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The Bloomsday Runners in Riverfront Park

"The runners," as most people call them, have anchored the southwest corner of Riverfront Park and offered a visual touchstone for the spirit of both a city and a race since 1985. "To run with so many people, you lose your sense of how well or poorly you run. You're just part of the flow, the sound of footsteps and breathing. You're continuously aware you're really not competing with anyone. You're sharing something," said local artist David Govedare when his sculpture, The Joy of Running Together, was unveiled. The 40 runners that comprise the work are all based on real people, and Govedare's minimalist iron forms fully capture the austere beauty, solitary striving and communal joy of our favorite road race.

2nd: Radio Flyer Wagon; 3rd: All downtown Spokane murals

Heartistry: Artistic Wellbeing @ Spark Central

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