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CAT FRIDAY: From cat breading to cat bearding to cat boarding

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First there was cat breading, now the newest viral cat craze is cat bearding

Yes, you read that correctly.

click to enlarge CAT FRIDAY: From cat breading to cat bearding to cat boarding
In case anyone forgot, this is cat breading.

Like many other Internet phenomena, cat bearding started out after one person out of billions posted a picture that ended up on Reddit. It wasn't just any photo, but one that featured said person's kitty in front of his chin, its head tilted back so the cat and human's noses touched. The angle made the cat and its furry chin and neck look somewhat like a soft, furry beard.

The photo resembled something like this:  

click to enlarge CAT FRIDAY: From cat breading to cat bearding to cat boarding
The trick with cat bearding is to make sure your kitty's nose is lined up with your own.

In the past week, the cat bearding photo meme has blown up the Interwebs, and has been talked about on the national news and just about every blog there is. 

Alas, Internet memes die fast, and the virality of cat bearding is likely to wane and be forgotten just when it seems to have caught on. What's going to knock cat bearding off the charts, you might ask?

Cat boarding. No, it's not water boarding people with cats, and no, it's also not referring to a daycare facility for cats.

This is cat boarding, demonstrated for you by Inlander graphic designer Ali Blackwood Mead's and her husband Seth Mead's darling cat, Mufasa, aka Moof. While Moof doesn't quite have the technique down just yet, he's practicing and hoping to become the next big famous cat of the Internet. 

Send a link to your cat boarding video to [email protected] and we'll feature it in next week's Cat Friday!

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