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Four-legged cuties take to the field this Sunday for their own special sporting events.

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See the first annual Kitten Bowl this Sunday, Feb. 2, at noon. - HALLMARK CHANNEL
Hallmark Channel
See the first annual Kitten Bowl this Sunday, Feb. 2, at noon.

There's a lot more to this weekend than a really big football game. 

Ridiculously adorable kittens and puppies (this blog may be called Cat Friday, but we love the pups, too) are taking over the airwaves, competing for our attention with the Big Game.  

Animal Planet's wildly popular Puppy Bowl (Feb. 2 at 3 pm) marks its 10th year this weekend, with some special additions to its lineup of rough-housing pups on a mini gridiron. 

A famous cat we've been talking about a lot lately — Spokane's very own Keyboard Cat — is the Puppy Bowl's highly-anticipated halftime performer, pounding out Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven" on the ivories. It's fitting KC is performing Mars' hit song. In case you hadn't heard, the pop singer is one of Super Bowl XLVIII's halftime show performers, along with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Bento even plans to wears a cat-sized hat in the same style as the singer's, along with his signature baby-blue T-shirt, of course.
click to enlarge See this tiny kitten and others during Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl X, on Sunday at 3 pm. - ANIMAL PLANET
Animal Planet
See this tiny kitten and others during Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl X, on Sunday at 3 pm.

Puppy Bowl gives another nod to the feline species with a second special guest appearance — a famous cat we're always talking about here for obvious reasons: Lil' BUB. I got the inside scoop a few weeks ago while interviewing BUB's dude, Mike Bridavsky. 

"We filmed footage of BUB in a BUB-sized shack in a BUB room with a fireplace and a TV and she is watching the Puppy Bowl on her TV, so the show cuts to her watching the game," he explained.

Need yet another reason to watch Puppy Bowl X? — besides the puppies, of course — the kitten stars of the show, including this tiny little thing named Erin (right). See photos and bios of all the event's kitten stars and puppy players on Animal Planet's website. Fair warning: you'll squeeeeee your head off. 

But the Puppy Bowl's got even more competition to contend with this year than just the football game itself... The Hallmark Channel is airing the first annual Kitten Bowl the same day. Don't worry though, you can still watch both shows — the Kitten Bowl starts at noon. Hosted by proud cat lady Beth Stern, wife of radio personality Howard Stern, the event is being hosted in association with the North Shore Animal League. All 70 of the kittens featured in the special are available to adopt after it airs

We highly recommend scrolling through the adorable photos and bios of all the players for each team: the North Shore Bengals, Last Hope Lions, Home & Family Felines and Cedar Grove Cougars. Also watch the Kitten Bowl Training Camp live stream while you count down with us to the big event.

On Sunday two games are scheduled to occur at once — one match is between the black kittens and tabbies, and another pits the orange kittens against the greys. The "winners" of each game go head to head (or head to tail?) in a championship game. Stern and game co-host John Sterling, New York Yankees legendary radio announcer, give the full play-by-play and bring several friends and guests on set throughout the program.
Little Tomcat Brady takes charge of the ball in a matchup against the fearless North Shore Bengals for the first annual Kitten Bowl. - HALLMARK CHANNEL
Hallmark Channel
Little Tomcat Brady takes charge of the ball in a matchup against the fearless North Shore Bengals for the first annual Kitten Bowl.

Which kitten team are you rooting for?

Also, don't forget that tomorrow the Spokane Humane Society and The Yuppy Puppy pet boutique are hosting a local version of the Puppy Bowl, featuring adoptable shelter pups roughing it up and hoping to win the ultimate prize: a home. The event happens at the Yuppy Puppy (9423 N. Newport Hwy.), and runs from 10 am-1 pm. Find out more here

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The sun is out! Time to celebrate that feeling of warmth by basking in the goodness of local music. A disclaimer that both the following videos are NSFW by most workplace standards.


What a night, the Spokane party rockers Bonfire Knights are heading up the lineup at nYne tonight. Storm Normandy, Mayfair's Promise and Banish The Echo will open the evening starting at 8 pm. Cost is $5 at the door.

