Saturday, December 29, 2012


Posted on Sat, Dec 29, 2012 at 8:23 AM

Hello, My name is Nick and I'm an addict. It all started four months ago,
shortly after I met Lola. She said her name was Lola. She convinced me to
try this hip new thing called "Lust". She was pretty, and I was lonely at
the time, after just getting over a bad brake up. So I said ok. It seemed
like a good idea at the time, plus what harm could it do, right? Well, it
did alot of harm. Like most gateway drugs, "lust" lead me to try its even
stranger counter part, "Emotions" and boy did I love "Emotions". Me and
Lola jumped in head first with this one. We'd stay up for hours on in
laughing and smiling while on this fantastic substance. It was great. No
matter what happens in life, I'll always remember those nights. But like
most good things, it was time for this one to end. As much as I
enjoyed "Emotions", I was ready for something a little stronger. A friend
told me about something called "Love". He said it gave you the best high
in the world and that I had to try it. Convinced of his words, I asked Lola
if she wanted to try it one night. She said "sure, why not" but the look in
her eyes said something different. Her eyes said, "yeah, but not with
you". I should of took that as a sign, but as always, I was blinded by her
beauty and could not see the burning building I was about to run into. We
tryed "Love" that night and well, I loved it. And so did she. But only
for a few weeks. Next thing I knew, she didn't want to do it anymore. She
said she wasn't sure if she liked the way it made her feel and that we
should just go back to using "Lust". I told her that when it comes to
you, "Lust' does not do the trick for me anymore. She said "sorry, but it's
that or nothing." I asked if we could at least use "Emotions?" Her long
blank stare give me her answer. Right then I knew it was over. I knew we
would never share that kind of high together again. And yes, that makes me
very sad. In fact, if I was any less of a man I would cry at the thought
of never getting that high with her again. Or her sharing that high with
someone else. I still see her from time to time. We hang out about once or
twice a week. Sometimes we use "Lust", sometimes we won't, but it's good
seeing her none the less. The craving for "love" kicks in every once and a
while. But I'm learning to fight that craving. 'Ive even thought of
using "Love" with some other girls too. But If I can't use it with her,
I'm not sure I really want to use it at all. I'm crazy about that girl.
Crazy about her mind, her body, everything, so much, that I'm sitting here
telling you this story.


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