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Riverside State Park

Jack Hartt, manager of Riverside State Park, has some hikes for you — and they're not just at the Bowl and Pitcher. Certainly the swinging bridge there is popular, along with the trail that continues up a hill and heads north for a mile along the west side of the Spokane River. A less-used trail extends from Highway 291 just north of the town of Nine Mile Falls, all the way to St. George's School. Still less well known is Deep Creek Canyon, a steep and spectacular 120-foot gorge graced by a seasonal creek; the trail head is on the west side of the river between Seven and Nine Mile, opposite Inland Road. Riverside, the second largest state park (after Mount Spokane) is unusual not only for its beauty, but for the fact that much of it lies within Spokane city limits; urban development has encroached on nearly all of its eastern border. So why don't you go on out there, buddy, and take a hike?

2nd: Tubbs Hill, CdA; 3rd: Mount Spokane

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