The Phat House may be filling up quickly tonight with local trumpeter/composer Kevin Woods and his Quintet taking over the stage. Saxophonist Damani Phillips will also be there. There are two sets with one at 7:30 pm and one at 9 pm. Cost is $20.


The Folkinception show, which we wrote about in this week’s issue, at the Bartlett is officially sold out but there will be a limited number of tickets available starting at 7 pm the night of the show.

Acidic plays the sort of dense, noisy rock that’s not quite metal, not quite punk. But with its pulsing rhythms, not-too-serious lyrics and towering guitar solos, it’s the kind of rock that begs to be heard. The Los Angeles-based foursome has been working hard toward notoriety since its inception in 2008. Last year was Acidic’s biggest step forward yet, touring nonstop, dropping its most promising album and releasing a music video for the single “Copper Man” (see above) so ridiculous, nearly a million people have viewed it on YouTube. Now rolling through the upper left side of the country for what they’re dubbing the Electric Cool Aid Tour, the four-piece lands at the Knitting Factory on Saturday.

Soulful Seattleites Bear Cove share their gospel-tinged music at Jones Radiator Saturday. BBBBandits are opening the free show. It starts at 8:30 pm.

Chris Reiser is reuniting his band from the ’80s tonight at Red Lion Hotel River Inn. The Reunion Show will feature Locati, Rieser and Queen with the Original Loose Endz and the Berfuela Brothers. The show starts at 9 pm.


According to Inlander contributor Leah Sottile, there aren’t a lot of local bands who’ve made music videos — it’s hard enough to get a recording out, right? Spokane’s own RaisedbyWolves raised the bar last year when they released a video for “Great White Shark" (See below). The video is absolutely over the top: chock-full of smoking, beer chugging, drug snorting, tons of boobs and screaming. It’s hilarious, but if it’s too strong for your tastes, you’ll probably want to avoid one of the band’s shows — including the one happening Monday at the Hop! at 6 pm. RaisedbyWolves makes in-your-face thrash, packed with testosterone. If you’re looking to throw back some beers and wake up with one hell of a bangover, meet your new favorite band.

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Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory Facebook

The Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory opens this weekend and, judging by the place's Facebook page, there's a dedicated group of people who can't wait for this very Slurpee-esque new addition to downtown. And while the candy-colored aesthetic may not be for everyone, most people can get behind a new business filling a vacant space and giving the people what they want. But will that change if said business makes a rape joke? It seems we might find out.

A menu posted on the Daiquiri Factory's Facebook page this week includes, among a handful of other, mostly locally themed puns, this: "Date Grape Koolaid."


So far, one Facebook commenter has pointed out the questionable nature of the name, but most people just seemed stoked to be hitting the dance floor with a Spokolada/Spurricane River/Berry Red Wagon in hand. Elsewhere, at least one other business, a pub in Tennessee, faced some pushback for using the same pun. Spokane's own Dawn of the Donut changed the name of one of its donuts, originally called the "Fudge Packer," last year after customers complained.

We went searching for some explanation of why this might be considered OK. Urban Dictionary tells us the kids these days might be using "Date Grape" to describe hooking up after getting wine drunk, but remember, this is a daiquiri factory. The drink doesn't have any wine in it. (UPDATE: Urban Dictionary has apparently removed the "Date Grape" definition and protesters are discussing that over on the boycott page.)

Jezebel has this explainer on how to make a rape joke (not like this). Then there's this MADtv sketch:

We reached out to the bar for comment, but haven't heard back. We'll update this post if we do. In the meantime, since it's clear the people behind this venture like puns (even at the expense of decency) we thought we'd give them a few less-rape-themed alternatives. Here's what my pun-loving coworkers came up with: The Grape Northwest, Grape Escape, Grape Minds, Goodness Grapecious Grape Balls of Fire.

Now, that wasn't so hard. What would you add?

UPDATE: The Spokane Downtown Daiquiri Factory still hasn't responded to our call or email, but they've been addressing the issue on their Facebook page, sort of, and do not seem to be considering changing the name. Here's one response; others are in the comments on the post embedded below:

It's The Name Of A Drink.. Not meant to offend.. for you to overuse your imagination! Just like everything in life.. your either going to like it or don't.. We all can look for something to make a big deal about.. There is a thing called fun.. and a thing called.. reading way off and beyond the lines.. That's where your imagination took you.. We didn't! Failure is not a option.. but easily achieved from people that Think negative.. and are smart enough to show it!

