Saturday, August 10, 2013

I Have No Words!

Posted on Sat, Aug 10, 2013 at 8:24 AM

A big jeers to the mom at Winco on Saturday, August 3rd who warned her
child to stop using his imagination or she will take away his toy. I heard
your precious child from a few aisles down, the little voice roaring, it
melted my heart right away. Then I saw him in his stroller holding the
dinosaur being ever so sweet, (how cuuuuute!!) i just absolutely love
hearing and seeing children in their element! That soft warm feeling was
quickly jolted when shortly after I spotted him I hear you snap at him
to "knock it off or I will take it away!!" Ummmmm what?! You're telling
him his imagination is not wanted in public, that no one, wants to hear it.
Can you imagine what that is doing to him? It broke my heart into pieces.
You are teaching him hate and teaching him he is not important. That is
disgusting behavior for a mother. Would it have been better if he was
screaming and kicking in his stroller? How about grabbing things off the
shelve and throwing them? So very selfish of you and to think you had a
baby in tow as well. I really hope you can see how precious they both are
before it is too late and to the dad standing there letting his son be
completely disrespected.


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