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Kickstarter Roundup: Young entrepreneurs seek duct tape art funds

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We almost put an Upworthy-style headline on this one: You won’t believe how sweet and resourceful these two young duct tape entrepreneurs are.

Post Falls sisters Jaylie and Maleah have been making creations out of colored and patterned duct tape for the past three years, according to their video. They can make tote bags, pencil pouches, headbands, rings, flower pencils, wallets, bows and more. One problem: They like to give their creations away, and are running short on duct tape. They would also like to build a website to better market their work.

Jaylie already has an established record as an innovator. Last April she was a 1st place winner in the games category at the Invent Idaho State Championship at the University of Idaho. Her invention, Artist Agency, is a game about famous artists and sculptors.

Goal: $313 • Deadline: Friday • Minimum donation to get something: $10 for a large multipurpose bow

Batch Bakeshop is planning to move into an actual storefront in West Central next year, and the campaign ends today at 7 pm. The outlook didn’t look so great earlier this week, with the campaign stalled out at about 50 percent of the goal. But some big pledges yesterday pushed it toward success with less than 12 hours to go. However, there’s still a bit of time to contribute for those who want to get in on the rewards. Most involve future sweets, including wedding packages and an ongoing Dessert of the Month Club.

Goal: $15,000 • Deadline: Today! • Minimum donation to get something: $25 for shortbread cookies and assorted swag

Last week’s issue had a feature about one filmmaker’s quest to revive 1980s Spokane in a movie called Sunboyz. So far the project has quite a few backers, but not in huge amounts.

Goal: $55,000 • Deadline: Jan. 6 • Minimum donation to get something: $1 to get insider updates; $15 to get a digital copy of the film

Chef Adam Hegsted is opening two restaurants in Kendall Yards next spring, and we wrote more about it last week. The restaurants are already under construction, so this campaign isn’t to fund the whole project — it’s more about community buy-in, and most reward levels include getting your name on the wall as a supportive founding member.

Goal: $34,000 • Deadline: Dec. 31 • Minimum donation to get something: $10 to get your name on the wall

Down in Lewiston, farmer Keegan Athey launched a campaign for her dream of starting a small, all-organic farm that will distribute produce through a CSA. You can read more about her project and philosophy here.

Goal: $5,000 • Deadline: Jan. 4 • Minimum donation to get something: $10 for a sticker; $500 for a full CSA share

Finally, in Moscow two artists are launching a company called Opus, a workshop for reviving historical styles and craftsmanship for manuscripts and bookmaking. The campaign ended last week, but it’s worth checking out the cool stuff they’ve been making. Follow along here as they get things up and running.

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