Monday, April 4, 2011

Turning Indicator

Posted on Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 7:23 AM

To the psycho middle aged couple who were headed towards the Cd'A on ramp on Division a couple weeks ago. You were stuck behind a broken down truck, cut me off, & then flipped me off when I honked to let you know that you almost ran me off the road. Here's my problem. Yes I got angry & honked until my horn ran out, then pulled next to you, but I was asking you how in the hell you had the nerve to flip me off when you basically ran into my car? After asking, you just yelled at me that I was the idiot that didn't see your blinker & how dare I honk when you were clearly using your blinker. I'm sorry but shouldn't a 30-year-old like yourself understand that just because you want to get into my lane does not mean that I have to let you & if I don't then you simply do not have the right of way to enter my lane! The worst part of all of this? The dumb broad in the driver seat called me the B word & threw her pop at me through the window. Wow. Feel better? You're simply crazy & need meds. You obviously can't drive, so are therefore putting everyone in danger every time you get into your car, but on top of that don't realize that normal healthy minded people honk when they are letting you know you are about to run into them. I should have just kept driving & made you pay for the damages to my car, because guess what peeps, the insurance company wouldn't buy "but I had my blinker on!"


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