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Morning news: Inslee bans state travel to Mississippi, Spokane Gives week, Panama Papers fallout

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click to enlarge Morning news: Inslee bans state travel to Mississippi, Spokane Gives week, Panama Papers fallout
Sorry, Donald Trump. The bright orange thing already on your head didn't count.


This One's For You, My Three Stolen Bikes
• Our story about property crime in Washington state resulted in the legislature earmarking $300,000 to fight property crime in Spokane County. That's about $75 dollars per word!

Bad News For "'Some Of My Best Friends Are Black' Lake"
• A Washington state senator is looking to change racially-insensitive place names. 

Aaaactually Live!

Famous scientist/movie nitpicker Neil deGrasse Tyson is coming to Spokane. Please go and argue with him about Star Wars

Like Sunshine, On A Cloudy Day.

When your mom tells you you need to get a little sun, it's not just because she hates video game. Sun is actually good for you


Fighting Discrimination with Discrimination
• Gov. Jay Inslee has banned Washington state employees from traveling to Mississippi because of the state's legislation allowing businesses to discriminate against gay and transgender customers for religious reasons, and also because eww gross, Mississippi. (Spokesman-Review)

If Only There Were Some Way, As Her Employer, He Could Require Her To...

• Gee, Mayor David Condon would really like his city attorney to participate in the investigation into former Police Chief Frank Straub's firing. Not enough to require it or anything. But he'd like it. (Spokesman-Review)

Spokane Gives a F—-.
• Yes, giving a hoot means not polluting. But a true hoot-giver goes one step further and cleans up the pollution that already exists. That's what Spokane Gives is all about.  (KXLY)


The Times, They Have Already A-Changed
• In his victory speech in Wisconsin, Bernie Sanders promised to "pass gay marriage in 50 states across this country." Wow! He hasn't even been elected and he's already fulfilled one of his campaign promises. 

Cruzing Altitude
• Maybe, in retrospect, Donald Trump should have put on that cheese hat. His whalloping by Ted Cruz isn't close to the end of the Trump campaign. But it brings us one step closer to that longtime political journalist fantasy: A Contested Convention. Man, future historians are going to be jealous of us and our electoral chaos. 

The Only Way to Stop A Bad Guy with Gunnlaugsson is a Good Guy With A Gunnlaugsson
• Iceland's Prime Minister Sigmundur David Gunnlaugsson has stepped aside amid the growing "Panama Papers" scandal.

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