UPDATE 2/1: We've added new information in a post here.

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Walking past Wilson Elementary School this morning, I noticed a banner reading "RUSSELL" in large letters placed over where you'd usually see "Woodrow" on the sign above the school's front door.

As kids many, many of them in Seahawks gear, with no shortage of Russell Wilson jerseys in the mix, filed through the doors, I figured somebody had to have caught on to it, and then found this video produced by Spokane Public Schools and released yesterday.

Not only is the school celebrating the Seahawks amazing quarterback, they — prompted by what I'm going to go ahead and guess is the coolest principal on the planet, Tony Ressa — were doing the chant to a Phish song that Seahawk fans have been doing at Century Link Field all season.

Appropriately, some national media outlets have picked up on this.

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Yesterday, Spokane Mayor David Condon broke tradition by giving his annual State of the City address to upperclassmen at North Central High School, among others. (S-R)

Sergeant Chet Gilmore with the Spokane Police Department was put on administrative leave Wednesday pending an internal investigation. (KREM)

Coeur d'Alene city police cut off a knife-selling booth Thursday in the parking lot of a convenience store across the street from a Middle School. (CDP)


Yes, the Amanda Knox case is still dragging on. Yesterday an Italian court convicted her and her ex-boyfriend for a second time. (ST)

Glad to not be on a boat this time of year as a stomach bug hits a second cruise ship. (CNN)


Milwaukee violinist’s Stradivarius, worth well over seven figures, was stolen directly from him earlier this week. (NYT)


Get excited! Super Bowl events found around the Inland Northwest. (Inlander)

In Washington State, the young and old alike are proud to support their Seahawks. Check out these awesome 12th grandmas and grandpas at Fairwinds-Spokane Retirement Community below. Notice the Seahawks poster found in this week’s Inlander in the back.

Fairwinds-Spokane Retirement Community

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Newsweek has weighed in on the nuclear power plant we featured in this week's issue, digging into a deal that sent uranium from Kentucky to the Northwest at a wildly inflated price. How bad was it? It increased costs by at least a quarter-billion dollars, if not a whole lot more, says Newsweek.

Their report, like ours, relies in part on the findings of Robert McCullough, a former Portland General  Electric executive, who believes the Northwest's only nuclear power plant, the Columbia Generating Station located at Hanford, should be shut down for good. McCullough has advocated for nuclear power in the past, but thinks we could replace the particular plant with cheaper power and save ratepayers $1.7 billion over the next two decades.

Energy Northwest, the consortium that operates the plant, is firing back — saying that McCullough's research, funded by an anti-nuke group, is biased and wrong; that the writer of our article, Nigel Jaquiss, a Pulitzer winner, did a "hatchet job" of the issue; and that the aging nuclear power plant is essential to provide reliable, predictably priced power that backs up the Columbia River dam system.

We've asked the spokesman for Energy Northwest, Mike Paoli, for reaction to the Newsweek article, though by the comments at the bottom of our story, attributed to Energy Northwest, it seems clear EN is bristling at Newsweek's reporting as well. Not that it matters, but in case you were wondering who was swinging the hatchet for Newsweek, it was David Cay Johnston, who, while at the New York Times, also happened to win the Pulitzer for financial reporting.  

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tax prep sites last year served more than 5,000 local residents

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On Saturday, Feb. 1, Spokane County United Way's free tax prep sites open, with volunteers ready and willing to help those who earned less than $51,567 last year. The sites remain open through April 15. 

Last year, IRS-approved volunteers — college accounting students from Gonzaga, EWU, and Whitworth, as well as AARP specialists and business professionals — helped 5,000 Spokane citizens prepare and e-file their federal tax returns, returning $5.5 million to the community. 

