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MORNING BRIEFING: Condon, Churchill and other world leaders of the day

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Threatening members of Bowe Bergdahl's hometown doesn't make America safer, guys



• Was Jeb Bush's Twitter account the worst thing on the Internet yesterday? No, obviously not when we live in a world of Infowars commenters and Kanye West whining about billionaires building schools in Africa instead of giving him money. But tweeting a photo of a gun with your name on it, with the caption "America"? Just plain cheesy, and won't stop Donald Trump from making fun of your attempts to be cool.   

"We shall fight on the bike sharrows, we shall fight on the pedestrian bridges, we shall fight on the landscaped arterial gateways"
• Mayor Condon quoted Winston Churchill in his State of the City address. Except Churchill never actually said what Condon said he said. 

It was the best of Best Of times, it was the worst of Best Of times
• Only two days left to get in your Best Of ballots, BestOf-ateers!
In Care of the State 
• In a fact that's not surprising, but still pretty sad, the kids in juvie are often also the kids in the child welfare system

Saved By The Delayed Bell

• The longer elementary school day is already having a positive impact. (Spokesman-Review)

Joe a No Go 
• Former City Councilman Joe Shogan has withdrawn his ethics complaint against the mayor. Not because he thinks the mayor is ethical — but because he thinks the city is so unethical he won't be able to get the information he needs to prove the city unethical. He might be back though. (Spokesman-Review)

Chief Priorities
• By July 1, Mayor David Condon says, Spokane should have its new police chief. (Spokesman-Review) 

Let There Be Lights

• Avista's new LED streetlights have some neighbors complaining, as some neighbors are wont to do. (KXLY)

Welcome Home 

• Citizens in Bowe Bergdahl's hometown of Hailey, Idaho, are still receiving threats over their show of support for the former Taliban captive. I blame Sarah Koenig. (New York Times)

Reeling Them In
• One tiny island nation is being flooded with illegal poachers. Their response will inspire you. (New York Times)

Would Void the Warranty

Apple is pushing back against the FBI's demand to crack the San Bernardino terror suspect's phone. (Washington Post)

Where Wallace At? 
• There is, in fact, a difference between segregationist George Wallace and Donald Trump, columnist writes. George Wallace was more subtle. (Roll Call)

Kneel Before The Trump Phone

• Stephen Colbert has gone from Speaking Truth to Power(TM) at the White House Correspondents Dinner to being so desperate for a Trump interview he does it by phone. (Washington Post)

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