George get home or help other lost/found pets in the Spokane area reconnect with their owners, the Facebook community page Spokane Area Lost & Found Pets is a great resource, and we recommend you follow it!  

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