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Best Dance Club


After a one-year hiatus, Dempsey's Brass Rail in downtown Spokane has reclaimed its status as the Inland Northwest's best place to boogie. Known for being accepting of all kinds of people, the proprietors only ask that their patrons bring the same attitude with them. For most people, who they're dancing next to isn't as important as being able to dance to the kind of music that can take over your nervous system. Dempsey's deejays are happy to oblige with a melange of styles, from hip-hop to disco to electronica. The packed dance floor (and it often stays that way right up until last call) isn't a scene you'd ordinarily associate with Spokane, and that is precisely why we love what Dempsey's has to offer.

2nd: Havana's; 3rd: Thirsty's

Spokane Lunar New Year @ Spokane Convention Center

Sat., Feb. 24, 1-7 p.m.
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