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Donald Trump's Mexican Adventure, Obama shortens local meth dealer's sentence, and other Wednesday-style headlines

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click to enlarge Donald Trump's Mexican Adventure, Obama shortens local meth dealer's sentence, and other Wednesday-style headlines
Piñateria Ramirez
Despite promises made by Sean Hannity, Trump is not actually filled with candy


The cost of firing gently encouraging the resignation of a police chief 
We've updated our tally of the cost of the city's legal defense and independent investigation into the forced resignation of former Police Chief Frank Straub: The price tag is already higher than it cost paying Straub's base salary across all three years of his tenure.  And that's for a lawsuit that a judge determined was groundless. 


Would you Pig Out In The Park? Would You Pig Out With a Lark? 
The Spokesman has a guide to Pig Out In The Park, the event intended to make up for the calories we burned during Hoopfest and Bloomsday. [Spokesman-Review]

No, but close. Obama has commuted the life sentence of a Spokane meth dealer to 20 years. [Spokesman-Review]

The Rich Kids Across The Lake 
Why the wealthy tenants near Camp Lutherhaven are tut-tutting a big boat garage they find unsightly. If something isn't done, they're threatening to escalate matters to tsk-tsking. [CDA Press]


The Trumps are going to Mexico!
In a last minute decision that shows just how fun and spontaneous Donald Trump can be, the presidential candidate who's spent a year insulting Mexicans is heading to Mexico to meet with the Mexican president. I just watched the second season of Eastbound and Down so I'm assuming Trump's trip will be exactly like that, with Sean Hannity playing the Stevie role. [Washington Post]

Neo-pros and Neocons 
Cindy Sheehan, the anti-war leader against George W. Bush isn't much of a fan of hawkish Hillary Clinton either. [Independent Journal Review] 

Trading Assad for Otter
The city of Boise has more Syrian refugees that New York City and Los Angeles combined. [NYT]


Stranger Kings
The AV Club's resident Stephen King scholar Zack Handlen has a touching essay about the power of horror — and nostalgia — in Stephen King's IT.  [AV Club]

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