Saturday, January 19, 2013

Recycling Schedule

Posted on Sat, Jan 19, 2013 at 8:23 AM

There is a serious problem with the current schedule for picking up
recycling in our neighborhood. My wife and I live in a residential area
downtown, where several sizable apartment complexes are located. For the
past month or two, we have noticed that the recycling is being retrieved
later and later in the night. Now it comes as late as 2:30 am. Not only
that, but it sounds as if a new truck is being used that grinds the waste
into bits on the spot. It is very distressing to hear this truck pull in,
the gentlemen running it shout and chat outside our window, then hear the
truck sit there grinding the waste for extended periods of time. We have
tried earplugs up to the strongest decibel reduction available, but it
still shocks us awake every Wednesday night/Thursday morning. This is
unacceptable. Something needs to be changed if this is the schedule that
must be followed. Perhaps the truck could pick up several locations' waste,
then drive somewhere non-residential to grind it into dust. I'm sure I
don't know exactly all the details for picking up our recycling, but it is
centrally located in the middle of two apartment complexes and one
condominium. I'm sure my wife and I are not the only ones becoming
infuriated with this. We would all appreciate it if you could please do
something to correct this issue.


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