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Best Kid's Menu

by Pia K. Hansen

Best Kids' Menu - Red Robin

So here's the proof: Nothing beats all-you-can-eat fries! Actually, the so-called "home of the smiling burger" winning this category may also have something to do with the great variety Red Robin's kids' menu puts forth. We think too many restaurants trot out the same old chicken fingers and hotdogs year after year after year. True, some kids may be picky eaters, but please -- show some creativity! At the Red Robin's three Inland Northwest locations, you can choose between burgers, spaghetti, grilled cheese sandwiches, pizza and corn dogs -- just to mention a few things. The waiters tell us that the kiddy favorites are the cheese sandwich and the corn dog, washed down with a classic Shirley Temple.

Second place: McDonald's

Third place: Chuck E. Cheese

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