If you plan on heading over to one of the eight sites (listed below, or see this information on United Way's website) to file your taxes, make sure to bring all the necessary paperwork with you, which includes the following: 

— Your 2012 tax return
— A valid photo ID
— All income statements including W-2s and 1098 or 1099 forms for you and your spouse
— Social Security cards for you, your spouse and household members
— Proof of any other income for you and your spouse, as well as banking information
— Child care provider information
— Property tax information if you are a homeowner

The following sites accept walk-in clients:

Moran Prairie Library, 6004 S. Regal St. [Open Tues from 2-5 pm; Sat from 11 am-3 pm]

Spokane Valley Library, 12004 E. Main Ave. [Open Mon from 4-7 pm; Fri from 1-4 pm; Sat from 10 am-1 pm]

Deer Park Library, 208 S. Forest St. [Open Fri from 11 am-3 pm]

Medical Lake City Hall, 124 S. Lefevre [Open Wed and Thur from 5-7 pm]

Sites by appointment only, call 358-3526 to schedule an appointment:

Cheney Library, 610 S. First St. [Open Thurs from 4-7 pm; Fri from 1-5 pm]

Northeast Community Center, 4001 N. Cook St. [Open Wed from 4-8 pm; Tues, Thur and Sat from 10 am-2 pm]

Spokane County United Way, 920 N. Washington St., Ste. 100 [Open Tues from 4-7 pm; Fri from 9 am-2 pm; Sat from 9 am-4 pm]

Downtown Spokane Public Library, 906 W. Main Ave. [Open Mon-Wed from 10:30 am-2 pm; Thurs-Fri from 2pm-5pm] 

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Inlander Restaurant Week menus are up as of this morning — check ’em out here.

Unless you’re personally out on the field, the Super Bowl is primarily an eating and drinking event. If you feel like going out, we’re keeping a list of specials and parties in the Inland Northwest here. If you’re entertaining, we’ve got some appetizer recipes from local chef Laurie Faloon in this week’s issue. If you feel like cooking and going out, Press is hosting its annual chili cookoff on Super Bowl Sunday. (And Rosauers is doing their snack-food sale bonanza today until 8 pm.)

There’s another holiday before the Super Bowl: Ice Cream for Breakfast Day on Feb. 1. (Maybe not a widely celebrated holiday, but whose fault is that?) The Scoop serves coffee and waffles along with Brain Freeze ice cream, and posted this delicious photo of their signature Affogato Waffle with Bacon and Salted Caramel.

click to enlarge Celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day — it makes just as much sense as gorging on snack foods during a football game. - THE SCOOP
The Scoop
Celebrate Ice Cream for Breakfast Day — it makes just as much sense as gorging on snack foods during a football game.

Later on Saturday, River City Brewing is hosting a Groundhog Day prediction party with David’s Pizza and the last remaining kegs of this year’s Midnight Marmot imperial stout. Come dressed either in summery or wintery garb to register your prediction and enjoy $2 pints.

Oh, we’ve also got the Chinese New Year celebrations — Panda Express is offering a free serving of Firecracker Chicken Breast as part of its Chinese New Year education outreach, and Spokane Community College is hosting a celebration on Saturday.

A few openings… the Ramblin Road tap room near Gonzaga opened last weekend, and English Setter Brewing in the Valley is planning to open Saturday.

This week’s Entree has news of Aebleskivers in Coeur d’Alene, which is settling into a permanent space after a successful holiday season.

In downtown Spokane, the Daiquiri Factory is preparing for its opening weekend of drinks and dancing.

Here in Kendall yards, the Yards Bruncheon will open next week. The adjacent Wandering Table restaurant was framed this week and work has continued through the snow.

The former Sidebar and Grill near the courthouse will be reopening soon as Knockaderry, an Irish-style pub.

Central Food, which hasn’t previously had a happy hour, is starting “The Golden Hour” from 3 to 6 pm Monday through Thursday with food and drink deals.

Neato Burrito and the Baby Bar will be closed for lunch Feb. 3-7 while the crew takes a vacation.

After closing in December, Ace’s Casino is planning to open again soon.

Villagio, at the Vintages @ 611 location on the South Hill, is now closed and looking for a new space.

South Main Restaurant & Sports Bar in Colville is now hiring for a planned opening in February or March.

Orlison Brewing is getting its own “Drink No Evil” badge on Untappd, the beer-tracking app, by drinking two of its beers between Feb. 1 and April 1.

