Saturday, May 18, 2013

Street Musicians

Posted on Sat, May 18, 2013 at 8:24 AM

Cheers to the wonderful street musicians playing songs downtown about the
Mona Lisa and over the rainbow, jamming on harmonicas, strumming guitars,
blowing on sax and trumpet, fiddling wildly, and slapping djembes. We need
more of you and the great atmosphere you create with your music. Whenever I
see you, you draw crowds who stop to listen and appreciate your
performance. Jeers to Riverpark Square who refuses to turn down their
canned music that they blast all day long, even when asked by shoppers who
would like to hear the live music being performed. Or when the canned music
is being blasted so loud it hurts the ears even when walking on the other
side the street. Downtown businesses say they want to eliminate
undesirables, who are apparently anyone under 30, regardless of whether
they spend money in your establishment or not. Regardless of whether
children are out with parents to shop, or visit Mobius, the library or the
park. Regardless of the young people shopping at the Apple store or
purchasing coffee drinks. Downtown businesses need to wake up and realize
that with your tactics you are alienating shoppers that would support local
business, but are disgusted with your noise pollution (blasting canned
music, installing "mosquito" sound devices) as well as your lack of respect
for anyone that doesn't fit your mainstream mold. Be careful, you may just
get exactly what you wish for and downtown will become a ghost town.


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