Saturday, October 6, 2012

Lotus Flower Beauty

Posted on Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 8:23 AM

I “Saw You” at a time when I think you really needed to be seen! I even
eventually sent a “Cheer” when I thought you really needed cheering! But,
Alas, now it is time for the “Jeer”! This will now complete our Inlander
Tri-Fecta! But have no fear, because the Jeer is not for you; it is
actually meant for me! I have realized that I have failed to capture the
heart and soul of the perfect woman! For I was blinded by your beauty, and
I put you so high up on a pedestal that I just couldn’t reach you anymore!
The sad thing is; as I was trying with all my heart to figure out how to
reach you again, the past swooped in and swept you away, never to be seen
again. I’m nothing if not a gentleman; so I will take my Jeer and
graciously accept my defeat, but I would like to say, “I really do hope the
past gives you a long and happy future.” So if you do happen to gaze upon
these words; keep this in mind, and in your heart, amidst all the turmoil
and confusion that I have endured: I want you to know that I did learn a
few things about life and I do have you to thank for them, so everything
was not a compete Jeer. So now our story of the Lotus Flower Beauty and the
Hopeless Romantic has finally come to an end! Thus I will now bid you
farewell, and wish you well.


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