Dry Fly gin got a glowing writeup from Simple Cocktails.

If you make coffee at home, let Roast House show you how to do it properly on Saturday morning.

On a final note, Inlander art director Chris Bovey is unveiling a new Inland Northwest-themed landmark poster next Friday — he's previously done places like Mount Spokane, Dick's and the Tradewinds Motel. I got a little peek at the new one, and I can tell you it’s a local restaurant.

Read previous food news here.

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We've got a story in this week's issue about a few of the plans being debated in Olympia to overhaul the state's medical marijuana industry. It's a complex issue with passionate activists and legal gray areas around every corner. But it's not the only marijuana talk in the state Legislature this session.

State Sen. Bob Hasegawa, D-Seattle, is proposing the creation of a state-run bank for the recreational marijuana businesses that will soon open under the implementation of Initiative 502. While his bill, SB 5955, doesn't specify the exact structure of the bank, he says he envisions a state-owned operation that's mandatory for any recreational marijuana business and anyone who wants to buy marijuana and that tracks every purchase. Not only would that circumvent federally regulated banks, he argues, but it would allow the state to better ensure that it's not allowing the sale of pot to minors (one of the federal government's stipulations in not intervening with the creational of marijuana markets in Washington and Colorado).

The question of where marijuana businesses store their money has been a major one for both medical and recreational businesses. Because marijuana is still considered illegal under federal law, banks are reluctant to accept what is still, in federal terms, dirty money. (Check out this New York Times story featuring a Seattle medical marijuana dispensary owner who takes bricks of cash in brown paper bags to pay his taxes.)

Last week, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Justice and Treasury Departments would soon release a memo making it easier for banks to do business with marijuana sellers. The memo wouldn't change law, but could signal that cases involving marijuana businesses should be a lower priority for prosecutors.

But Hasegawa says his proposal is the only guaranteed way to protect money made by marijuana businesses from federal seizure. What happens if the feds change their minds? Or if the next administration hires a less marijuana-friendly attorney general?

"I don't think [other legislators] fully appreciate just how dire the situation is," Hasegawa says. "If we don't do anything and the banks aren't able to handle the money — i.e. until Congress changes the law — we're implementing a cash-based marketplace. To me, that is totally irresponsible."

Some argue that just because the state owned the bank it wouldn't be exempt from federal regulations on all the things banks process: checks, debit and credit cards, wire transfers. That means a state bank could be rendered nothing more than a giant safety deposit box.

Meanwhile, a lengthy list of other bills regarding marijuana have also been introduced.

Among them:

Varying approaches to try to prevent cities and counties from banning marijuana businesses, which the state attorney general says they can do.

• A bill introduced by Spokane Sen. Michael Baumgartner to commit $20 million of marijuana revenues to cities and $5 million to counties for extra law enforcement officers.

• A proposal blocking marijuana growers from receiving state agricultural tax breaks.

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We've rounded up some game day parties and food/drink specials at local bars and restaurants this Sunday

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click to enlarge Fans cheer at EPIC during the NFC Championship game that sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl. - YOUNG KWAK
Young Kwak
Fans cheer at EPIC during the NFC Championship game that sent the Seahawks to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Sunday is only a couple days away, and the entire Pacific Northwest is anxiously waiting. It's not just any Super Bowl Sunday — 2014 is Seahawk Super Bowl Sunday, which means your basic Super Bowl party won’t cut it this year. True fans will be out on the town enjoying cold beer, hot wings, comedic commercials and one intense game with their fellow 12s. We've rounded up a list of some local places that plan to offer some game day specials to help the city celebrate the day. We hope it's filled with lots of blue, beer, skittles and a Seahawk win!

North Spokane

BOILER ROOM | 6501 N. Cedar, 863-9213
Drink specials: $6 martinis, $4 house wine, $2 IPA cans, $1 PBR cans
Food specials: half-off pizza
Plus, a raffle for Seahawks prizes. 

FIELDHOUSE PIZZA & PUB | 4423 W. Wellesley, 474-1991
Drink specials: $4 specialty drinks
Food specials: $5 appetizers — pizza fries, cheese sticks, jalapeno poppers and more.
Raffle prizes during the game. Doesn't accept table reservations, so get there early.

