Saturday, July 7, 2012

You Are My Funshine!

Posted on Sat, Jul 7, 2012 at 8:23 AM

You danced with me to "You Don't Know You're Beautiful" in the Tire Rama
parking lot at midnight. We've had jello fights, mud fights and real
fights. We've biked, hiked and kayaked all over the state. We've rarely
gone the same place twice and you are always up for a new adventure. You
have been by my side in good times and you have managed to always find
humor in bad times. You have made my life richer, deeper and more
meaningful in a hundred different ways. I am certain that friends like you
do not come around very often in life. You bring a positive energy and a
burst of sunshine when you enter a room. You haven't been told nearly
enough that you are wonderful, appreciated and loved more than you can ever
know. The past two years have been full of amazing memories, unforgettable
pictures and more fun than I have ever had in my life. I didn't know what
it was to fully live life until I met you. You've taught me that it is the
journey and not the destination that is important. I didn't know what it
meant to truly have a partner in life - where give and take are so
perfectly balanced. Two years ago, moving here seemed almost unbearable as
my marriage and life fell apart. As that door closed - another opened. I
never imagined I'd meet someone so compatible, so full of life, with such a
kind heart and with so many talents and abilities. I know I will never find
another like you as long as I live. Despite the very difficult things that
you also have been through in the past few years, you have managed to stay
upbeat, positive and look forward, not in the past. May fun and silliness
follow us everywhere we go. May we continue to chase waterfalls, nuture
things that grow and spend more time than money. May we document all of our
future journeys and adventures with photographs and cherished memories.
May you always remember that you are perfect exactly the way you are. You
don't know you're wonderful Mr. Funshine, but lucky for you, I do.


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