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MORNING BRIEFING: Biggest impacts of the government shutdown, hot topics at last night's City Council meeting and more!

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It happened. The House and the Senate couldn't agree on terms for funding the U.S. Government, and now the shutdown is here.

Here's what you need to know, from what federal entities are closed to which crucial services will remain running. (Wa-Post)

The Washington Post's Ezra Klein breaks down what this whole shutdown deal is really about.  

So what federal employees will continue working, and who is getting the short end of the deal by being furloughed? (NYT)

Get the breakdown on what actually happened between the House and the Senate over the last 10 days, down to the wire when no agreement was reached before midnight. (NYT)

Veterans benefits aren't supposed to be affected by the shutdown, but it's still not clear if there will be any disruptions or delays, or if the government will run out of money for disability and pension payments for vets. (Wa-Post)

Also, The National Zoo's online panda cam has gone dark. (AP)


Spokane City Council votes down the proposed bikini barista ordinance. (S-R)

It was a busy night at City Council: New downtown ordinances got approved, and the red light camera program was extended. (AP/KHQ) 

After a lawsuit threat, the former Dirne Community Health Center changes its name for a second time. (Cda Press)


Enrollment through online health care exchanges begins today, and there have been glitches and overloaded sites around the country. (NYT)

Two Marine Corps generals were fired for failing to protect their troops in Afghanistan last year. (Stars and Stripes)

The University of California-Berkeley campus was evacuated Monday night after a generator explosion and power outage. (SF Chronicle) 

The Pussy Riot band member imprisoned in Russia has ended her hunger strike against prison conditions. (AP) 


Cats aren't as aloof and closed-off as common misperceptions make them out to be. Read this right meow, and understand your cat better. (NY Post) 

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