FIVE MILE HEIGHTS PIZZA | 6409 N. Maple, 328-4764
Drink specials: $7 domestic and $9 micro pitchers, $2 pints of all beer
Food specials: half-off appetizers
Is accepting table reservations; screening the game on 7 new HD flat screens.

GARLAND THEATER | 924 W. Garland, 327-1050
Offering food and drink specials; beer and wine from Bon Bon allowed in the theater for ages 21+
Screening the game live on the big screen, doors open at 2 pm. $5 food/drink voucher (VIP seating sold out).

HOP JACK’S | 9265 N. Nevada, 465-1880
Food and drink specials: Happy hour prices during the game, 9 donuts for $5

McCLAIN'S PIZZERIA | 10208 N. Division, 368-9045
Drink specials: $4 cocktails, $8 pitchers of Bud Light
Also, pizza specials and prizes.

SHAKEY’S PIZZA RESTAURANT | 9602 N. Newport Hwy., 464-0200 
Drink specials: $10 Bud Light, Coors Light and Kokanee pitchers, $2.25 pints
Food specials: $1-off lunch buffet from 11 am-2 pm, $10 large 1-topping pizza, $5 6-piece hot wings

WEBSTER'S SALOON | 1914 N. Monroe, 474-9040
Food and drink specials: happy hour prices all day
Accepting table reservations.

Airway Heights

PAVILION AT NORTHERN QUEST (21+) | 100 N. Hayford Rd.
Live game on five 14-foot HD TVs, food and drink available for purchase.
Doors open at 2:30 pm, free admission with no assigned seating.

EPIC AT NORTHERN QUEST (21+ after 10 pm) | 100 N. Hayford Rd. 
Drink specials: $6 Seahawks-themed cocktails and beer specials
Food specials: $12 burger meal, includes a pack of Skittles; other specials offered

East Spokane

GENO’S | 1414 N. Hamilton, 368-9087
Drink specials: $2 16 oz. PBR, $2 12 oz. Rainier, $3 drafts 

Special Super Bowl menu available from the Bistro Box food truck; extended hours from noon to 8 pm.

Downtown Spokane

BING CROSBY THEATER | 901 W. Sprague, 455-7811
Live game stream on the big screen, food and drink (including beer and wine) concessions available for purchase. 
Doors open at 2 pm, $5 suggested donation to benefit Friends of the Bing. 

BORRACHO TACOS & TEQUILERIA (21+) | 211 N. Division, 822-7789
Drink specials: $5 margaritas, deals on beer
Food specials: $3 chips and queso, breakfast foods
Still accepting table reservations, see the game on 19 HD TVs

BOWLZ BITEZ & SPIRITZ (21+) | 401 W. Riverside, 321-7480
Drink specials: $5 touchdown shots, $2 Bud Light
Food specials: $10 Red Lion BBQ buffet
Also, chances to win prizes. Doors open at 2 pm.

Drink specials: 12th Man wine from Northwest Cellars
Food specials: Football-themed food flights
Also, Super Bowl commercials bingo.

NYNE (21+) | 232 W. Sprague, 474-1621
Drink specials: $3 Skittle shots, $4 Fireball, $7 Bud Light pitchers
Food specials: $10 all-you-can-eat buffet
Plus, giveaways and Fireball girls. Doors open at 1 pm

THE ONION | 302 W. Riverside, 747-3852 and 7522 N. Division, 482-6100
Drink specials: $2-off wine, $3 domestics, $4 micro pints
Food specials: Half off + $1 hot dogs, including the "12th Man Dog"

SERGIO’S MEXICAN SPORTS GRILL | 825 W. Riverside, 747-2085
Drink specials: $2 jello shots, $4 Fireball, $10 beer buckets
Food specials: $1 tacos and happy hour specials
Plus, a raffle for a big screen TV and other prizes.

THE VIKING BAR & GRILL (21+) | 1221 N. Stevens, 315-4547
Drink specials: $2 domestic bottles, $5 loaded bloody mary
Food specials: 50 cent wings during the game 
Also offering kegs and growler fills.

VOLSTEAD ACT (21+) | 12 N. Post, 808-2516
Drink specials: $5 cocktails/specialty drinks, $5 wines, half-off all beer
Food specials: Free chili dogs, popcorn, peanuts and bandito mix.

THE WAVE (21+) | 525 W. First, 747-2023
Drink specials: $1 sake every touchdown, $2 Skittle shots, $2 Bud Light pints, $8 Bud Light pitchers, free sake bombs for the loudest table

WILD DAWGS (21+) | 102 N. Howard, 255-3688
Food and drink specials: $12 for 2 hot dogs and 2 beers

Spokane Valley

BOLO'S SPORTS BAR (21+) | 116 S. Best Rd., 891-8995
Food specials: $11 all-you-can-eat barbecue buffet
Offering prizes including a night at the CdA Resort, golf and sports packages
Accepting reservations, but almost all tables booked as of this posting.

CARUSO'S | 2314 N. Argonne, 474-0254
Drink specials: $2 pints/$1 domestic pints, half-price wine
Food specials: Family special of two pizzas and four beverages for $18

DARCY'S RESTAURANT AND SPIRITS | 10502 E. Sprague, 891-0773
Drink specials: Beer and Fireball whiskey specials
Food specials: Free pizza until halftime with beverage purchase

THE REF SPORTS BAR (21+) | 14208 E. Sprague, 315-9637
Drink specials: $20 Bud Light tubes (100 oz), $2.50 Bud Light pints

South Hill

FAMOUS ED'S | 2911 E. 57th, 290-5080
Food and drink specials: drink specials offered and a pig roast
Enter a raffle to win a signed Russell Wilson jersey ($10/ticket).

North Idaho 

CAPONE'S PUB & GRILL | 751 N. Fourth, 208-667-4843
Drink specials: $2 jello shots, $2 PBR pints, $3 Bud Light pints and $10 Bud Light pitchers, specialty cocktails $4-$6.50
Food specials:

COEUR D'ALENE CASINO (21+) | Events in the Red Tail Bar, Nighthawk Lounge and Chinook Spirits, 800-523-2464
Food specials: $15 burger and burrito buffet
Drink specials: $4 bloody Marys and touchdown shots, $2.50 Bud/Bud Light bottles, $10 Bud Bucket of 5

ENOTECA (21+) | 112 E. Seltice Way, Post Falls, 208-457-9885
Hosting a Super Bowl potluck party, guests are asked to bring their favorite game day dish
Beer, wine and cocktail specials also offered.

MICKDUFF’S (21+) | Sandpoint, Idaho, 208-255-4351
Drink specials: Happy hour price on their blonde ale all day
Food specials: $2 carne asada tacos

MOSCOW ALEHOUSE | 226 W. Sixth, 208-882-2739
Drink specials: $2.50 Bloody Marys all day

SILVER MOUNTAIN RESORT | Kellogg, Idaho, 866-344-2675
Fans wearing visible Seahawks apparel get $12 off full-day lift tickets
Watch the game in Noah's Canteen and if during the second-half, a kick is returned for a touchdown, everyone in the bar with an open tab wins a season pass for 2014-15. (This actually happened last year, when Baltimore Ravens' Jacoby Jones returned a kickoff for a 108-yard touchdown.)

Other events...

Hosting a Super Bowl victory party and soft opening event. More info here

THE YUPPY PUPPY | 9423 N. Newport Hwy, 467-8221
Okay, so no food and drink specials here, just lots of cute. On Saturday, Feb. 1, from 10 am-1 pm, local pet shot the Yuppy Puppy, along with the Spokane Humane Society, is hosting the 6th annual Puppy Bowl. Don't miss the chance to watch cute shelter puppies play some ball, and maybe even take one home for yourself. More event details here. 

A few places we checked with are already completely booked for game day, so it's probably a good idea to make plans ahead of time if you haven't already.

These are the places we know of so far that are already full: 
The Swinging Doors
Spike's Phillys and More

Know of other local Super Bowl events not on this list? We'll continue adding to it today and Friday. Send information, including specific drink/food specials and events, or updates to 

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Reclaiming Culture: The Tlingit and Haida Tribes of Alaska Repatriation @ Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture

Tuesdays-Sundays. Continues through May 2
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